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This is fiction. But it is based...



A Metroid Crossover

A meteor, resistant to magical manipulation, crashes in Equestria, Planet Equis, and soon spreads an unknown poison throughout the land. Containment is all but failing and the Princesses have little power to stop the spread of the Great Poison. The Elements of Harmony are of little use as no knowledge exists of this threat that consumes all life. Help comes from a certain Hunter, clad in metal.

Samus Aran will not only fight for her life as always, but her own sanity as well as these ponies that she begrudgingly starts seeing as allies. New horrors and abilities await her as a reason to fight slowly festers within her, possibly unlocking something she had been denied for so long: Friendship.

Notes and Resources:

This takes place after Echoes. The events of Corruption will have not happened yet. In terms of MLP, consider everything up to and including the Crystal Empire. Princess Twilight does not exist here, etc. The official Metroid Timeline can be found here.

As well, this story references the manga in many places. Reading of it is not required and I try my best to explain the context, but if you're interested, both volumes can be found here.

EDIT: This story was written over two and a half years, beginning in 2013. You'll probably notice the difference in writing as the chapters progress.

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-Intial data seems promising, although the title of Chief Medical Officer in a ministery was strange, why not simply the Minister of Health? No glaring grammatical errors detected so we're good on that front too.


This looks very interesting and promising...
Although I have to ask, when you say the Metroid trilogy, do you refer to the Prime series? I assume so, seeing as phazon is not in any of the early games.

this looks promising, i'll be looking forward to the next chapter:twilightsmile:

2373671 Of the series, only the metroid prime games (metrid prime, metroid prime 2; echoes, and metroid prime 3; coruption) is considered to be a trilogy.
And you are right. Phazon is of a new origin, and metoid prime 3 is concidered the latest in the serie.
However i realy hopes that OP did not forget that PHAZE was destroyed in the end of metroid prime 3; coruption, and thus effectively destroying all sources of phazon from all over the space.

Phaaze was indeed destroyed, but notice that I effectively placed the time after Echoes. Corruption will have no reference in this story for several reasons (one of them being laziness). I should probably have written that explicitly.

Personally, as an avid Metroid fan, I am glad you went with the Prime story arc of the series, seeing that it was Metroid Prime that brought me into the Metroid series. So that, combined with the fact you write pretty well, I will track this story


That is true.
I just never liked the Prime Trilogy :twilightsheepish:
I was more into Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Metroid, the Other M. That story line.

This looks well written and interesting. I'll track it.

I find this story very well written, intruiging, and engaging. Looking forward to more whenever it's ready.

It states in the story description preface that this takes place after Echoes but before Corruption.

*note to self* Never comment when you are sleepy. Bookmark the page, and reply later. :derpytongue2:

No worries. I actually added that explicitly in the preface after you mentioned it. I had explained its chronological relevance in the first chapter but i added it into the preface :)

Metroid prime best system release game I've ever played I miss it so much I never got to beat it! GODDAMN OMEGA PIRATE!:raritycry:


I have bought a gamecube from gamestop for ten bucks, just so I could play them :D. Still had the games.

2374334Exact same here.

2375314What are you talking about? The Omega Pirate was my favorite boss of MP.

And I have two things to say to you, dear author. YES! And god dammit! First off, I love the Metroid series. The only Metroid game I haven't played would just be Metroid for the SNES. I have Metroid 2 on my 3DS from a download, metroid fusion and zero mission on GBA cartridges, and the complete trilogy plus Other M all for their respective consoles. If I'm missing any, please feel free to tell me. The reason I say 'god dammit!' is because you say this takes place after MP2:Echoes. I've been planning a story for months now that started at the final boss scene of MP2:Echoes.

HEY! Hey! fuck you bro that boss was bullshit and you know it!:flutterrage:

2375414Ummmm, not really. It was fun. Maybe you just didn't have as many missile upgrades as I did?

...................................................bullshit boss:fluttercry: stupid healing abilities and shit had to switch through all the visors just to fight the damn thing:facehoof: it was not enjoyable the entire rest of the game was just not that:pinkiesad2:

2375441Well I found it enjoyable. Mainly because I never had a problem with it healing. Never gave it the chance to heal, because I knew where to look. All you have to do is read the data entry logs for creatures and it'll tell you pretty much all you need to know.


You didn't list Metroid Pinball.

Also, I started an echoes era crossover before either of you :ajsmug:

It's just not with ponies.


Err.... YOu really just needed missiles... I didn't find any of the bosses particularly difficult in MP one. Now MP2 is a whole different issue. I mean seriously, screw the boost and spider guardians. Just... Screw 'em.

Alas, I have yet to finish MP3. I don't have access to my Wii except on a few select days...

