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Took a rather long Hiatus from FimFiction writing, but I'm back now, hopefully a bit more reliability


The Legions Reborn and the Imperium Resurgent · 8:14am May 13th, 2020

So, now that Descent into Madness is finished and I've brought myself a bit of breathing room (Haven't forgotten about The Dragon and the Force, don't worry), I want to let people in on what I've been doing over the past few years.

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Absence · 3:27pm Mar 7th, 2020

Not sure who sees these anymore, forgotten a lot of how this website works, but regardless, Hello! I’m not dead!!!

So, I know I’ve been extremely quiet (read, not doing anything). Sorry about that. Partially this is due to a new job, but more than that, it’s due to working on an extremely large collaborative project set in the Warhammer 30,000 universe, known as the Legions Reborn.
(Shameless plug, I wrote the Star Guardians and Palatine Wings)

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Spike's Lightsabers · 8:00am Sep 10th, 2017

So, since everyone keeps asking about them as the links broke, here is a place I can find easily to re-post them (Although if anyone wants to point out exactly which chapter they're in in the first place, I'll update the links there too :)

Also, they're not the proper images as I lost the edits, but they are similar enough to get the idea :)

Spikes First Style of Saber

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Absence · 7:54am Sep 10th, 2017

Hey all

So for anyone interested, I've clearly been gone for quite a while and haven't updated my stories in quite a bit.

I don't have many excuses I'm wanting to go into, but rest assured I think the worst is behind me, and that I can get back to updating a bit more regularly.

Thanks for the patience :P


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Writing Challenge if anyone is interested · 1:24pm Nov 27th, 2014

Hey guys. One of the groups that I'm an admin of (read as the only group) is running a writing contest. I thought I'd already plugged it on my profile ages ago, but clearly i was mistaken. Anyway, have a look at this:

Warrior’s Return Writing Challenge: Revolution


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A new story for you all · 8:22am Mar 22nd, 2014

Hello all you guys and gals out there. Yes, you guys who are all watching me. I see you out there, and I've got my eye on you. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::pinkiecrazy:
Seriously though, I've just begun work on a collab story, one that has recently been approved for viewing, and I would be immensely grateful if you guys would give it a quick check out.
Without further ado, allow me to introduce Forward Unto Dawn

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