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Took a rather long Hiatus from FimFiction writing, but I'm back now, hopefully a bit more reliability


This story is a sequel to The Descent into Madness

Two years have passed since Rainbow Dash returned from a galaxy that knows only war alongside Applejack and the splintered remains of the once proud Swooping Pegasi. Now, as in the wake of her first return, the world of Equis has rocketed forward, combining knowledge and technology of both the ancient Eldar and the young and vibrant T'au. No matter how much any may wish it however, no one touches war and leaves it forever.

When ponies start showing up dead, torn apart in brutal ways that would put even the most savage of Everfree beasts to shame, the blame falls solely on a singular pony. Once more, Rainbow Dash must fight for her life and everything she holds dear. She is not the same pony she was in her youth, her actions heinous in the extreme and her mind shattered by the horrors of what she has seen and what she has done.

As old enemies rise and untied strands become knotted, lines will be drawn for every creature on Equis, answer will be given, and finally, the world will see what lies at the End of the Rainbow.
This story is a sequel to The Descent into Madness which is itself a sequel to Swooping Pegasus. Reading both isn't required, but I would highly recommend it.

Artwork has once again been done by the massively talented El Mutanto.

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Hmm, interesting start. I do believe you've put some thinking into this one for a while, haven't you? Well, as I can expect, you've put a bit of effort into this opening chapter. I'd say it is good for a crossover start between MLP/Warhammer. Did you write a prequel about this one? Should I read that first before continuing with this one?

Anyway, it is an interesting start. That's all I can say, really. Good luck with the story, and have a good weekend!

This is actually the third installment of this series, the first one is Swooping Pegasus, the second is Descent into Madness. Would probably recomend reading those first though yeah, since they are direct follow ons :)

And same to you :D

Interesting start, someone get the Sherlock Holmes outfit or contact the Mystery Gang. We have a case to solve.

Since her return to Equestria, Spitfire had possessed a fre that bordered on venomous, a determination to protect Equis from any who would seek to assail it. At first, she had simply returned to her position as one of the Swooping Pegasi, becoming ts ruler in Rainbow’s absence, but that hadn’t lasted long, whatever rift had opened between the two poisoning the organisation forever. Instead, a new force had been organised, one not bound to a country, but to an ideal, to the safeguarding of Equis as a whole. Ponies, Griffons, Minotaur’s Hypogryphs, Yaks and Changelings all served together, and all were armed and armoured with equipment forged in Magi-Tek TM approved facilities.


Interesting start. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Sweet Celestia, you've continued the madness?!

Yaas :yay:
I'm so excited to see this story continue! Thank you so much :twilightsmile:

Oh how happy am I to read this.
Just a question, which groups will be the focus on this one? On Warhammer Side Dark Eldars again? Or will others play a bigger role too?
And on MLP side will it focus more on Spitfire and goons :pinkiesick: or on AJ or RD and her rag tag group :pinkiecrazy:?

This was again a great start to a new story in this Vers and I can't wait to see more. Of the characters and the changes in the world, now that it looks like it will stay mostly on Equis we can see the changes the Eldar/Dark Eldar and Tau Tek has made to both the world and the society of the different races and I for my part am Hyped for this :pinkiecrazy:.

Wasn't this story started a few months ago? I remember this story appearing, with the same title cover, a while ago. Did it get taken down and republished?


It's great that the Regular Eldar and the Tau ( I guess) is helping Equestria and the other kingdoms. Of course the Dark Eldar should screwed themselves for messing with Rainbow Dash's mentality. And F*** Spitfire for trying to kill Rainbow when it's the Damn and nasty Dark Eldar and the WH 40K Universe fault to screw and tramitazed Rainbow, Applejack, Gilda, and everypony.

Also, when will Humanity or the Imperium Of Men show up and be involved??!! Or worse case. The Four Chaos God's attention and their Chaos Space Marines, and the Corrupt Primarch Daemon Princes??!!


Oh hell yes! I love this series. :pinkiecrazy:

there was likely no other option...once the first step is taken, the Journey must be finished...to whatever end...

I announced I was doing it a while ago with the art, didn’t post the chapter though :)

Seeing this come out gave me the motivation to finally finish reading Descent Into Madness, so thanks for that.

As for the murders, I can say its probably one of three things:
1. Rainbow finally went nuts (or is on death's door and is using the suffering of other ponies as life support) - which probably means a grim fate for Kas, Gilda, and AJ
2. Somebody else is doing it as a falseflag against Rainbow
3. The Ruinous Powers finally found Equestria and this is some Slaaneshi murdersexcult bullshit

All in all, can't wait for more

With RD, G, and AJ being tagged as MCs I am pretty sure that it isn't option one.

I personaly think that Chaos found it's way to Equestria.

I just noticed that Descent Into Madness had a new chapter and when I saw what it was called I immediately looked to find that yes there is a sequel. I can't wait to see what you're planning to do this time. I'm really looking forward to it. While Swooping Pegasus and especially Descent Into Madness were darker than I usually read, they definitely were amazing stories.

PS I'm glad to see you're still with us. Because of this pandemic I'm certain that we've lost some ponies and it's nice to see the ponies that remain.

Long Live Best Pony!

I thought there were only going to be two stories in this series?

There might have been at one point, but feel there were too many things unsaid in the last ones

And here I thought it was over, imagine my suprise when I opened fimfiction today... than you, this is a gift.

Oh Twi...if you knew what really lay beyond your planet. You'd give Spitfire EVERYTHING she wants...and then some.

Oh no... The Haemonculi are going to be involved in Equestria. This is going to end VERY badly.

I would like to see this interesting story continued.

The year has been rough on a lot of authors here, I hope this revives at some point. I've seen authors leave and then return several times here 🤞🏽

I'm not trying to start up an argument, but... Could you please prove that to me?

Well, Kkat comes to mind first. Just dropped a new story after years away. Madmaxtheblack and Kaiden are two more.

I was always into the Warhammer stories, hope you're doing well!

Yeah, doing good cheers. Strange few years but looking up now :D

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