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Blue Fang - MlpHero

A blue fanged changeling wants to learn about his purpose in life.

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Chapter 18: Back at Square One🎵

The wagon ride to Canterlot was as boring as watching paint dry. Blue Fang sat quietly, just humming a little song to himself. A couple of the Guards looked at him, probably wondering why he was in good spirits. Blue Fang pulled out the medal Hivehunter gave him. He felt the hard, bronze metal it was made from. Bronze was one of the few materials they had, although as far as Blue Fang knew, it didn’t have much use except for medals. Then he pulled out his journal. He pulled out the quill and wrote in the journal.

I’ve been captured again, yay. Everyone else was able to get away from the raid as I sacrificed myself for the greater good. All I can do now is wait.

He slipped the medal into the journal and closed it. Twilight looked at him. “How does it feel to be captured?” she asked sarcastically.

“For the second time? Well, annoying,” he replied with the same level of sarcasm. He looked out the back of the wagon, which was being followed by more wagons. “Y’all assembled the biggest darned convoy ever, and for a few bugs?” he laughed at what he just said. “We Changelings would only need five and all these Guards would be knocked out.” Twilight just stared at him with a blank expression. He chuckled. “Nothin’ to say now, huh?”

Shining turned to him, “coming from the one whose entire species turned on him.”

“At least mine is loyal to our ruler,” Blue Fang replied staring at Starlight.

She looked back, “I’ve changed, you have not.”

Blue Fang just gave an annoyed look.“Change? Really?”

“No pun intended...”

Blue Fang just closed his eyes and waited. He slowly and very peacefully drifted off to sleep, knowing his family was safe.

Blue Fang felt someone grab him. He used magic to grab the hoof, “I don’t need a wake-up-call.” He got up and stretched, then grabbed his journal and walked with the Guards through the Canterlot streets. He received a lot of looks from the civilians. He didn’t care that they hated him, he didn’t care they probably wanted him dead as unlikely that may have been, he only cared about getting to meet the Princesses head on. The inside of the palace was no different, just more nicer. He studied the rooms and found a vault that he’d like to get into. Then the Throne Room doors opened with a somewhat blinding light. Maybe he’d just been outside for too long. The inside was almost the same as Chrysalis’s Throne Room. Before he walked in, he wiped his hooves on the mat, to show he at least had some manners. Then he walked down the carpet and stood in front of the Princesses like he would if the Queen was in front of him.

Celestia was the first to speak, “Blue Fang, is it?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She stared at him, she probably didn’t expect him to be so polite, “I think you now why you are here.”

“Besides robbery, no.”

She unfolded a scroll and read, “assault, resisting arrest, attacking Royal Guards, assaulting a Princess.”

He interrupted, but did it in a polite manner, “If you don’t mind me saying, I understand the assault, assault of a Princess, and resisting arrest. But attacking Royal Guards? We’ve been at war with them for a long time.”

“I know, but the war is over.”

“Then why are we still fighting?”

Celestia opened her mouth, but Luna spoke first, “because you are evil!” she yelled.

Blue Fang somehow kept his nerves in check, maybe he’d just heard Chrysalis yell multiple times, “we’re not evil, we’re just fighting for what we believe in,” he looked at Luna, “I understand the confusion from your point of view.”

Celestia looked at her sister, who only looked more mad, “calm down sister,” she said, “I’m sure he meant nothing by it. Did you?”

“No ma’am, not at all,” he replied truthfully. That was the thing about Blue Fang, no matter who they were, if they were the ruler of a monarchy, he’d show respect. He wasn’t sure if he’d gotten it from Brokenwings courtesy, or being raised under the same roof with a Queen made him like that. By this time, the three Princesses turned and talked with each other. Sensing he’d be alone for the time being, he pulled out his journal, then read through the entries. He found the entire from when Arthrax, Hex, Ocellus, Grubber, and Mantis joined the gang.

With Grubber and Mantis back, we feel like family again. Also, three new Changelings joined in, Arthrax, Hex, and Ocellus. I’m not sure how they found us, but I’m glad they did.

