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Holy cow · 12:15pm Sep 20th, 2013

I was not expecting the kind of attention that The Mane Six Discover Human Music received. While I had been thinking about such a story for quite a while, actually writing it only took me a few days. I could never have imagined that it would prove to be such a popular premise. Thank you, all of you. I really am honored.

Some may have noticed that the story has changed from complete to incomplete. Yes, you've all convinced me to keep going with it. However, I just wanna set some ground rules on what kinda songs I might use.

First off, it's extremely unlikely that I'll be doing any songs that are purely for shock value towards the girls. So sorry all you metalheads and rap fans. Same thing goes for songs that are supposed to be terrible, so no Justin Bieber either(even though I personally have no opinion on his music).

Second, foreign songs. Technically, since the Subspace Transceiver has a universal translator spell built into it, the girls would be able to understand them just fine. However, I unfortunately don't have a translator spell, so those are rather unlikely to happen.

Third, uh....

...I guess that's it for now, actually.

All that being said, I do already know what song I want them to listen to next. No, I'm not telling you what it is. Your only hint is that it's a very silly song.

Edit: I actually remembered what my third thing was! No MLP music. All my favorite HiE stories feature versions of earth where mlp isn't a thing, so I'm going to be running on that assumption as well.

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Bah, you don't have to go for shock to use Metal. "Iron Man" would work just as well as any screamer shit. Or "Enter Sandman."

I assume PARTY PARTY PARTY by Andrew WK will somehow how make it on the list. Imagine how happy Pinkie will be!:pinkiehappy:

Really, "Champagne Supernova". They'll all be confused as heck :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway! Nice to see you try more on this, lol. You can count on me to help with the editing. This time I'll even remember to save the song in advance when planning to read on the train :twilightblush:

You mean you don't actually have a universal translator ? Damn, I really hoped to finally have a translation of Magma's lyrics... I wonder if a fake language could be translated anyway ? :unsuresweetie:

Something that could be fun, though : old blues song talk about sex with so many metaphors that they become really confusing if you take them literally... What would the mane 6 think of a guy singing : "I'm a crosscut saw, just drag me 'cross your log" ? Or "Won't you squeeze my lemon ? Baby squeeze it right." That's one guy who really likes lemons here...

Or even "Butcher Pete". That one's terrible literally and metaphorically :facehoof:

Hey author, how is this whole thing working? I noticed you have a reason the inverse law isn't applicable (yay techno-babble!) but are they receiving current transmissions or older ones? And if it's transmissions of any nature, are they radio?

How about some news too?

Thank you so much for not going for shock value! That said, I hope they get a good variety of songs(and commercials).

You shouldn't rule out metal, as different genres of it are on different levels. They don't have to listen to Death or Black Metal. You can play them some heroic Power Metal of ManOWar or Blind Guardian, or some symphonic metal ballads of Nightwish and Epica. Even Good old Heavy doesn't have to bring any shock with it.
Some examples:


Now I'm not saying no metal or rap, just no shock value songs. It just happens that the majority of the shock value songs being suggested in the comments were metal or rap.

I actually have an idea for a rap song I might have them listen to...

1362881 Actually first song recommended in comment to that fic is metal (Manowar - Blood Brothers), and isn't shocking at all. I actually think that those lyrics, with heavy emphasis on friendship, would please M6, especially Rainbow.

1362881 thrift shop! Thrift shop! Thrift shop is so weird, you could do a chapter on it! You know you love Macklemore!

Well, I gotta say that I'm happy to hear your continuing this. Seriously, why hasn't ANYONE ever thought of this? :rainbowhuh: Well, whatever songs you decide to use, I'm sure that the story will continue to be amazing. That said.... below are some songs that I believe are awesome enough to make it into your story. :twilightblush: Good luck with any future chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Bleach AMV - The Demon is a Part of Me *[Could show that we understand that hating others, only ends up hurting ourselves]
√Bestamvsofalltime ▪ The Nightmagi Cometh AMV *[Please have Tia and Luna present for this one]
Rodney Atkins - Farmer's Daughter (official video) *[AJ would like this one I think]

Actually, Twilight Sparkle has the theory all wrong, and is actually streaming audio from YouTube :rainbowwild:

1362881 I want to request some songs, but if you think they won't work, feel free to ignore them. Ain't no rest for the Wicked, Short change hero, Cole Porter - Anything Goes, Earth Wind And Fire - September, I Love a Rainy Night.

almost any Andrew WK song
Until it sleeps- Metallica
Watching You- Rodney Atkins ( good for AJ and Dash)
All You Need Is Love- Beatles
YYZ- Rush (could confuse the girls if Twi or Dash can recognize morse code)
Orion- Metallica
The Sound of Silence- Simon and Garfunkle
Yesterday- Beatles
We Can Work It Out- Beatles
Something- Beatles
Dig a Pony- Beatles
I am the Walrus- Beatles
Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
Fly me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra
Blowing in the Wind- Peter Paul and Mary
Let it Be- Beatles
Hurt- Johnny Cash
and thats just off the top of my head of possible song suggestions. If you need anyone to bounce song ideas off of I'd be happy to help

Just throwing that one out there :raritywink:

I just commented on the story about how quickly this tale blew up (in a good way lol).

I have only one song I think would be appropriate for the Mane 6 to hear. It is 60's Jazz singer Nina Simone's Feeling Good (I put it as a hyperlink instead of a YouTube insert so it doesn't slow down your computer too much). While there are TONS of songs that are in my mind, I feel this particular song would resonate well with the ponies (and princesses) if they heard it.... give it a listen and tell me it doesn't make your heart swell.

