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I write ponies and stuff. Gilda is best pony. Also, my mustaches are many, yet my favorite thing is pretty dress.


On All Foal's Day, Rainbow Dash and Gilda get into a prank war with a snooty camper at Flight Camp. But things get out of control very quickly and Rainbow and Gilda find themselves in a lot of trouble.

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Comments ( 22 )

this is so funny nice work!

Wow, this was really good

I loved this one, it's just one surprise after the next.

That was amazing, you really had me going there for a minute but I expected she wasn't really dead but it just came so fast. Keep up the good work.

"That you're lousy at telling jokes?"

Well done backstory. That was fun.

Nice job, Gilda seems like the kind of person who would pull a stunt like on that a friend.:rainbowlaugh:

I feel sorta bad for Rainbow Dash she looked like she was so close to getting emotional trauma.:rainbowderp::twilightoops:

P.S. I'm having trouble with my avatar it's 256x256 and I've hit refresh but it won't show cany please help me?:pinkiesad2:

That was pretty awesome...

Who could hoof-down this story?! Bull shit, this was awesome. Thanks.

This story is very good. Sopepony who is witty and knows how to write. Very very good.

394985 - And check the file type. Jpeg is always the most acceptable file. But it might just be the site as well. Things are still really buggy, they havent fixed all the new stuff yet.


That was a great story, poor Dash im suprised she was not scarred for life! Also, that ending...what a twist!:twistnerd:

Nice work, I love how you connected the story to the shows actual timeline too.

Gilda's face when: :trollestia:

“So all this, the posters, that show last night, the cafeteria, the cave, and ‘The Return of the Pony Dead’ here, all of it was payback for me whipping you with a towel?” Gilda’s smile only stretched further. Dash stared hard at her friend as tears welled up in her eyes. Rainbow Dash fell on her back, laughing as hard as she could, “You are an insane genius!”
True friendship.

Yeaaaaaaaaah, I really liked just writing them being bros while also sorta being jerks.

Oh gawd this was funny! :pinkiehappy: You seriously had me going for a while! Good job!

guess who finally got around to reading it! Me! And I loved it

That was a good little story. My rather non-existent sense of humor did allow me to chuckle a little bit. That was a great back-story to a friendship that I would really like to read more stories about. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future. Keep up the great writing!

I was hoping she was actually dead :(

Well they killed her hopes and dreams, if that makes you feel better.:rainbowkiss:

I was hoping this was the start of a 300 chapter saga of Gilda and rainbow against a harsh world, I thought that Gilda was not as grossed out because she's a predator. :moustache:

Well I can't do it now that you've guessed my long term goal.

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