Blue Fang smiled at the entry. Then flipped through to the Shield Breaker entry.

Blues Log
Mission Status: Failed
Current Rank: Private
Cpt. Brokenwing: Alive
Sgt. Mitchell a.k.a Nightbite: Alive
Pfc. Pharynx: Alive
Pvt. Thorax: M.I.A
Spc. Kydra: M.I.A
Pvt. Dagger: Alive

Well, our hopes of taking Canterlot failed, we got blown sky high. Heck I was lucky enough to have made it home. I also had to lie about Thorax, um, “biting the dust.” But I did it for him as he would’ve done the same for me
—Pvt. Blue Fang

He flipped through more of the pages, then got the front page, which had the both the medal he got from Brokenwing, and the medal he got from his fight with Hivehunter. He took it out to look at. He reflected to the faithful day, the day he left that small crack in the arena wall.

“So you still got it, huh?” a familiar voice said from behind him.

“Thorax,” he turned to see his brother, who looked way different then what Blue Fang remembered. His body turned a light green color, his eyes and wings went purple, and he grew orange horns. Even though Thorax looked different, he couldn’t help but smirk and say, “you know I would, buddy, you know I would.”

Thorax walked towards Twilight, “you wanted to see me?”

She turned to Thorax, “yes, we wanted to know if you could help us with Blue Fang.”

He turned to his brother, “sure,” he walked over to Blue Fang, then pulled out a deck of poker cards. “Here, I know how much you like poker, so I got you these.”

Blue Fang looked at the cards, “thank you.” He opened them and started shuffling them around. “Wanna play a quick round?”

“Sure,” he looked at the Princesses, who nodded, “come on.” The two walked into the next room over. Thorax used his magic to levitate a table over to them. They sat down and started playing. As Blue Fang gave Thorax his two cards, Thorax asked him, “where’s everybody else?”

Blue Fang looked up, “I don’t know, they set up a camp somewhere else,” he got his two cards, which were, 6 black spades, and 5 black spades, then he gave Thorax 1 black chip, three blue chips, five red chips, and ten white chips. “Remember, black is one hundred, blue is ten, red is five, and white is one,” Blue Fang said giving himself the same number of chips.


He flipped over the first card, which had black king. Thorax threw two red chips in. Blue Fang threw the same amount. Next was a black ace of hearts. Blue Fang threw in four whites, while Thorax threw in a blue. Next card was a ten black clubs. Blue Fang threw in a red, Thorax followed suit. The current bet was; Blue Fang: 19, Thorax: 25.

“How’s everyone doing?” Thorax asked as Blue Fang flipped over the next card.

“We’re doing fine, I mean, we ain’t dead. Nine spades.”


Thorax went All-in, Blue Fang followed suit. The next card was eight black spades. Blue Fang threw down his cards, then Thorax.

“Straight!” Thorax said dragging all the chips his way.

“Good game brother,” Blue Fang said shaking Thorax’s hoof. Celestia called them.

“I’ll help you clean this stuff up.” After they were done, Thorax asked, “how’re you getting outta this one?”

“Maybe I’ll sing a song or something,” Blue Fang said before laughing, “don’t worry, I believe the others have a plan.”

“They always do.”

The two walked back into the chamber. Cadence looked at the two. “Did you two have fun?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Blue Fang answered, “Thor here won by a Straight.” She looked confused, “cards in numeric order with different shapes and or color.” She nodded.

Then Luna looked at him. “Is something bothering you?”

“No ma’am,” he looked at her.

“Is it about your brother all those years ago?”

“How... how’d you know?” He asked worriedly.

“Your dreams.”

He looked at her, “please stay out of my head.”

She lit up her horn. The world seemed to fall apart around Blue Fang. The floor fell out from beneath his hooves. Then the tile he was on fell out. He yelled as he fell into a dark void. Then he crashed into a dark forest. He looked around the forest. He saw a Changeling run past him. He reached out to the Changeling, but he just phased through it. Then he heard a familiar voice, “Blue! Blue! Take the shot!”

No way, this can’t be real. He followed the Changeling. Then he found the scene.

“I’m trying! I’m trying!”