Anyways, congrats!

Why does it have to be music at all? I would like it if they tuned into a radio play. Perhaps "Hitchhiker's Guide", or an adaptation of one of Shakespeare's plays?

Eyesight for the blind from The Who.

Oh god, imagine if they tuned into a radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds"?

you've got lasers I've got feelings

eye of the tiger

love story


i will not bow


bone shatter


I have to have one horrible song on here so GANGNAM STYLE

Try anything from Sabaton

Faithfully by Journey or summer of 69 by Bryan adams

Comment posted by Minerva deleted Sep 28th, 2013

here's a song that will get them thinking

Coheed and Cambria...? Oh wait, no one else likes 'em on fim but me? Alright. *creeps back into cave.*:fluttershyouch:

Well the only suggestions I have (so far) are Rick Astley's "Never gonna give you up" (I think it's a good song), Tom Jones' "It's not unusual", Elvis Presley's "Burning Love". If I think of any more I'll post here.

An idea of my own to get lost in this sea;

Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

The Logical Song, Roger Hodgson

Good for the feels, answering one or two questions, creating more. The fun stuff.

1380380 How about Jeff Wayne's version?

1363548 Fallout 3 and Borderlands? :twilightsmile:

I'd suggest:


No shock value music? Well having them react to Dubstep woulda been awkward as hell anyway :P

Here's one... "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" By Leonard Nimoy :rainbowlaugh:

Could also throw in the Ghostbusters theme.

Anything by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would be good for a technical instrumental piece. Which might be more viable if they invited an actual musician, which would probably be a good idea.

Also: Twi needs to be recording these so they can save and share the good ones.

I know he all ready did a Simon and Garfunkel song but why not a straight Paul Simon song?

This needs some Hotel California

1380509 I actually prefer Shooter Guy.

Anything from Michael Jackson works, especially if it's "Man in the Mirror", "Thriller" or "Beat It" :pinkiesmile:.

Comment posted by Chaotic Note deleted Sep 28th, 2013
Comment posted by Isaac3924 deleted Sep 28th, 2013

While I do agree with your decision to lean away from pure shock value songs, I do think metal is worth exploring some. Here are some ideas.

Light in the Black by Sabaton. This would be an interesting perspective piece for the ponies because it is about peacekeeping forces and could provoke some interesting conversation about the use of violent solutions because the ponies have never had to take that last resort. I feel like this is an area that would be very interesting to explore with them because there will be definite fundamental differences of opinion within the group which I believe outweighs the limited shock.

Crimson Thunder by Hammerfall. Good solid metal with no real violence or anything else too shocking, although I do not see it provoking a good discussion the way Light in the Black would.

Purple Heart by Sabaton. This one is probably a bit questionable because it is about loosing friends in war, but it is more depressing than shocking so it might work if you want sad.

Of course, if you really want to blow their minds, I cannot think of a better song than Nuclear Attack by Sabaton. The title really says it all.:trollestia:

Finally, on a totally unrelated note, I think this would be a fantastic song for Twilight.:twilightsmile:

Here's a song Twilight would surely be interested by:twilightsmile:

XD "Cosmic Castaway". Oh Please "Cosmic Castaway". XD The confusion will REIGN SUPREME

I'd recommend the original version of Stan Bush's "The Touch" and some Weird Al songs like "The Saga Begins", "Eat It" and "Ode to a Superhero".

I think this song would be just perfect.

Especially the "and that's when we'll explode" part! :pinkiehappy:


I know I requested to keep the youtube embeds down on the main story comments, and that applies here, too.


I've found that most foreign songs don't translate very well, which is partly why I don't want to do one.

I have a few suggestions. In my opinion, none of them are metal, but rock, but if you feel differently, I respect your opinion. And don't judge any of them based on the artist, please give them a listen. Just thought I'd get that out of the way. Anyways, here are my suggestions:

Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo
Linkin Park - The Catalyst
Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel
Breaking Benjamin - You Fight Me
Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
My Chemical Romance - The Ghost of You
My Chemical Romance - Helena
My Chemical Romance - Cemetery Drive
My Chemical Romance - Cancer
My Chemical Romance - Disenchanted
Bastille - Pompeii
Thirty Seconds to Mars - The Kill

I know it's quite a bit, but I think that the reactions the ponies would feel when listening to them would be interesting. Listening to songs about loss (Disenchanted, Cemetery Drive, Lost in the Echo, Helena, The Ghost of You, Pompeii), hopelessness (Sail, Cancer, Evil Angel), war (The Catalyst, You Fight Me, The Phoenix), and conflict (THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT, The Kill) would almost definitely invoke some sort of reaction from the ponies.

Just thought of three other songs :)

The first is a sad country song called Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley. A real test jerker of a song for when you want to shift back to a sad tone for a chapter.

The second is Three Little Pigs by Green-Jelly. Seriously a hilarious take on a Classic children's tale that will have the girls confused:

Finally... If you ever have Discord listen to music (I can see him tagging along with Fluttershy), then no other song makes you say "WTF?" more than Beck's Loser.


Either Cliffs of Gallipoli: They were far too young to die in such a way! How many wasted lives, how many dreams did fade away?

Or The Price of a Mile: Hear the sound of a machinegun, hear it echo in the night. Mortars firing rains the scene, scars the fields that once were green.

Welcome to hell girls, because all is not quiet on the Western Front.

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