Regarding the story... It's fairly well written, the plot is unique as far as Metroid plots go (In the grand scheme of things, it fits the usual traumatic event followed by the arrival of a strange being from space sci-fi crossover) but it seems good. It's Metroid, so it gets an auto-upvote from me, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. One things I will say is that your characterization of the princesses sometimes seems a bit wishy-washy, but the story hasn't progressed very far so I'll withhold judgement.

Oh, and for the love of god, don't ship Samus. I love shipping everypony, but Samus can never be shipped romantically. Ever. It completely ruins the character and image. I never ever read Samus stories with shipping (except for that one series with Rundas, but it was like the only Rundas story in existence anyway and I wanted a Rundas story) so keep the sails furled.

2375514Screw Metroid Pinball. Any game franchise that has to resort to Pinball just made a shit game.:twilightangry2: As for MP2 bosses, the only one I ever really had trouble with was the boost guardian. Spider guardian was a bit of a bitch at first, but I learned how to kill it without taking too much damage. Other than that, the bosses themselves were quite easy.

Awwww, I was looking forward to some first contact. Ah well, please do continue this. Your writing style does wonders for a Metroid crossover. And for some reason, the graceful Omega Pirate bit had me imagining an Omega Pirate in a tutu, pirouetting around the battlefield. Much hilarity ensued.:rainbowlaugh:

Jesus Christ, gentlemen. Go to class and come back with a philosophy discussion on the story board :rainbowlaugh:

2375514 Thank you, and I can understand the bit with the Princesses at the start. The first chapters for all of my stories tend to be the weakest ones in terms of characterization. Normally I've been very well complimented (at least on my other stories) about my characterization of Celestia and Luna, so maybe I'm losing a bit of my touch when switching genres. I'll be sure to keep an eye out and remedy what I can. Their iron wills will show in due time :) Also, NO. I have no intention of shipping Samus. It is doomed to failure and the only people she could ever be shipped with were either Rundas, Adam (and even that's questionable) and I saw ONLY ONE well written one with Ridley. ONLY. ONE. So don't worry. There is no romance in this story.

2375401 Lol good thing I decided to submit last night then hahaha. I've kept the first chapter hidden for quite some time. And don't worry about first contact. That comes next chapter which will most likely be released tonight because I'm providing finishing touches and it's been held on to for too long.

2375314 Damn right it's a wonderful game! Acquire it and beat it!!!!!

And to all of you, screw all of you. All the bosses were amazing to fight, but Metroid Prime and Emperor Ing were complete assholes. And you have no idea how hard I was hoping for a Dark Luminoth. :D

2375753HUZZAH! The reading fun hath been doubled!

Oooh, this is gonna be good.


There doesn't have to be no romance. I mean, every story can fit some Twiluna loving, or Chryslight awesomeness. I mean, it can only be beneficial...

Also, do you have a proofreader? If not, I'd advise picking one up, as they can pick out a few of the grammar discrepancies I noticed while reading through. Normally I'd volunteer... But... Physics... Get a hundred on my Pre-Calc honours, and then struggle with bloody physics? Screw you life.

2375815 Oh you know what I mean! I was merely referring to Miss Aran. Of course I'll sneak a little something but it won't warrant adding the Romance Tag

Is there going to be a plausible reason given for this? Luna is moving stars, so it's quite clear this can't be the same universe as Metroid, otherwise the stars would be huge balls of intensely heated fusing gasses many lightyears away.

I'm getting rather annoyed by the 'random crossover event'-type stories, which just throw some characters and villains/monsters from another series/game/movie/book into the world. That's a very ineffective and disgenuine way to do a crossover.

It's the same problem with the generic HiE fics in which a human just sneezes and a portal opens and he falls through and becomes the hero of Equestria.

Good start so far, better IMO than the other Metroid crossover I've seen around here. Keep it up.

And... Hiya feature box!

Congrats on the feature man. Glad to see Samus taking up a window :twilightsmile:

Check the front page for yourself! You're featured!

2376049 Cheezus Christ!

Well I'll be damned. Thanks! :D

Actually, was thinking about my own Metroid/Pony 'fic' for some time. Animated comic, actually. Never got past some drawings, been really .... distracted.

A Metroid crossover, eh? And a featured one at that? You have my attention.

Well, this is certainly interesting. I hope it doesn't die out like most other crossovers that I find an interest in. I will certainly follow it.

I've never actually played Metroid... lets see if you can make me want to.

Just published yesterday and already featured? I look forward to the rest of this story!


This concept has been eating away at me forever, It's about time someone did it. A fully upgraded Samus Aran is just about the most indestructible and badass thing in existence. I've rolled the idea around in my head for so long I was about to have to write one myself before I exploded. In regards to your comment in lore I can respect that, I am a huge fan and got a 100% scan in all three of the trilogy. Yes I know that's a bit excessive but I've read every one. I will be watching but I have a few questions and concerns.

