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Blue Fang - MlpHero

A blue fanged changeling wants to learn about his purpose in life.

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Chapter 19: Blue Fang vs The Apple Family

Blue Fang sat in the cell he’d been provided with. He closed his eyes and concentrated, then the world went black and he fell into the Void. The fall ended in a forest. He got up and walked around the forest. He looked down at the mud. Hoof prints covered the ground. He followed them to a camp. He saw the top of a tent and walked to it. He peeked through the bushes... only to find a Changeling laying on the ground. He slowly walked over to the Changeling, who he then flipped over. He immediately recognized him. “Dagger!” he cried. He saw bite marks on Daggers fore hoof and torso. He saw two green eyes staring at him from the bushes. The Timberwolf stepped out of the bush carrying another Changeling in its mouth. “Nightbite!” He yelled as the wolf dropped Mitchells body and gave howl. Two more wolves stepped out, one carrying Brokenwings body, the other Kydra. Before he could yell, the wolves charged him. He quickly lit his horn and the Void came back. Then he woke up, the magic pushing him back against a wall. He breathed heavily as he returned to reality. He looked at the Guards who’d been watching him. “What?” The two Guards just looked at each other and shrugged.

He heard the sound of hoof steps and he looked over to the sound. The two Guards bowed their head and then looked at each other with confused faces, but then they left. Princess Luna came into his view. She came into his cell and closed it.

“Your majesty,” Blue Fang said.

“You don’t have to be so formal,” she eyed him down, “why are you in the corner?”

He looked at the spot he originally was, “magic, don’t ask.”

“You were trying to get into the Dreamscape,” she said ignoring Blue Fangs comment.

“The Dream what?”

“The Dreamscape,” she replied. Blue Fang looked confused. She rolled her eyes, “the Void.”

“Oh.” Blue Fang stared at her, “and I’m sure you’re here to either antagonize me or comment on my song from yesterday, either way, you’re going to antagonize me.”

She shook her head, “no I’m not, I just want to talk with you.” Blue Fang looked at her, pretty confused, then she spoke, “you miss them, don’t you?” Blue Fang nodded. “You love them, do you not?”

Blue Fang looked at her. Love was pretty ironic for a Changeling. Heck, one of the things they were taught in the Academy was how to not feel emotions. Although, he did have a crush on Kydra. Luna seemed to laugh at the thought. He completely forgot she could read his thoughts, or at least, something like that. He looked at the poker box Thorax gave him. Luna looked at him, “you know, I could set up a poker match for you,” she said.


“The Apple Family.”

He seemed to consider the offer, “what’s in it for me? Or as a matter’a fact, the Apple Family?”

She looked at him, then said, “six hundred bits.”

Blue Fang thought about the deal, and almost said no, but then a Royal Guard walked in, “letter for Blue Fang he said.” Blue Fang got up and took the letter from the Guard, then went back to his seat and read the letter.

Dear Blue Fang,

We lost all the bits we’d stolen. We’re pretty sure that Twilight took them back. We’re currently looking for anyway to make money, but it’s not easy. Hope you can find a way.

From, Brokenwing.

Blue Fang studied the letter, then looked at Luna. As much as he would hate himself, he said, “what time what place?”

She smiled, “I’ll take you there tomorrow.” And with that, she walked out of the room.

He just stared at the door, then he closed his eyes and the Void came back.

Blue Fang awoke from his sleep. Without much effort, he lazily rolled off the bed and laid on the ground. He looked at the ceiling for awhile before actually getting up. He walked over to the table that was set up in the room. He played a few Poker games by himself before Luna walked in.

“You are one sad Changeling,” she said.

“I guess,” he replied using magic to stack the cards in a triangle shape. He learned how to play poker back in the academy. It wasn’t a class, but more or less him and Brokenwing having what little fun they could seeing as how there was never really any fun in the Hive. The Hive was always so cold, damp, and wet, it was amazing the Changelings survived so long.

Luna smiled, “are you ready?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Alright,” she than lit up her horn and teleported them to Ponyville.

“Ponyville?” Blue Fang said confused, “are you sure that I should be here?”

“But of course!” She replied walking him to a small building. When they opened it, they saw a big poker table set up with seats all around it.

“Sheesh, all this for a poker game?” Blue Fang asked.

