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warning: spoilers for HighFleet
"There is a time to flee, and there is a time to fight. A wise leader knows when to make the right choice. But the strike cruisers are already here, Grand Duke, so your right of choice has been revoked."

The campaign in Gerat was over. Millions lay dead as the ash of the nuclear strikes spread over the sky. Khiva was secured but the future of the Romani Empire was almost lost in the process and now the only hope for the empire is an ancient message found on one of the pillars of the control room of Khiva's reactor.

The fleet takes to sky once more as the days start becoming colder, fighting against time to find a device rumored to be capable of stopping the effects of nuclear winter or at the very least, find a place where the people can escape to.

May God have mercy on them because no one else will.

A crossover with Highfleet. some knowledge might be required(mostly on what the ships look like) but I'll clear most of the things in the story, hopefully

special thanks to Tovarishch Stalin for helping with this

cover art by me

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Woah another highfleet fic


Never actually heard of this Highfleet game before? I do know of the Homeworld game series.

The only other highfleet fic i know is Highfleet Uncharted Skies by Stalin with da spoon

I am interested, and I am looking forward to new chapters!
Great work!

I like this story so far!
thank you for creating it.

“Is there any other plan other?”

Why are there 2 other?

Thank you again for creating this!
I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Thank you for the new chapter!

Did you know that your story started a chain of events that lead to me downloading the game?

Anyway, have a great day!

Thanks for the new chapter!
Also, short chapters are fine.

I think next chapter well be very interesting.
Good work!

Nice chapter!
Thank you for creating it.

Is this story related to Highfleet: Uncharted Skies?

Thanks for the new chapter

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