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The Lone Wanderer has been known as the man who shouldered the nightmares of every man, woman and child in the wasteland, so that they may live. But when the Wanderer was once again abducted by aliens, he found himself falling, quite literally, into a whole new wonderous world, untouched by the horrors of nuclear devastation.

He has been facing other people's nightmares constantly for almost a decade, it was high time he was allowed to wake up.

Meanwhile, the ponies of Equestria are baffled by a strange object that fell from the sky.

Fallout/FIM crossover. HiE. T for violence and some language.

Now with a TVTropes page!

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Pretty good, all in all. Didn't give it a thorough run through, but grammar and spelling looks ok.
Haven't played Fallout myself yet, but the story still makes sense.
Looking forward to more.

From what I've seen so far: Yes, it is "any good". Or rather, it seems to be terrific so far. Your Lone Wanderer reminds me of my own: cybernetic enhancements up the wazoo.

Actually, I found your author's note quite interesting: "Just an FYI, in this story the Wanderer and the Courier are the same character, so he has much awesome. On another note, a lot of the equipment he is using is made up. Personally if you ask me, if you give a character 10 INT, along with 100 in all the respective skills, then dump them in a place like Big MT and Zeta for a few years, they will be able to unleash much SCIENCE!"

I have had both of these ideas myself, though admittedly separately. I considered writing a fic where the two are the same character somehow, and another where the two are separate characters but meet and ultimately work together to exploit the wonders of Big MT and Zeta. I even eventually toyed with the idea of somehow sending the two to Equestria (though in my case it was FO:E's Equestria, though the aliens were still involved). Unfortunately, I am actually a terrible writer, so these just remained little story ideas in my mind (which you seem to have read somehow. Creepy).

I am ecstatic to see these ideas actually coming to life, as it where. Judging from the quality of your writing so far, I have no doubt you will be able to do them far more justice than I would have, were I to have actually put the effort into doing so. Can I mention again how creepy it is that you seem to have read my mind and mashed three of my ideas together?

Anyway, from what I have read it seems to be an excellent start to an excellent story, and I hope to see updates in the relatively near future.

Ye it is good keep it going.

:yay::yay:Gimmie brohoof and keep it going.:yay::yay: Oh btw FIMFiction also works on the Wii (Thanks Nintendo!)

Actually that was pretty good im looking forward to reading more of it keep up the great work ^^

It's got some promise, keep writing and see how it goes.

Tracking and Email-tracking. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajbemused::yay:

I usually don't care for Fallout crossovers, but I think this is written well enough to warrant being Tracked and Liked. So that's just what I'm going to do.

As a prereader, I claim this quarry for my own. Seriously, I will preread for you if you need a prereader, mainly because this story is awesome, and a level 100 Wander/Courier with all perks and max stats makes my head want to explode with the awesomeness, and I want to make sure that this story does not slowly die out. Also, I hope that he has good Karma, and preferably he will not kill the everything. Tracked, and take my thumbs. Good show!

Oh wow. I didn't expect to get such good feedback from the people who read this! Thank you all for the encouragement people! :pinkiehappy:
Being told my stuff is nice makes me all like... :rainbowkiss:
245929 and FYI, the character I was basing my wanderer off of is really like...level 58 maybe? I modded the crap out of my game. And really? You would preread it?

FYI I started on the new chap a bit ago, it's sitting at about 1k words.

248315 Yes, I would preread it. Level 58? What. I hope he has no reason to attack them... they would be DEAD.

so... does he have the wild wasteland perk?

248532 The original Fallout 3 didn't have a Wild wasteland perk/trait. It was on, forever.

And it didn't make you waste a trait point because you want to have a bit of fun in your game (I blame obsidian for being haters...)

Also, this is....INTERESTING.


248532 Well, he is in a universe in which Pinkie Pie exists, so I guess yeah. :pinkiecrazy:

28/0 thumbs? Niiiiiiiice...