Just like he remembered it, Brokenwing smashed the Timberwolf with a rock. The rest played out as he remembered, then,

“We need to head home baby brother.” Brokenwing walked a few feet while limping, then he collapsed.

“Broken!” Blue Fang ran over. Brokenwing passed out. Blue Fang quickly dragged him away. Then he snapped back to reality. He looked at Luna, “why?” He asked.

“Because I knew it was what broke your tough shield.”

“Well, I fortunately have a morale booster.”

“What is it?” Rainbow asked sarcastically.

“A song,” Blue Fang said.

“Well I wanna hear it,” Rainbow said.

“You sure? It’s not really... Ponified.” She nodded. “Okay.” Thorax looked at him.

“Blue, this isn’t really a good time.”

“She wanted to hear it, she’ll hear it,” he turned to everyone else, “what about y’all?”

“I want to hear it,” Starlight said.

“Me too!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Alright.” Applejack followed up.

“Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

(Blue= Blue Fangs lyrics)

Haha, now I know why you call yourselves the master race. Cuz dang you Ponies can run like heck!

Ponies must be masochist. (Why?) Because they asked for this. (Oh!) My name is Blue Fang, I’m the opposite of pacifist. I came to clean my land of oppressive savages. The status of Chrysalis, has the only hoof I kiss. (Dang!)

I came to shake the game, I’ll make the water choppy. First I need some wheels, gee I’m feeling really wobbly. But I’m rollin’ with the punches, just like my brother taught me. I am a new resistance, got up and started walkin’!

Somebody tell Celestia to call off her paparazzi. We’re not big friends of propaganda because we are not sheep! Watch me drop each RG, like an awfully hot pot of coffee. That’s a lot love for one body, if you’re like Fluttershy then call mommy!

Help! It’s the Changeling Army! That’s right, we’ll scare you silly! A nation tainted with your regime makes it very filthy. Aw shoot! Did I trigger you bigot? When I blast your horn off and let it spray like a spigot.

I’ll plant my hoof in your face!

Beat down your Guards!

Back kick you down!

Snap all the horns!

Crackshot— your helms, pop and explode!

Soaked in Pony, love hoof to horn!

I was raised to believe in a world, where Ponies are not on top and the Changelings are heard, call off our poverty! Do you know what it’s like to go to bed while starving? That was the sign it was time to start a fire.


I don’t know why you Ponies rally behind these two sisters. Sit down and listen to this strictly clinical diagnosis.

Mrs. Starlight, a mixed bottle of emotions. A psychopathic-wimpy failure of a dictator. Disposition of a new Foal, with belligerent behavior. But she’ll cry herself to sleep before she gets me into danger.

I got this mane brush with Celestia on it, so if you gotta brush your mane out not a problem I brought it. I can prescribe you cyanide, gotta swallow all of it, and if knew their father, I would’a told him he ain’t ready.

Oh thank Chrysalis I’m not a chip off the block, cuz I’m not as as weak as these Ponies are. My mom is gone, and now all is lost, I’m in it all alone and it’s gotta stop. I don’t wanna, but if I gotta drop a bomb, I’ll do it, not a qualm. Listen to my gritty-inner monologue, the new resistance has gotten up!

Horns all ignite!

Burn down their strength!

Shatter their will!

Rip up friendship!

Swallow their pride, might make’em choke!

You should get that, cupcake to go!

I want freedom! Give us liberty or give us death! Let’s get even! I’m in deep, but I keep my horn up and lead’em! Run on empty till my engines dead! I want (what?) I said I want (what?) I said I want (what?) I said I want freedom, now!


Broken told me grow up to be anything you want kid!

Won’t become a confused motherbucker like Twilight did!

I left for the frontlines and I went to war unshyly!

If you got a problem, make Ms. Dash and drop her!

Had a date with Pinkie but that has made me all the wiser!

Turnin’ Applejack into some apple fertilizer!

Any final words, for Rarity it’s ‘please don’t!’

I don’t call it crime if you’re a Starlight sympathizer!

Try to put me down like Spike just got the rabies!

Soon you’ll see my blue fangs if you go near my family!

