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I'm katie! I'm a young trans mare who loves to write, coming back after a years long hiatus ((And transforming)) To get back into my reading and writting of pony fanfiction! I'm glad to be back <3


Chapter 18 is... still a work in progress. · 3:42pm Oct 28th, 2023

I've been working on this chapter for longer then I think anyone will expect. There was a time during this project where I had more then the next five chapters written, waiting to be edited and released, but I've since caught up. I've rewritten this chapter a few times without being happy, though I'm finally taking it in a direction that I can be happy with!

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Trans bird! Even more cool then a pony ^^
And your welcome

my gosh, a cool trans pony :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow!

I haven't been writing much lately, sorry about that. I had some dental work done and it got infected, and I've been feeling pretty bleh since. It's up and down, but like, yeah just been distracted with dealing with all that. Don't worry, I got antibiotics and stuff to help, and I gotta make an appointment for a root canal. Then I'll be back to my nerdy bird horse ways!

This reminds me of the fact that hippogriffs have teeth and beaks, and makes me wonder if Aella has ever been to the dentist... I think probably. She drinks a crazy amount of coffee, and the sugar in that can't be good. Still, she probably has the best teeth in the wasteland. Reminds me of Kipo, Age of the Wonderbeasts, where they tell the protagonist is from a burrow by the fact that she has no missing teeth

The story of Gritt, a tiny griffon who needs a hug.
1. Goofball
2. Remembrance
3. Inheritance
4. Trickshot
5. Wrath
6. How A Father Should Act

They do...

It's so strange how Rosegold ended up basically the opposite of Aella as a protag. I'd written several chapters before I read Endless Horizons.

While Aella is an empath, Rosegold is an undiagnosed psychopath. Due to a birth defect, he has an under-developed amygdala and can't process empathy. For the first third of the story, until he gets an implant, he is ruthless, selfish, and manipulative in his mission to gather the Pearl shards for the Storm King.

After the implant... His story is about him coming to terms with the kind of person he's been, and becoming better.

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