“Yes, it seems I went a little overboard.”

Blue Fang walked to the table and took a seat. He played with the cards that were on the table, then the door opened. He looked up to see who it was. It was Applejack. He groaned as she walked to the table. They didn’t say anything thing to each other as she sat down. Blue Fang as already had enough problems. He didn’t need another. Finally, Applejack broke the silence, “Y’know, I still remember the time you tried to get Twilight to shoot me.”

He let out one of those scoff-laughs, “yeah, I remember too.” He looked at her for a minute, then the door opened again. Two Ponies stepped in, one red, and the other yellow. Applejack looked up.

“Hey Big Mac and Applebloom,” she Greeted as they sat down.

“Hiah big sis,” she replied, then she looked at Blue Fang, “is this who we goin’ against?”


Big Mac looked at his sister, “are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, he’s the most wanted Changeling of the gang.”

“Trust me, I’ll make sure he don’t run off.”

Oh yeah, that’ll be a day to remember, he thought. He tried signaling the others. Kydra came on.

Blue Fang? You’re alive!

‘Course I’m alive.

Kydra laughed, then Brokenwing came on. Blue, we’re working on a plan to get you out.

Don’t worry about me, I think I have a solution to the problem you have.

Lay it on us.

Okay, I got into this poker game, the prize? Six hundred bits. We’ll need to meet at the big building by Rarity’s shop at around five’o, and bring Zen

Alright, see you in a bit.

He cut the chatter and closed his eyes. “You alright there Blue?” Applejack asked. He looked up, “you’re awfully quiet.”

He sighed, “it’s nothin’.” He stared at the clock. Just a little longer.

Read for reference

White= 1 bits (ten at start for each player)
Red= 5 bits (two at start for each player)
Blue= 10 bits (three at start for each player)
Green= 25 bits (two at start for each player
Black= 50 bits (one at start for each player)
Each character will have 150 bits to start
Game ends when one has the 600 bits

Blue Fang sat at the table. He looked at the three opponents he was playing. He looked down at his cards. Ace of Spades and Ten Diamonds. He looked at the Community Cards. The first card, Five Spades, was flipped. Applejack threw in one red chip, Blue Fang didn’t throw any chips, Mac threw in one white chip, and Applebloom threw in three white chips. The next card was Three Hearts. Blue Fang, again didn’t toss, Applejack threw in another red chip, Mac, like Blue Fang, didn’t toss, and Applebloom threw in a blue chip. The next card was Four Spades. This time, Blue Fang threw in a red chip, Mac threw in a white, and Applebloom threw in a white. The next card was an Ace of Hearts. Applejack didn’t throw in any chips, Blue Fang threw in a blue, Mac folded and threw down his cards, which revealed a Five Spades and a Two Spades, then Applebloom’s face lit up, and she riskingly went all in, sliding all her chips in. The final card was a Diamond King, and Applebloom’s face went grey. Applejack threw down her cards, a Black King and Ace of Hearts, Blue Fang threw his Ace of Spades and Ten Diamonds, and Applebloom threw the Ace of Diamond and Ace of Clubs. Applejack laughed as she slid all the chips to her side.

“Bad judgement,” Applebloom muttered as she walked away.

Blue Fang looked at Twilight, who was keeping score.

Current score
Applejack: 331 bits
Blue Fang: 135 bits
Big Macintosh: 144 bits
Applebloom: Out

Applejack looked at him, grinning, “I ain’t never lost a poker game in my life!”

He looked back at her. He decided to share a bit of knowledge with her, “my brother once told me, ‘the most dangerous thing besides the enemy is pride’.” It was his turn to shuffle. He used his magic to shuffle the cards. Then he gave each Pony their respective cards. He looked at his cards. They were a Club King and Eight Clubs. The first card was Four Diamonds. No one threw in any chips. Next was a Nine Diamonds. This time, Blue Fang threw in one red chip and Big Mac threw in a blue chip. Next card was a Six Hearts. Again, nobody betted. Next card was Eight Spades. Blue Fang threw in a blue chip and no one else betted. The last card was Seven Hearts. Everyone threw down their cards. Blue Fang laughed as he slid the chips over. He checked the board again

