A Gellar Field malfunction casts 800 Pre-Heresy Word Bearers into the immaterium just after the Fall of Monarchia.
When they return 10,000 years later, they are forever changed.
Gone are the fanatical worshipers of the Emperor, for in their place stand not the heralds of Chaos, but the Heretics of Harmony.

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Sounds like an actual codex, very nicely done.

Oh Emperor, I have fallen into temptation. I here by renounce the shakles of the Imperium and shall seek a better route. One of harmony.

So unless you say otherwise I know what my Astres army is going to be now, though the may be a successor chapter.

In these heady days of the 41st Millenium I wonder what Guilleman would make of these warriors?

And I wonder if there are Fallen amongst them that might bring the Dark Angel's hunting. Or Cypher.

Interesting, very interesting. I would love to know what special rules all these cults would have. Good luck outrunning the Inquisition

Delicious Heresy.

Jest #8 · Last Monday · · ·

I LOVED this! If you ever want to write more about these amazing word bearers but need assistance in any manner please let me know.

Hey, if you want to use them for your own stories, go right ahead.
Also, feel free to check out my currently ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty, which is also MLP40K.

I find myself quite liking this!

Investigations revealed that another detachment of the Cult of Laughter had been surrounded by the Orks, and that worked in conjunction with their fellows...without reliable communications...on two different planets.

When you can literally hear the interviewers sanity fracturing.

Beware the Crusade.

For they will bring forth.

The Crusaders. :scootangel:

Will you continue this?

hrm. I actually like this, especially the starting point being Word Bearers right after the events on Monarchia. pretty detailed on their interactions as well.

Gellar Field fuckups isn't used nearly as often as it should be.
Who else is tired of 'their legion of origin is unknown'?

Maybe later on in the future. For now, my currently ongoing fic is titled Lost Loyalty (it's also an MLP40K story)
If you want to use them for your own story, feel free.

heh, ye did ask that already. considering the oddities of the warp, its a shame its rarely used. to be fair, they'd have to let it be known in order for such a thing to get out. that said, its quite likely such things have happened.

Tides of the warp and all...

The Tree has born it's Fruit.

Someone at Hasbro is a 40K fan because The Tree of Harmony is pretty much point for point exactly what The Tree of Life was described as.

I honestly did not even know there was a Tree of life in Warhammer 40k until you said that.

Yeah, and it would be even more awesome if a ‘fic was made in the actual layout of a Codex (or at least very reminiscent of it) that legitimately expanded upon this! Like unit composition, beliefs, how they view ponies (and vice-versa), and so on.

Props for you, Brother/Sister (whichever you identify as)! Welcome to the Rainbow Side!
Also, I hope that Astartes Army of yours goes well.

Most likely with a combination of RESPECT(!) (for maintaining at least a spark of a shadow of a fragment of his father’s dreams for Humanity), confusion (who da ‘eck worships the Concept of Harmony anyways?), wariness (they aren’t exactly entirely predictable, especially the Cult of Laughter’s Psykers and Sorcerers) and other emotions of a similar vein.
And if there are Fallen among their numbers, then chances are that they’d be all too willing too shoot themselves in front of the Dark Angels’ Interrogator-Chaplains after repenting, to ‘[…] Save [them] the ammunition.’

Yeah, I’d also like to know what those rules would be, as well as any unique psychic powers/rituals they had.
I also hope you outrun the Inquisition, SuperSaiyanDiclonius. Say what you will about them, they are sure as flack a stubborn and persistent lot. If you can’t, just stage a Geller Field failure and pray to Almighty Faust Above that you don’t get killed by the Dæmons, Warp Energies, Deep Space or anything else along those lines.

Oh, Faust No!

Same here! Though I’m thinking that maaaaayyyyyy be a subtle reference to Isha. Who knows? I sure as f*#k don’t.

The Eye within the Eye has opened.

The Tree has born it's Fruit.

And the Mare spreads it's wings to calm the Raging Storm.

Amicitia Magia Est.

Okay, this is interesting! I wonder what it could mean...

The prophecy refers to the spirit of Harmony, my head-canon for merging MLP and Warhammer 40k is that Equestria exits within the Eye of the Storm (the Warp) and that the Spirit of Harmony is the Shadow of the Dark Gods (the emotions they ignore)

Huh. Interesting. You do realise that that pretty much means that the ponies and their fellow creatures are basically dæmons with stable material forms, right? Also, if I somehow found myself in that version of the Warp, Nomaad-Style, I’d try to ally with Harmony as soon as possible.

I am aware, if you want, you can read my currently ongoing fanfic Lost Loyalty (also MLP40K) to learn more of my head canon for Equestria in the 41st millennium.

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