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I've always said one thing about who I am as a person. "Eternally in pursuit of the goodness in the heart." It's what called me to the show. It's why I'm here now. And it's what I love to write about.



Taking that one necessary step forward to begin changing our life for the better requires a lot of courage. We must hold out our hearts and open up to others who will help us, even if we're scared of getting hurt. Life will not wait for us, so we must chase after it with all we've got. No matter how hard, how far, or impossible it may seem. We've got to find our happiness.

This is the story of one such changeling as she takes those first steps forward, her whole world changing right before her eyes.

((Cover art drawn by the fantastic Little Tigress.))

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I love the ton and emotion you put into this chapter. I will definitely keep an eye out for this story.

If the story goes in the direction of "Mama Twilight", then I don't mind at all.

Ah, an absolute man of culture. Especially from the profile picture.

I have such a massive soft spot for parental stories of all kinds. My favorite animes are the likes of Hinamatsuri, Usagi Drop, Barakamon, and more recently Spy x Family. You name it, I've probably seen it and loved it.

I'm not gonna confirm anything though, since I probably shouldn't go around spoiling my own story, haha.

Mama Twilight is always a plus xD

A realy good upgrade to your old story. Hope to see you soon.
This story need to be featured in some groups.

"I also rewrote Twilight to be more vulnerable in this version to show that adults are not infallible with their own feelings, and how life for a kid and a parent is all about learning to grow together no matter your age."

"My little Changeling: Parenting is Magic"

Really liking this so far, but with the sad tag, I can only imagine what's gonna happen next.

My guess? Twilight's friends learn about the changeling and try to make her get rid of her.

Gonna take a stab at some psychoanalysis

the main character has been abused in the past but has repressed the memories of said abuse, and chooses to blame herself or claim that it's her fate.

Hopefully with time and enough support, she can move past her current mental situation.

I gotta say, I really do appreciate the interaction! Even if it did frustrate me a little that you almost hit the nail on the head with that first guess for ch. 7 before I had even finished up the chapter.

I don't like being read like a book. Tho I do like people reading my book. +1

Haven't read the story, but given the way the show portrays Chrysalis I suspect the spoiler isn't even really a spoiler.

"For everyone's sake!"

Go go you anime protaganist horsebug thingy!

So.. She run away? I hoped of more Twilight/Changeling screentime. Should know it would be short with a "Sad" tag instead of a "Slice of Life" tag.

I see you are in some Groups now. Much more views with this chapter. Congratulations.

I hadn't written for FIMFiction for over 9 years, so I don't know the ins and outs of the website. I went and looked at some groups at your advice, so many thanks for letting me know!

And yeah... I know what you mean. I reeaaally wanted to write more slice of life things before arriving towards the conclusion, but I had to consider the narrative of this one.

But you know... maybe I'll write a follow-up story in the not so distant future.

what a lovely story :)

really well written :twilightsmile:

Thank you Thyrr! I very much appreciated your comments throughout. Always good to hear someone react to my stuff and think positively on it.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that this story takes place after Queen Chrysalis' initial appearance in Friendship is Magic. It is very old. Please keep that in mind.

Meaning the wedding was a failure? Or that these changelings are not going to follow the trends the show set forth in the show? The first sentence leaves things vary ambiguous.

Sorry, guess I should've clarified. This is after the events of her first appearance, so it takes place after the wedding and after her first defeat.

I rewrote the story in such a way that it doesn't need much context on an initial reading. Still, I wrote that disclaimer to give people an idea of what I knew of Chrysalis at the time of writing this.

Why does the story title have "Kindled" in it?

Good question, glad you asked. It gives me a reason to explain my symbolism!

It's because her journey started with the fire that broke out in her old home, and ruined the changelings of old. It was the catalyst that began this journey.

Kindled also means:
arouse or inspire (an emotion or feeling)
become impassioned or excited
light or set on fire

When used figuratively, you can use Kindled to say "Start something, akin to starting a fire". Kindled Change. Change for how her life changed so suddenly, and a play-on words for changeling...

I can't stop my brain from being sappy.

A nice little story. I enjoyed it.

Thank you Thyrr, I was definitely hoping you'd get to read it!

It might come off as a little strong, but it's the truth. You were very formative in motivating me to complete this story with all the interaction and love you gave it, and I had a hope you'd get to see the Extra and enjoy it too.

Forgive me for making this reply a little long, but here's a fun look into my mind: I wrote out that last bit much like the How to Train Your Dragon books did. The final chapter had that whole bit about this being something Chrys wrote in the future, and this gave me the perfect avenue to write an Author's note from her point of view like we see in several of the HTTYD books. You can imagine the dumb smile on my face as I wrote in the description of the story into her final words.

All I thought was "Oh that's perfect" in the cheesy way my mind knows how to connect things.