Current Score
Applejack: 331
Blue Fang: 135
Big Mac: 134
Applebloom: Out

He nodded and gave the deck to Big Mac. He watch Big Mac shuffled the cards and then he passed them out. He looked at his cards. He had Seven Diamonds and Ace of Hearts. The first card was a Six Diamonds. Blue Fang threw in one red chip, Big Mac didn’t throw in anything, and Applejack didn’t throw any chips in either. The next card was Ace of Clubs. This time, Big Mac threw in a blue chip, Blue Fang threw in a red chip, and Applejack didn’t throw in anything. The third was a Five Diamonds. Blue Fang threw in another red chip, Big Mac threw in five white chips, and Applejack didn’t throw in anything. The fourth card was an Eight Diamonds. Blue Fang threw in a red chip, Applejack threw in nothing, and Big Mac went all in. Blue Fang looked at him with confusion. Was he trying the same strategy Applebloom was trying? The final card was a Six Hearts. They all threw their cards down. Blue Fang slid all the chips his way. He looked at the board now.

Current Score
Applejack: 331
Blue Fang: 269
Big Mac: Out
Applebloom: Out

Blue Fang sighed. It was all or nothing, and he knew it. He slid the cards over to Applejack so she could shuffle them. While she did, he closed his eyes and meditated. He cleared his mind and the world fell dark and silent. This was a feeling he liked, alone, with no one to bother him. He thought of strategies for the final round. He thought back to all the lessons Brokenwing taught him. Then one lesson came back to him.

Luna stared at Blue Fang. She wondered what was on his mind. Her sister looked at her. “I’m sure he’s fine,” she said.

Luna nodded, “should I tell him when he gets the cards?”

“If you want.”

But she need not bother, because as soon as Applejack gave Blue Fang his cards, his eyes flew open. He didn’t even touch them, he just said, “I’m ready.” Applejack was really confused, but she started playing the game. The first card was Diamond King. He threw in a green chip. Applejack was stunned, and she threw in a blue chip. Next card was a Diamond Jack. Blue Fang threw in another green chip. Again this stunned his opponent, so she followed suit and threw in a green. The third card was Ten Diamonds. He threw in his one and only black chip. Applejack threw in a blue chip whilst looking real lost. The fourth card was Ace of Hearts. Blue Fang didn’t bet, but Applejack threw in a blue chip. Before the next card was flipped, Blue Fang said, “all or nothing?” he slid all the chips in. Applejack smirked and slid all her chips in. Everypony gasped. The next card was Ace of Clubs. Applejack threw down her cards. Applejack threw down her cards, which were Heart King and Spade King.

“Ha! Four of A Kind!” Applejack said as she slid the chips towards herself.

“Hold up,” Blue Fang said. He flipped over his cards. Ace of Diamond and Diamond King. Applejacks jaw dropped so low, it could’ve fallen all the way to Tartarus. “Royal Flush,” he said with a blank expression. He slid all the chips over to him. He got up and gave a slight bow and he walked away.

Blue Fang stood outside of the building. He waited for Luna or Celestia or Cadence to present him with the reward. Applejack came storming out of the building. “Okay, explain!” she said.

“Explain what?” he asked staring into space, if ‘staring into space’ he expression Ponies used.

“How’d you know them cards would win?!”

“Lucky guess,” he replied. He felt somepony, or someponies. “I know your all right there.” They all stepped out from their position. He used CI to see if Kydra and Zenex were around. He saw two green silhouettes hiding in the trees.

He contacted them, you guys are here.

Kydra came on, alright, who should we send down.

Send Zenex, they’d be seen as brutes if they attacked him.

Alright, Z, you ready?


Alright go.

He looked over to the bushes. He gave three blinks and Zenex jumped out of the bushes. “Blue Fang, are you sure you want to give the Bits to them?” Luna asked. He nodded. She looked sad, “I’d hate to see you go back to prison after all you’ve done,” she lifted the bag, “six hundred in bits, sound like a fair bounty?”

Blue Fang walked over to Zenex. Zenex reached his hoof out and gave Blue Fangs hoof a shake. “Make sure you aren’t followed back.” Zenex nodded. He walked back to the Ponies. He walked past them, he looked back at Luna, “give them him,” he said, then he walked in the direction of Canterlot, “it never was about the money.”