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"Not acid rain nor hail of bullets stays these couriers from the completion of their appointed rounds."

Welcome to the Mojave Express, where all Fallout Crossovers are welcome. Not Fallout Equestria, mind you, but anything starring our beloved protagonists, Bethesda or otherwise! Protagonists not required.
Talk shit about your worst factions, discuss your favorite stories, and even RP Gomorrah! (Or not.) We strive for a friendly and like-minded place to express your love for all things Fallout!

Boring Stupid Rules

General Rules:

  • No posting or linking to Pornographic images.
  • No starting arguments for the sake of arguing.
  • Be sure to use common sense and etiquette.

Rules to Posting:

  • Your story must be a crossover with Fallout, not Fallout: Equestria.
  • You may add your fic to the Mojave Express Dropbox folder, and it will be reviewed by an admin.
  • If your fic passes its review, the reviewing admin will leave a comment on the fic alerting you that it has been approved, and which folder it has been moved to.

Rules for Contributors:

  • Any member who has had at least one story reviewed and accepted will be promoted to Contributor.
  • A contributor has the power to bypass the Mojave Express Dropbox, instead adding stories to their respective folders.
  • If a contributor chooses to add a story to The Mojave Express, they must first contact the author of the story (whether through DM or Comment) to notify them of the story's addition.
  • Any contributor who chooses to move a story from one folder to another, or add a new story to the group, must make sure that the story in question is not duplicated within any other folders.
  • An admin may review stories added by contributors and overrule their decisions.

General Rules for Content:

  • In order for a story to be approved, the author must have at least a moderate understanding of the English language.
  • If a story involves a pre-established character directly, care should be taken to maintain that character's canonical personality and traits. Creative liberties are only acceptable in regards to OCs, MCs, and otherwise mysterious entities (such as the Mysterious Stranger, etc.).
  • If a story is a Fallout: Equestria fiction, it will be outright removed from the group. Otherwise, if it fails review, it will be added to the Return to Sender folder, and the author will be notified.
  • A story added to the Return to Sender folder will be removed from the group entirely after an indeterminate period of time, unless the author makes changes to the story and contacts an admin of the group.
  • If a story has more than 50 ratings at the time of review, and the like-to-dislike ratio is at least 4:1 (four times more likes than dislikes), then the fic will be automatically accepted.

Do try to avoid spam threads in the forum. Before you create a thread, ask yourself, "Should we actually discuss this?" If the answer is no, then that's a good indication that you shouldn't.

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Numbness will subside in several minutes.

Comment posted by Ass hat deleted Dec 4th, 2018

greetings from the commenwelth, far harbor, and nuka-world! i have need of a courier.

*Dabs because he just finished a melee-only FNV run*

It has a lot of replayability to me, great game :yay:

Yeah. Jezz it's been a long time since I played that.

Yeah, hehehe, I know who it is. It's the dude's wife in Arefu, a little north of Megaton, the settlement on the overpass.

I think that joke came from FO:3. A character in a small town tends to go into la-la land as if the war never happened. At one point she gives the Lone Wanderer a 'cookie'. As you guessed, it was an actual tin can.

Writer took it down to rewrite it and it never was rewritten.

Huh... no Fallout 4 folder... well fuck...

I meant the folder

-Fallout 4-
Dose anyone here find it odd when you stab a car a few times with a knife it explodes?

Special Delivery for Death himself. As he requested, Benny's soul. And I would like to require a signature for that order.

Fallout 4 folder?

You know, today was the first time I said "I'll go down and see if there's anything new at the mojave express" and actually had to stop for a second because I thought I was in the Wasteland, but I probably need sleep anyway


I think I know the sequel for it, Fallout: The Return, and I'm was going to read it again, but it said "the story doesn't exist".

Comment posted by Mega NewWays97 deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

Anypony know where the fic that had the main 6 scattered in the Mojave as humans? It had fluttershy and applejack get enslaved by legion, rarity got turned into a marked man ghoul, and I think twilight ended up in the Big MT. Ya that story anyone know what its called and/or can link it I'd be a happy colt.

Those cookies... are not cookies.

They taste funny...

  • Viewing 102 - 121 of 121