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I do this for fun when I have time. All I ask is that I do not get my stories deleted.


An Ark Mechanicus commanded by Arch Magos Cassius discover a world rich in resources and potential. The only issue is the inhabitants.

Cover art is from the game Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus.

Warhammer 40,000 is property of Games Workshop

MLP is property of Hasbro

EDIT: Inspiration
The original idea for this is actually from an unfinished comic on deviantart by someone called Telgin I found a few years ago. Basically I just kept thinking about what happened next and this is the result. If you read the comic then the first chapter you can probably see the similarities.

Also many characters have their parallels in the game Mechanicus as well.

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i'm going to presume the "other" tag is because there's too many characters to list, and jump on in

Nice to see a story about cult of the machine. But few things are kinda off.

He started reading off the terminal before him. “Also hanger 55’s door is non functional, and we are leaking promethium from a spare directional thruster.”

Mechanicus ships use plasma engines to maneuver thru space, not promethium.

The Titians?


She reminded the Magos of a Sicarian Ruststalker in that regard.

That would actually bee princeps of the ruststalkers. As a rank. And yes i know it is a rank to high officers of titanicus but in the book "skitarius" Where Princeps Dekka commans his kill glaive of ruststalkers.

Settra responded. He was the ships astronomer, even older than Cassius, his augments were large and bulky giving him a bloated appearance underneath his crimson robes.

His rank would be Magos of Astrogation.
And ho is commanding skitarii forces? Ho is their alpha primus or Secutor?

Thank you. I actually didn’t notice those mistakes, or even know they were mistakes. I will try to avoid them going forward but I may slip up occasionally.

Ow nice a 40k cross this should be interesting

this unit found your story 96.12% logic tech priests can take command of skitarii units

I know that. What she’s mad about is that he took command of “her” Skitarii without asking.

aaaand of fuckin course a canon character dies
seems a wh40k crossover can't occur without murdering a canon character
oc only my ass

last point still stands
"oc only my ass" that was totally rainbow dash who got assaulted

the adeptus mechanicus dont kill they "acquire" specimens

Please direct me to the place I said “oc’s only” I plan for many other characters from the show appear in future chapters and would like to avoid confusion in the future.

depand on the mechanicus sect if its a Xenarite they dont kill xenos. if its a Imperio-Cognisticians they kill xenos.

I know, that’s what I meant. For those curious most of the tech priests here lean closer to xenarite in one way or another but not all.

at list they are not dark mechanicus

Happy now? I’ll add more tags as the characters appear.

The short description:

The Adeptus Mechanicus finds Equestria.

My responce.. "Oh.. this can either be good.. or very very bad, either way, lets see how many tech priests heads explode. Due to the ILLOGICAL_PINK_EQUINE!

Looking good already. I hope that we see whats happening on the pony end about all the disappearances.

i see you are an undead of Khemrin culture

Comment posted by PleaseDoNotDeleteMe deleted Mar 10th, 2020

Ow shoot things are getting serious now

Once the translation cogitator has been sanctified, I will descend to the world with a squad of five vanguard as my honor guard and negotiate requisition of knowledge from the locals. With your permission of course Dominus Catherine.

Hahaha ahh yes send radiation bleeding troopers to negotiate with you, what is little radiation poisoning if not a warmest of greetings. At least they cant blame them if they don't have knowledge of cancer or radiation sickness.
I mean they are vanguard after all, like codex says. "So much radiation bleeds out from a skitarii vanguard's wargear that foes in close proximity become weakened and fatigued; for non-skitarii to be stationed in the same barracks is a death sentence."
Sou using these in xenos negotiation is perfect choice, saves ammunition by the dozen.

Still not super thrilled RD got taken out immediately in a single chalter and is now being dismembered/dissected. Never been a fan of ponyhammer stories where one side always and absolutely dominates or incapacitates the other. Writing is decent so I’ll stick with it for bow but I just hope this doesn’t devolve into another ‘Warhammer wins all ponies die’ affair.

Unfortunately it IS going to be like that for a few chapters, but that is NOT how I currently plan on ending it.


I’ll stick with a little longer to see if this carries my interest further, shame cause I really liked how it was going until that point honestly and was excited for another.

Who knows, you might even like the ending I have planned after you get through the parts you don’t like.

welp... I feel sorry for the cog boys... pinky has them in her crosshairs and may have loaded dice

hmmm...both titles seem good...

So, it seems like the whole of this story is just the Mechanicus being grimdark dicks in Equestria. The writing is decent but I'm not sure I'm into these kind of stories.

They havent dissided yet.
They seem to balance between exterminatus and slave intergration.
Could go ehter way.

Did you expect social skills from machine cult members? This is a organisation that debated about a subject of how useful are such things like feelings.

‘Understandable, and very biological.’ Something close to disdain passed across Noam’s features when he said biological. ‘I see that you have never considered undertaking the unction of clear thought.’

‘The unction of clear thought? What is that, father?’ blurted Osil, forgetting that he should be seen and not heard amongst such adepts.

Noam replied smoothly, apparently not troubled by the acolyte’s gaucheness. ‘The full utilisation of cerebral mass is a simple matter of isolating our thoughts from the rigours and distractions of emotion – hunger, fear, joy, boredom and so forth. This we know as the unction of clear thought.’

‘A common surgical practice among lexmechanics,’ Lakius told Osil, ‘whose renowned cognitive abilities are enhanced thereby.’ At the price of becoming an emotionless automaton he thought to himself, before adding more diplomatically, ‘In my own role as engineer I have always found crude emotions such as “fear” and “pain” to be useful motivators under the right circumstances.’

Deus Ex Machanicus if I’m not mistaken.

Oy yes, got it from deluxe edition of mechanicus game.

“Access denied.” The thing spoke in a monotone voice.

“It’s my house!” Twilight demanded.

The thing looked annoyed, not that she could tell how they felt under those helmets of theirs. Did they have faces under? What did they look like?

“Access Denied.” It repeated in the same voice.


Once you reminded me of it in the last chapter. I knew I had to include it somewhere.

“The whole point of the quest for knowledge is uncovering information by journeying out and finding it.

Kinda correct in a sense but quest of knowledge is also spiritual. Machine god is a god of knowledge, one acquires knowledge and upon death offers that knowledge as a offering. When all of knowledge has been acquired, then all members would be of enlightened. Or sou they believe in the cult.

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