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don't being a jerk
no spam
ADMIN'S Are aloud to ban you? if you have been told to stop being a jerk


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Ye gods, something not directly F:E related! I'm betting that this can be somewhat of a contentious issue for you guys

I'd hate to be creepy and not introduce myself, so here we go. Hello!

i need a pre-reader if someone interested please pm me

350996 I'm just as green as you when it comes to these things, however I can figure it out and we should soon have it to the functional level soon. Interactivity should come after functionality, because what's the point of interactivity if it doesn't work? For now I must get my rest, I have a shift starting in a less than an hour and I haven't gotten any sleep in twenty-four hours.

But like I said, we should get everything operational and set up before we try for interactivity. Good night


350995 I Need help

350992 Alright! Time to go ban everyone and take over the world group! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :pinkiecrazy: :trixieshiftleft:

.... Just kidding! :pinkiesmile:. Thanks! :twilightsmile: Though I'm not really sure what I could do. I'm rather new to this myself.


i need help fixing this group so we can have fun i what this group
to be interactive so we may have fun plus i don't know what i'm


342064 348230 342827
hey made you 3 admin

Probably because the Fallout: Equestria group swallows them all up and acts as the de facto Fallout group.

Yeah, kind of surprised too...

Hm... I would have though a group like this would get swarmed by the fallout fans on the site

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