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I'm just a Blissey who likes ponies.

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    Queen Polistae, now in art!

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    Work now to resume on human music!

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    Both the "Tragedy" and "Comedy" tags are the same color.

    as well as the "teen" rating tag. Or at least they're close enough to be very easily confused. that's kind of a recipe for disaster, since tragedy and comedy are arguably opposites.

    I just felt like this was worth mentioning. that should probably be changed.

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OMG 300 followers! · 5:10pm Dec 29th, 2013

Whether you've followed because of A Novel Tale or The Mane Six Discover Human Music, I thank you all the same! I certainly never would have imagined all of this when I first started out writing A Novel Tale!

For those interested, I have a short story that will be going up in the very near future, just as soon as my pre-reader can take a crack at it. It's a side story to A Novel Tale, and it's going to be my first foray into the... mature side of things...

the next chapter of The Mane Six Discover Human Music is still in the works, and now that the aforementioned short story is more or less finished, I should be able to focus more on it!

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Comments ( 10 )

God... "mature"...

lol... you write a beautiful changeling story, and no one cares... you write a silly thing about the ponies commenting on earth music, and bam, hundreds of followers :facehoof:

People, go read his changeling fic. It's awesome :derpytongue2:

I hate that new user UI... I keep commenting on the user page when trying to comment on the latest blog. This is the second time that happens :facehoof:

I read the changeling fic first, actually. It was very good. Haven't read the other one yet, still trying to decide if I should throw it on my Read Later.


actually, I've only gotten most of the last 100 followers since posting the last chapter of A Novel Tale and working my way up to being the 4th top ranked story on fimfiction.

you should totally read The Mane Six Discover Human Music, in my totally unbiased opinion :rainbowwild:

1662699 Ahh, top ranking. Been there. Good times :moustache:

Well, in that case, I'll take your totally unbiased opinion at face value and put it on my Read Later list for later reading. :pinkiehappy:

#yolo #noregrets #soawesome

1661281 I prefer the changling story... It was the first story I read on this site! WHY DON'T YOU...

*Storms off into a corner to calm down*

Okay, I'm back... That story started the process for me in getting an account on this site. It's also what helped me see that MLP was more than just some kids show. (I've only watched one episode and that was a gen 1).

2016476 *adds to the Read later list*

The followers have been doubled!:trollestia:

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