Anywho! I commissioned an artist to draw my little girl in length, and together we've created a lot of pictures of Chrys. If it's something you care to see, you can view them on my profile page or catch them in the sequel!

Thanks again Thyrr. I really do mean that!

ohh damn :twilightsheepish:

you are very much welcome.

yes i saw all the pictures of her, they are just about one of the most adorble things :twilightsmile:

really love the cover art for the sequel and was gonna sit down and read it here later. :pinkiehappy:

it was a nice touch the with the HtTYD authors note :rainbowlaugh:

The emotions here are palpable! Putting myself in the character's shoes, it must be beyond description. To go from an existence of only darkness, only fear, only the confines of a dank labyrinth, to discovering open air, light, and unbridled love; Only for injury and a need to rest to drag them back to sleep, back to another darkness from which they are terrified they may never return from. That feeling of relentless despair, of separation, must be absolutely crushing. But tomorrow will come, another day will dawn, and with it, new discoveries! I'm invested!

Must. Resist. Hugging.

That was a pretty cool story! I won't lie, the first 2 chapters had me scratching my head trying to understand what was happening but after that it was smooth sailing.

I really enjoyed the interactions between the mane six and Chrys after her reveal, especially with Rainbow and her.

It was also a neat twist with the cave being a giant golem snake with the foreshadowing of that fact coming from Chrys when she re-entered it, thinking of it closing in around her to crush her. Just how it would being inside a throat and all.

Whew, I rambled on this one. All that said, you wrote an excellent tale. Cheers!


Thank you for the kind words! This story meant a lot to me when I initially wrote it 12 years ago and till today.

Because of the age, you can probably feel where its imperfections lie tho, especially in the first few chapters. I tried to be cheeky with my narrative and purposely left a lot of things vague and open-ended. Both as a literary device to create mystery and intrigue, but also to parallel Chrys' own vision and thought process of what was happening to her. Considering that her life was spent in utter darkness, it was the best way for me to project that idea into the narrative itself without stating it outright. Or so my brain thought so a decade ago and then some! It's was a very experimental and risky way to write, but I'm really glad people gave it a chance past the first few chapters to get into the real meat of it.

And I know what you mean about the interactions! I had so much fun writing them. I had a commentor who wanted a more slice-of-life approach to the story during those chapters, and made a whole sequel just to make it happen since I too felt like that whole deal was not enough.

Also, my one regret is not foreshadowing the golem snake harder. It's not that significant to the story, but I had that idea from day 1 of the story. At the time, it was an original concept of mine I hadn't heard of anyone else making. It's not super original, it's technically just a big golem but a snake. Still, for it to be a part of the story to some degree was laden and ripe with symbolism and potential, you know? I did find more use for it in the sequel... But that's telling!

Thanks again for the comment, friend. A writer always appreciates a reader!

Wait... what do you MEAN, I never commented on this story?!

Time to correct that error!

Chrys is a treasure. An absolute treasure of a filly that you better believe deserves all of the love she gets in this tale. Rainbow Dash, of the six, took the longest to come around to her, but I'm glad she did! Writing Twilight as a motherly sort was a great call, as the dynamic between her and the smol Changling bean is simply precious.

I just love how the Mane 6 stood up for Chrys after everything that went down before. They were giving off some mad "Don't you go near us or our child again!" vibes. Mama Twilight, my flank, that filly's got six mamas now!

She's got:

The Honest One :ajsmug:
The Playful One :pinkiesmile:
The Awesome One :rainbowlaugh:
The Fabulous One :raritywink:
The Gentle One :fluttercry: (She's crying happy tears, don't worry!)
And, of course, The Magic One :twilightsmile:

I love your writing. Every aspect is given just the right amount of description and isn't bloated. It flows between topics and isn't jarring. I'm able to feel the emotions so very well, and I had a good cry from this chapter. Such lovely work. :twilightsmile:

I appreciate thoughts toward my writing far more than anything else, so thank you for the wonderful comment. Sometimes I wonder if my writing style has become too punctual in recent times, like if a bit of story-telling magic gets lost without those wordy illustrations. But every now and again I get someone who likes the way I write, and it makes it all worth it. I call it, "The power in one". I think back to the artists whose work changed the world, if only by reaching a single person.

Before I make this too long, I wanted to thank you again. Your comment reached me at a very opportune time. Life has been taking me for a whirl and I sorely needed for something to put a smile on my face.

Much love!

I really love this little story. Despite the fact that it is soul-searching, it doesn't try to impart any lesson beyond reiterating the fact that each of us has the capability to do good—but that doesn't mean that the story is simple. It's just personal. Not a mere read, but an experience about something, formed into words that try to speak to your heart.
And my heart went on with Chrys here, as I wanted to see her grow and help others more. Onto the next story.

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