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I like to read and write dark stories and then meme about them.

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  • 5 weeks
    Character Art; Yangtze

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  • 21 weeks

    I gripped the armrests of my seat, bracing for when the large propellor aircraft I was riding in touched down on the Vanhoover Airport landing strip. Despite having wings of my own, I didn’t enjoy flying in these things. I don’t know why my dad didn’t just teleport us here. He insisted we needed to travel like normal people every now and then so we didn’t take it for granted. At least we got to ride first class. Being royalty has its perks.

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  • 22 weeks
    Cat and Mouse

    “Stars above, grant me strength. Stars above, grant me wit. Stars above, grant me endurance. For I am being hunted.”

    Finishing my prayer, I gripped my meteorite sword in my teeth, slung it on my back, and pressed on through the dense, freezing forest. With each chilling gust, the forged armor fitted snugly against my hide stung with frostbite. Snow and dead leaves crunched under my own hooves, and those of my most faithful soldier as he caught up to me.

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  • 23 weeks
    All My Character Shorts in Chronological Order

    14 years before The Storm:
    The Butcher

    6 years before The Storm:

    4 years before The Storm:

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  • 24 weeks

    My first two years as Overboss went smoother than expected. The gangs and local farms fell in line pretty quickly when I proved I wasn't messing around. Sure, I was just a thirteen year old colt, but I was a colt who could kill every living thing in Galloping Gorge with my eyes closed. Could, and would, if these raiders didn't behave and follow my rules.

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Character Art; Yangtze · 6:33pm March 12th

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