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Narlepoax III


The pensive ape.

I'm an ape who's got a pretty big head. You don't really want to know about me, I'm sure.

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How times have changed...



Seems I've grown a little more outspoken over the past year or so.

And lost all of my style, what meager amount there was.

Still though,


Goddammit, I'm mad. · 6:42am May 11th

Warning: Sibling-based drama incoming. Feel free to not read, I just need to rant.

So I live with my mom, for those who don't know. It's more affordable and less lonely. Of course, there are issues that come with that. Namely: I still have to live by my mom's rules. One of these rules is insanely arbitrary, but it's part of the price of living here.

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I'm glad you agreed with me on some points from "An Unexpected Summons." I could see you know more of what goes on in writing than other people could.

I adore your profile pic.

It saddens me as well.

You, sir, make me sad. None of your interesting stories have updated in years.

This saddens me. That is all.

Thanks for reading Horse People

Do you want to continue the discussion at Dragon Aging? Honestly, I'm actually having fun.

lol your profile pic makes me laugh.

Thank you very much for granting 'An Apple for Ya Trouble' with a favorite! :raritystarry::heart:

Thank you for adding my story to your read it later! I hope you enjoy it when you get around to readin it.

  • Viewing 275 - 284 of 284
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