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The megaspells detonated. The world died. While most of the surviving ponies did so in underground Stables, the pegasi hid in the clouds. Rainbow Dash, the most celebrated of their ranks, disagreed with their abandoning the world below and left to seek those in need. In doing so, she was branded a traitor. For when Rainbow Dash left, she took the key to the pegasi's continued dominance with her. To retrieve this "key", the pegasi hired a mercenary to bring it back. The mercenary was Gilda, an old friend from long ago. The "key" is Dash's head.

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Finally a fic detailing the account of this duel. Very well done, can't wait for updates.

Fun, I like the ending, attacked by pegasus zombies.:rainbowlaugh:

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pegusus ghouls. like canterlot ghouls cause of the megaspell.

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is the rainbow one a boy?

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I'm a bit surprised that the P3 had time to get dusty, but this seems quite a good story.

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Sierra Madre reference!!! :pinkiehappy:

I hope I won't let you down.

Well you'll get plenty o' zombie fightin' next chapter.

Uh, you're welcome.



There was an indeterminate amount of time between when the Megaspells popped and Rainbow leaving the Up-And-Up. I went with, a few months.

Pretty much.

Woah. That was quite the thrill ride.

One small error: "during it's design" - should be "its". Never write "it's" without first trying to replace it with "it is" :moustache:

Oh hey, thanks. Fixed.

When do you plan to update this? We can wait, just wondering.


Just finished reading this first chapter. And it was beautiful.

Your combat sequences were great. I loved the pacing. Your characters were spot-on. But best of all, I loved the setting of that tragic, once-joyous flying hotel. That place... that was a work of art. The Pinkie Pie hologram was touching, as well as a wonderful call-back to the Sweetie Belle illusion in the Stable-Tec HQ. After that, each detail, each new room... and Dash's sorrowful reveal of what happened to the passengers... they all blended into one of the most compelling set-pieces I've read in a long time.

Thank you for that. And I can't wait to read what happens next!

Poor Dashie!

Very awesome action and descriptions. Pinkie Pie's party ship was especially grim and very excellent.
By the way, do you know how I could join the Fallout: Equestria story writing group? It sounds like tons of fun.

when is the next update its been a while:pinkiesmile:

Pacce, please post next chapter soon!

To be continued!?

Wha... wubu... hnnn-

I thought this was going to be a one-shot! You know, with Gilda dying in the most tragic way possible, maybe saying something about how "the world is dead and I don't want to live in it anymore." And Dash zooming off into the radioactive sunset to die slowly of its poisons...

Now I'm going to be on the edge of my seat waiting for more, thanks a lot.

This is clearly a "Hmm..." story

And we would all like to see more from it =)

Any hope of an update for this? I only just remembered this fix today and was really looking forward to reading a new chapter. I'd love for it to get finished.

Ah, sorry about that.
I had... many many bad things happen to me and got me knocked off kilter.
Yes, Duel will be finished and soon, I'm thinking.


Aha! Awesome!

I finally remembered I have an account here. So I've added this to my favorites. Hope you've found your feet and are feeling better. I'm quite excited to see how this turns out.

Can it be soon yet, please?

1406143 DBSA. Local chapters usually have people with serious years of "dealing with it" that can help support.

Anyhow, I actually sorta want to read the whole huge monster fic now. Thanks a whole bunch. You've made another F:E addict.

The clouds where the pegasi currently live. It's not a reference to anything, I just thought it'd be a cute turn-of-phrase.

Glad you enjoyed it and know there WILL be a continuation soon.

No to both.
She self-described it as her own headcanon and not something that should be taken for granted.
As for THIS story, I've actually been doing a bit o' work on it recently. Life just got very complicated for me for a while. You will see it resume (hopefully very soon) and finish.

4028917 Just a poke asking how things are coming in that regards. :twilightsmile:


Goddamn, for a single chapter deadfic this was hot shit. Love the characterization of Dash in it.

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