I would love to see this continued. It is absolutely enthralling, and it combines two things I find perfect: ponies and Fallout. Please make a second chapter, as that would be very amazing of you :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


A great story. Tracked, defiantly one of the better HiE fallout crossovers i have been reading.

Being a fallout crossover i expect violence, but I agree with Frost and hope your wanderer has very good karma. From the sound of your character it seems like he could thank his way out of most situations but be able to put up a fight when its called for.

My guess is he isn't the only one who survived the crash...

No First For You! Honestly, why does everyone want to be first? Also, YOU FOALS, CMC...

This is really good I like this fic a lot this is so awesome

Great chapter here's hoping that the abomination's dont make it to ponyvill or anywhere else :pinkiegasp:

Not an abomination! Ya gods :pinkiegasp: what happens if they get to ponyville? Somepony must stop them! Oh yeah, the wanderer...:twilightblush: My bad, he has this under control...right?

Your an abomination!

No not really, good chapter. And I vote that the wanderer/courier's name is Toasty. Just, Toasty.

About 6K words in 2 days LIKE A BAWS!

Time to kick some ass!! This is good!

Very good so far I like it overall

I am very much enjoying this
Cant wait till The Wanderer gets to see the natives if he thinks that sentient mayo would be weird then i can only imagine his reaction to sentient equines


I actually have been wanting to read a Fallout/MLP crossover done this way. On account that I'm too lazy to write one myself.
Anyway, this is terrific.

Improvement list: Write faster, without reducing quality. (38/0 is very impressive, Young Padawan)

wanderer seems built like my character max everything unique gear and waltz through the wasteland like the god of war, i can see him helping ponyville deal with the aliens and abominations but i'm worried that after all things calm down he just wont be able to fit in too much fighting for too long has to get to a guy. but hey 6 very special ponies might be able to teach him what friendship can be and give him a home so he doesn't have to wander any longer.:rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy::raritywink::ajsmug::yay::twilightsmile:and a piboy makes it all complete!

Well, I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I'm impressed with the writing and the fact that you're using both the add-ons for fallout 3 and some references to New Vegas (the latter of which I have yet to play, unfortunately), and on the other hand, I'm slightly jealous as I was not the only one with the idea to write a Fallout/MLP HiE crossover fic, and that this one may turn out better than mine, if it hasn't already.

That aside, this is really good. I'll look forward to more as I work on my own.

"...and they were after him."
Somehow, music you'd find in a cheesy action movie started playing in my head.

Well, this is... amazing. Holy shit. The humor, the pacing, the way the character's feel, it's just...

Freaking brilliant! Ah, I can't wait to see what happens :pinkiehappy:

Nice story so far, i am definetly looking forward to the next chapter now. I do love a good first contact situation.

332673 Dang you beat me to saying it /) Also Explodium That was fricken awesome great job im looking forward to more keep it up ^^, And i support the romance tag Twilight's going to go wide eyed trying to look over his tec :twilightsheepish:

He does deserve some lovin', but if you do pair him with somepony... Just make him a pony then.
It's... weird for a human to be paired with a pony. Just saying.
Just saying.

I don't mind a romance tag. Since you saying there would only be affection, and not clop, it would be more apt to say its just like he has a really bad-ass pet.

And, uh... What do you need from a prereader? Because if its just reading over and finding mistakes you may have missed I may be able to do it. Just, shoot me a PM if you need me too!

If you want I can preread

This is great! Was hopping he would be out of the ship and run into the Mane 6 by now though.
I don't really object to the romance tag. Go for it.

D'awwwwww. That scene with the Wanderer and Applebloom was WAY too cute. I can't wait for him to meet the others. Great chapter!

I'm fine with shipping human/pony. But don't listen to Urdreth! Don't turn him into a pony! Very good chapter. Looking forward to more interaction between the wanderer and the ponies.

333149 I agree with you.
Please no ponification!:fluttershysad:

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