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Twilight has developed a device that can detect strange signals coming from outer space; signals from aliens! She gathers her friends so that they can all listen in.

But they may not like what they hear...

cover image courtesy of DocWario

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It could have been worse, they could have ended up with a Justin Bieber song.

Next chapter they should tune in to Skrillex. :trollestia:
Lovin' the story so far, have a like and fav.

I vote johnny cash

Let them listen to some good old MJ, Elvis and Daft Punk. Oh and also some tragic news,

Nah have them listen to Howard Stern.

or andrew wk's party hard

I want them to tune in and end up listing to some Disturbed. Oh, their reactions would be glorious. Can we recommend songs?

oh my gosh to a sequel or a new chapter based on this!!! xD

You should extend this, they haven't gotten to understand how a thing as friendship can be equally painful as being by yourself. Essentially the dark side of friendship, not all of it is great and currently they only possess a superficial understanding of that side. Still it's a cool idea what you have here.

Some Final Fantasy music for them to listen to! Please?

A song of a totally different genre' like rap. It doesn't have to be straight out of the ghetto style stuff, just enough of a difference to be jarring. Possibly something with a clear message, Dear Momma, by Tupac Shakur or Sing for the Moment, by Eminem. Or, you could try some classic Punk music like You're in a Rut, by The Ruts or something more obtuse like I Wanna be Sedated, by The Ramones. And I bet Pinkie would flip her lid and turn her frown upside down when she hears Party Hard, by Andrew W.K. and learns that there's an alien as dedicated to partying as she is!

Forget those other songs for now, as a polar opposite to the feelings expressed in the forst song, use Hold My Hand, by Michael Jackson and Akon! It's perfect to polarize the first song.
Makes me tear up every time I hear it. I miss Michael.

yes, I am completely ignoring that hydroelectric dam from mysterious mare do well.

Welcome to the club! :pinkiesmile:

Not bad for a short, fast one-shot.
I quite enjoyed this :twilightsmile:

TBH I was kinda expecting some Rings of Saturn to start blaring out and scare the crap outta them

Try "Champagne Supernova" - the most drug-fueled lyrics in human history :rainbowlaugh:

And now, to avoid depression, this!

Yeah, that's not a good first song to introduce ponies to Earth's music by.

I second the comments calling for more chapters. Ponies reacting to notable songs from our musical history could be highly entertaining. And you could do a chapter on anything, really, from classical to modern pop.

Yeah you should continue this. Also anyone who ignores the Mare Do Well episod is a good bloke in my book. :twilightsmile:

Applejack- Johnny Cash
Rainbow Dash- Metallica

Duuuuuuu eeeeeeet filly!!!!

you picked the perfect song for this! I was laughing the entire time! :rainbowlaugh: have a mustache... no 5! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

oh, and if you continue (which you really should) PLEASE do at least one Billy Talent song

ill jump on the wagon and say "play atleast one slipknot or a good song for Celestia - You Wear a Crown But You're No King by Blessthefall" and Layback and watch anarchy :D:twilightsmile:

Rarity gave a quiet sigh. “It’s just too bad Spike couldn’t be with us…”

Thank-you! Though I don't see why you thought it was okay to exclude from this story in the first place. "The mane six discover human music...without the guy who works his ass off for Twilight every day of his life, and was her friend long before those ponies were." Seriously, she couldn't have waited?

“Hey, look, Pinkie. I bet that whatever planet that alien is on has their own alien version of Pinkie Pie, and that she threw him a party right after he sung that song! I bet he’s feeling just great now!”

Furthermore, he didn't just let his dreary thoughts take over. He did something positive with them by pouring them out in song for the benefit of anyone else who's feeling the same way. One of'em probably coulda said that to her.

Make them listen to other songs. I think you can make a series out of this good woork


This is a fantastic idea. I often find myself imagining how Ponies would react to various Human music, & I hope they try out the radio again. Maybe not as a group though. Perhaps One or 2 of the Mane 6 will find their curiosity getting the better of them & sneak back individually for another listen?

This needs a sequel lol. So much songs to misinterpret. :pinkiehappy:

With the whole breadth & depth of Human music that they're essentially playing Lucky Dip with, they're just as likely to find something that could become a hit all over Equestria as they are to find something that will make them smash the device to pieces & banish the pieces to the Moon.

That makes me feel strangely proud.

This is a perfect idea. I've always wanted to read something like this because having the ponies react to human culture is an idea with a whole lot of promise. You did a great job with characterization. Definitely needs a sequel.

hmm, I suppose I should have foreseen that everyone would have songs of their own to suggest.

Well, I'm afraid to say that, at least for the time being, this is going to remain a one-shot.:fluttershysad: Sorry.

who knows what the future may hold, though?

What if they managed to tune into Everfree Radio?!

amon amarth, sabaton, or papa roach.

I'm actually really glad this one got featured. And sad at the same time.
I was thinking of asking if you'd like me to do an illumination on this fic, but I guess you clearly don't need that anymore :raritywink:


wait, this got featured? :rainbowhuh: I don't see it...

*turns on mature filter*

:rainbowderp: OMG there it is! :rainbowkiss:


I wish mine had had the same luck yours did. :raritycry:

at least it wasn't 90s pop music.

Imagine ponies
Listening to death metal


That would just DESTROY their minds.



I'm sure at least rainbow dash would like it

If you do make more, might I suggest Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones, though if only if you do make more.

The story itself was great; funny in places, and sad when it came to Pinkie's reaction.

What would be funny is if Fluttershy liked it

A sub-space transceiver? With a few more years the ponies will be able to build a full on hyperspace engine and visit Earth!

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Let's see them try to make sense of that one. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by doc-r deleted Sep 19th, 2013

3228034 ...Because :trollestia:

Pink Floyd's the wall or there are just so many other songs that could... You could find out quite a bit (although it would be somewhat emo) through our music.

This kind of needs another chapter or two...

Can't wait for the next chapter(if there will be more).You should continue this.It's kinda good idea for a fanfic.

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