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I'm just a Blissey who likes ponies.


Queen Polistae, now in art! · 6:53pm Aug 6th, 2016

I commissioned a thing! My changeling queen from A Novel Tale! Done by the talented Viwrastupr, go check them out!

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Work now to resume on human music! · 12:24pm Jan 25th, 2015

So those of you following me because you like The Mane Six Discover Human Music have likely noticed that it's been forever since I updated it, and that lately I've been writing... other stuff. Very self indulgent stuff with a very narrow appeal.

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Both the "Tragedy" and "Comedy" tags are the same color. · 3:10pm Oct 14th, 2014

as well as the "teen" rating tag. Or at least they're close enough to be very easily confused. that's kind of a recipe for disaster, since tragedy and comedy are arguably opposites.

I just felt like this was worth mentioning. that should probably be changed.

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the long awaited update · 11:38pm Jun 19th, 2014

So, the next chapter of The Mane Six Discover Human Music has been sent to my prereader.

Apologies for how long this took. I just kind of fell into a slump where I didn't have much time to be writing, and what free time I did have, I found myself preferring to spend it doing other things. I have a lot more free time now, however, so hopefully updates should resume on, if not a regular basis, than at least more frequent than previously.

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A little insight into my writing process · 4:40am Jan 17th, 2014

Alternate Title: Why it's taking me so long to update The Mane Six Discover Human Music

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OMG 300 followers! · 5:10pm Dec 29th, 2013

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A Novel Tale finally finished, and possibilities of a sequel. · 12:50pm Dec 18th, 2013

There it is, my very first fic is finally completed! :yay:

Now, I know that I kinda left it open at the end, and a lot of people would like a sequel. So here's the deal with that.

I do kind of want to do one. It would be about Chrysalis returning, of course, and it would be a lot more actiony and have more conflict than A Novel Tale. I have the perfect opening scene to set the tone of the story all planned out. The prologue, if you will.

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Continuity and clarification of "shock value" songs. · 1:19pm Dec 3rd, 2013

Two things I want to talk about today.

First off, I just want to let everyone know right now, I have almost no plans for an overarching plot for The Mane Six Discover Human Music. The only thing I have planned ahead is who is going to get what song. I know I've been adding some continuity between chapters, but that has all been done largely on the fly as I write.

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OMG 200 followers! · 10:31pm Nov 6th, 2013

Thanks so much everyone!

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Holy cow · 12:15pm Sep 20th, 2013

I was not expecting the kind of attention that The Mane Six Discover Human Music received. While I had been thinking about such a story for quite a while, actually writing it only took me a few days. I could never have imagined that it would prove to be such a popular premise. Thank you, all of you. I really am honored.

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