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Where headcanon becomes absurd and canon absurder



The story of Blue Fang. A young Changeling soldier. He serves in the Queens loyal army, the Devil Horns. Follow him and his adventures.

Characters Include:

Cannon Characters:
Queen Chrysalis (Main Character)
Thorax (Main Character)
Pharynx (Main Character)
Main Six (Main Characters)
Princess Luna (Main Character)
Princess Celestia (Main Character)
Princess Cadence (Main Character)
Shining Armor (Main Character
Ocellus (Main Character)

OC’s include:
Blue Fang (Changeling)(Main Character)
Brokenwing (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mitchell (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hivehunter (Changeling)(Main Character)
Dagger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mantis (Changeling)(Main Character)
Stinger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Kydra (Changeling)(Main Character)
Zenex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Grubber (Changeling)(Main Character)
Clover (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Arthrax (Changeling)(Main Character)
Cobshot (Changeling)(Side Character)
Mothray (Changeling)(Side Character)
Bugbite (Changeling) (Minor Character)
Flint (Changeling)(Minor Character)
Diamond Shard(Pony)(Minor Character)

Chapters (34)
Comments ( 215 )

WAIT A MINUTE!? This song sound familiar it's almost sound like sparta by sabaton or I'm greatly mistaken, but i SWEAR to God it sound like that.

See the choices, feel conflicted about wanting to continue. Continue reading get pissed in ending1, continue reading to forget ending1 ever happen.

Well you’re not wrong

That was a surprise pharynx not aline with his brother, is a welcome surprise. Red Dead Redemption2 by JT, that song suit the theme that therein.

How you know these songs is just beyond me ._.

Simple. Spend a lot of time In youtube, there is no song that I haven't heard let. (feel like I just jinx myself).

Maybe one day I’ll put a song in you don’t know

Oh~ you just making this all too fun to read, I greatly enjoy the wordplay in every music you add, I look forward to the next chapter, On how Blue escape may go sideways.

JT Music: terror billy and Wolfenstein Youngblood.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I still don't get it on how poker play but I know now on how the chips work, though I still don't recommend myself playing the game. Look like blue still plan on staying in canterlot, what's is he planning? And what the outcome of it. Hmmm. Its been a couple of chapters in and my favorite queen hasn't been seen or any info of her whereabouts, then again it will be hard to add her in the current situation. Hope to see more.
I imagine him having David Tennant voice and I'm still figuring out who will fit Samuel L. Jackson voice in the crew

The best way to learn poker is to learn the poker hands

I imagine Blue Fang to have a gritty-dark voice, kinda like B.J Blazkowicz

Brokenwing would probably have a voice somewhat Jeffrey Pierce

Hivehunter would have a Hayden Christensen voice

Stinger would have a Giovanni Ribisi voice

Dagger would have a Matt Damon voice

Kydra would have... well... I really don’t know. (What girl actor would fit her personality? Sigourney Weaver? Natalie Portman?)

Zenex would have a Jake Lloyd voice

Mantis would have a Ewan McGregor voice

Grubber would have whatever you think a cooks voice would be

Clover would have a Russell Richardson voice

I’m not really sure about Arthrax and Hex’s voices

Hahaha, it's good to see this back and running again after the holidays break. And now for the song to guess:

Sabaton: Resist and Bite, attack of the dead men.
JT Music: CoD boots on the ground, Battlefield 1, Battlefield V.

I'm confused if I missed a song or you miss type five. I degrees, I enjoy either way. The interaction RD and AJ is fine and the way RD act is kinda like her, I really see her doing that trying to take the book just to see it the fuss about.

I’m glad to see that you didn’t freak out about the scenes with AJ and RD.

And also yeah I did miss count the songs, it was five.
And you got’em all right, sooo, buck.

Truth be told the battlefield part took me far longer to remember than most, I almost accept defeat there but NOT. Hahaha point for me.

A YouTuber who makes video game rap songs

Yep, I got most of my songs from him.

Yeah, they’re pretty catchy.

Speaking of which, how’s your song coming along, and how are you enjoying Blue Fang so far?

I think I found a good song for Venom. Sorta.

It could work. As a 13yr old, life to me feels a little, hmm, worthless. I know that’s not the case, and another thing about us is that most of are rebellious and don’t really care about life. So take from 13yr old, life sucks, 85% of the time...

It actually works because Venom Stinger feels worthless due to being stuck in Pharynx’s shadow and all of that.

I know how that feels. You wanna be cool but that inner voice is like, “No you’re not!”

Anyways, how are enjoying Blue Fang so far?

I should really start reading it actually

Well if you do, just know that A. The later chapters starting at 13 contain songs, and I mean a lot. And B. My recent chapters are bit...

Out there...

It’ll be alright. I mean, you enjoyed MTCG, I should at least try to pay you back somehow.

Looks like Venom Stinger would be impressed in Hivehunter. Clever naming btw!

I have to wonder how Venom and Blue Fang would interact, since the latter has a rank while the former doesn’t

Good question. Maybe We should put an Easter Egg in our stories or something.

This is actually intriguing so far!

Also, who knows? Maybe there’ll be a crossover one day.

Pretty ironic how both of our protagonists are associated with the color blue.

I actually just named him Blue Fang because a blue fanged spiders (I know it sounds made up, but you can look it up.)

I guess so? I just looked up as many things related to bugs and went from there.

It’s still pretty cool nonetheless.

I’m currently working on MTCG next chapter.

How’s that working for you?

Pretty good. Should I post a preview in a blog or something?

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