1. Will she have all her previous equipment?
You know as well as I do that if that was the case it would take a full grown dragon or the princesses to even stand a chance. This may make things difficult because "fanboys" would constantly argue over her nigh invulnerability in nearly any fight besides ones involving phazon, then they with argue about phazon logic despite the fact it is totally unpredictable and semi-sentient. I order to please them it would take her either curb-stomping anything she fought (which I expect a little bit of honestly) or constantly getting into ridiculous fights. Something like phazon-manticore-with-lazer-breath-appearing-within-the-first-five-minutes ridiculous. It will be a delicate balance between her being challenged and her being a badass unstoppable bounty hunter. I am likely just stating the obvious in all this and you probably have thought of this so I'll drop it here.

2. One thing you could always count on was for the Federation to be involved but offer no actual support what-so-ever. As this is a story and not a game they might, for once, offer actual ground support for Samus and rescue efforts. They got armor and weapons, it would be nice for them to show they aren't totally useless.

3. Space Pirates. She beat them to the punch but by how much? I won't go well for anypony when they show up and it will probably stir up anti-alien resentment. It might not be all flowers and thank-yous for Samus. Maintaining a positive reputation with the ponies and earning their trust, and most importantly keeping it, may not be all that easy.

4. The involvement of other races (from Equis). I could go on forever with this one so I'll let this one speak for itself.

5. When is this in the series timeline? Is it after season three and Twilight alicornization or is it after season two following the ramifications of a changling invasion when the ponies are more xenophobic?

....That's like saying you've never played Zelda.... As a gamer I would like to formally recommend it to you, I've played a lot of stuff over the years and I still can't get the series out of my head. It's a "must play" as they say.

2376570 Funny story.... I've only ever played Ocarina of Time.

I recently started to play Metroid Fusion on my 3DS from the Ambassador Program. I have wanted to see a mlp x Metroid crossover for a long time. Thanks for scratching my itch.:yay:

2376532 Excellent Questions. I'll enjoy responding to this comment.

1. She will have all of her native weaponry, as Samus returned all Luminoth technology she borrowed and acquired. So she will have her elemental and native beam weaponry (power, wave, ice, plasma). Yeah I thought that through as well with the "indestructibility" with all of her weapons, but I was thinking that if I gave her only her power beam, she'd naturally have to acquire new weapons. However, this posed a problem because I couldn't come up with many special weapons that could replace core beam weapon functions. In terms of fights, the game never really introduced anything but the arm cannon shooting sprees (aside from Other M but they worked that game terribly). Naturally Samus will deal with very aggressive enemies and others that are resistant to her weaponry so she will have to get physical and come up with plans to defeat them. Game mechanics from Metroid Prime showed that for enemies (like the parasite queen) you could just shoot them a million times with the power beam and they will drop dead. I reworked that to be a bit more realistic with her actions. I just hope I can do it well.

2. The first chapter stated that she'd have full access to Federation Resources and naturally that would include supply drops, personnel, technology, etc. I'll figure out how to implement them as time goes on, but they're definitely going to be needed and count on them being present and providing a direct role of support when the time comes. Since this is a story, not a game, if they weren't present the probability for an extreme Mary Sue case is more than likely. I needed to balance things out to keep them interesting.

3. Simple answer: It isn't Metroid without Space Pirates!

4. That it will. I'm still working out the details.

5. I'll address the last concern first. If they were anthro or xenomorphic in nature I would have put a disclaimer for that, so no. They're their usual, equine pony selves. In terms of series timeline since I addressed the Metroid timeline and not MLP, Twilicorn is less prominent in current stories and writing her as such would be a bit of a pain. I would consider all events in chronology up to and including the Crystal Empire. I usually base all my information from that base and go from there.

Hope this helps! :D


Dude! Look at that! You got featured! Awesome story is awesome, and you deserve it!:pinkiehappy:

2376829 Thanks a ton! I can only hope to keep it as awesome :D

2376835No problem. You know what I love? Finding a new story that feels like it might go over great- but not get that many views/likes/thumbs up/whatever just because of its content- and then finding out that it gets featured. Best feeling of the day right there!:twilightsmile:

And for some reason I didn't favorite this. This mistake has been rectified.

2373398 Do this for every chapter. Oh, and be the first comment too.
That's a command cadet.(Just kidding.)

This story looks promising! I can't wait for more!


Many people write similar things. just don't do EXACTLY the same thing, and both of you guy's stories will be equally loved.
(Grammar, spelling and presentation must be good for this to apply)

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