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I'm just a Blissey who likes ponies.

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    Novel Tale, a changeling living in Canterlot as a writer, has his peaceful life shattered when changelings from another hive attack, revealing the existence of changelings to all of ponykind. And his last book had a changeling character in it...
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Queen Polistae, now in art! · 6:53pm Aug 6th, 2016

I commissioned a thing! My changeling queen from A Novel Tale! Done by the talented Viwrastupr, go check them out!

Report Blissey1 · 1,125 views · Story: A Novel Tale ·
Comments ( 12 )
D48 #2 · Aug 6th, 2016 · · ·

That is great, although it has been so long that it took me a bit to remember who she was. :twilightblush:

That said, this does have me wondering if you are planning on writing a sequel because that would be awesome.

Cool. A nice touch with having the murals of changlings past in the background.

Huh. I'd imagined those crystal's spikier, not round orbs.

Still, very cool design. Makes her look like some sort of 'middle-ground' between Celestia and Chrysalis.

I'm kinda getting a "Sweet little old lady" vibe from her.

That turned out quite lovely. :twilightsmile:

She's beautiful. Very nice!

The lighting is strong in this one...

I love it!

This is inspiring, in an odd kind of way.

*tap-tap-tap* Hello, are you still alive, Blissey1?

Such beauty! Part of me wishes more was done with the character. This does help though; i have a hard time visualizing characters sometimes.

Always love seeing her! Fellowblueling :heart:

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