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Thanks again. · 7:20am Jan 26th, 2013

Thanks everyone, authors buddies, watchers, and random people who drop by. I do in fact have most of my next chapter readyish and am attempting to post it by Tuesday. I would like everyone who wouldn't mind to kindly tell me to stop watching Voyager or playing Skylanders for a few hours to finish the dang chapter already, if deadlines wont work maybe guilt trips would. Thanks again everyone.

FYI; Sunburn and Whirlwind are the best OTP

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Hey bud, thanks for the fave on "Ernest Saves Equestria." Appreciate it.

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Heehee. I look forward to your feedback should you wish to give it. :twilightsmile:


no problem, always happy to read any good Tempest stories that come out, and this one had Grubber, bonus!

Thankie for the fav on I Hear the Stars! :pinkiehappy:

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