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I'm just a Blissey who likes ponies.

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  • 314 weeks
    Queen Polistae, now in art!

    I commissioned a thing! My changeling queen from A Novel Tale! Done by the talented Viwrastupr, go check them out!

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  • 394 weeks
    Work now to resume on human music!

    So those of you following me because you like The Mane Six Discover Human Music have likely noticed that it's been forever since I updated it, and that lately I've been writing... other stuff. Very self indulgent stuff with a very narrow appeal.

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  • 408 weeks
    Both the "Tragedy" and "Comedy" tags are the same color.

    as well as the "teen" rating tag. Or at least they're close enough to be very easily confused. that's kind of a recipe for disaster, since tragedy and comedy are arguably opposites.

    I just felt like this was worth mentioning. that should probably be changed.

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  • 425 weeks
    the long awaited update

    So, the next chapter of The Mane Six Discover Human Music has been sent to my prereader.

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  • 447 weeks
    A little insight into my writing process

    Alternate Title: Why it's taking me so long to update The Mane Six Discover Human Music

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OMG 200 followers! · 10:31pm Nov 6th, 2013

Thanks so much everyone!

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I followed because I still want more A Novel Tale updates.

That face makes me vomit with laughter every time.

It's all because of Mane Six Discover Human Music.

You should update it. Pwease?


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