Call myself a gentlecolt, I’d never hit a lady!

Non of you would ever count! You mares are buckin’ crazy!


I was raised to believe in a world, where Ponies are not on top and the Changelings are heard, call off our poverty! Do you know what it’s like to go to bed while starving? That was the sign it was time to start a fire!

Blue Fang looked around to see the faces of the Ponies. Most had jaw-dropped, some just stood there. “I warned you,” Blue Fang said.

Thorax looked at him. “Well I’ll sing some sense into you!”

Blue Fang looked at his brother, “try me!” Blue Fang stared more music.

(Blue= Blue Fang Lyrics)
(Green= Thorax Lyrics)
(Red= Combined Lyrics)

These are the moments, that will go down in history! Evils among us! And it will live on in infamy!

That the best you got? Then your best won’t do. You’re amongst wolves now, and these are our woods.

One thing that Broken taught me: weak is something I should not be! Givin’ up is not an option, sorry! Listen up all of you Ponies! If you get my back on the ropes, I’ll fight on! I’m the reason you keep a nightlight on. But I’m a lot worse than a bad dream. Been a moment since you Ponies had sleep.

(Oh crap!)

If you ask me after this, the Royal Guard will’ve had their flanks kicked. Fact: that my name isn’t Chrysalis, and that bug is my momma, mare! Cadence was scared of her, better double that fear for her younger bugs. Nothin’s gonna come between us, if you try, trust me, you’re gonna see stars.

No I’m not monster, but yeah I’m scary. I’ve ready said it’s hereditary! Came prepared to light this place up, raise all of the banners so I can tear’em up!

Do run with us bugs? Or do you march with the Guards? I’ve seen the evil you’ve sewn, and now it’s us you shall reap.

I sure hate all this hay, bad. Anybody want some? Nah I doubt that. Throw it in the trash and take it out fast. You can bet I’m gonna have a proud brother.

You’ve got the Heart of Cadence!

The Strength of Celestia!

Wits of Luna!

Yet you’re lighting a fire, but! These are the moments, that must go down for history! I once was a lone bug! But then you fought for me!


Even at a young age, I wasn’t on a playground, I was in an academy. Kydra never wanted me to be unsafe, so when I got older she taught me my ES.


So what if I’m a Youngblood, I’m runnin’ on much more than dumb luck. Both of us were always underdogs! Gotta be a bug if you want run with us! Cocooned is how like my Ponies! Gonna make Twilight cry for mommy. Speaking of mothers, ours is legend:

Fighting a war while she was pregnant! (Dang!)

Talk about a roll model. I was the kind of child you don’t coddle. Cuz a Changelings always at full throttle. The new resistance has already doubled!

If you don’t run with us bugs, you must be one of the Guards. If there’s no saving your soul, then I’ll just send you to sleep!

Could we possibly, live in a work of peace and harmony, like that’ll ever happen, honestly. But fighting Ponies is fun we both agree!

You’ve got the Heart of Cadence!

The Strength of Celestia!

Wits of Luna!

Yet you’re lighting a fire, but! These are the moments, that must go down for history! I once was a lone bug! But then you lied for me!

The two looked at each other while breathing heavily, with the Ponies looking at Thorax.

“What?!” Starlight asked, “he lied for you?!”

“Yeah,” Thorax looked at Blue Fang, then his eyes moved to Shining and Cadence, Blue Fang nodded. He took a breath, then turned around, “Shining, Princess Cadence, I’m the one who help Blue Fang escape.” The two looked real shocked.

“Why?!” Shining asked.

“Because we’re brothers!” Blue Fang snapped, “I wouldn’t leave him, he wouldn’t leave me!”

“Calm down Blue,” Thorax said, he turned back to face the Ponies, “if it’s anyone who should be in trouble, it should be me.”

“No Thorax, you didn’t rob that bank or train, I did.” Two Guards came to walk Blue Fang to his cell. He turned to his brother. He nodded at Thorax, who returned the gesture. He walked to his cell while Thorax talked with the others. Whatever they wanted, they weren’t going to get, not if Blue Fang had anything to say about it.