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Blue Fang - MlpHero

A blue fanged changeling wants to learn about his purpose in life.

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Chapter 16: The Gala 🎵

Blue Fang studied the tickets he got from the train. He wondered what the Grand Galloping Gala was. All he knew was that it was tonight. He went to the center of camp where everyone was celebrating their first successful robbery. “Hey Blue!” Dagger said, “come on, sit down, I saved you a seat next to your girl.”

“Dagger, it ain’t like that,” Blue Fang said taking his seat. He looked at the tickets.

“Come on, kick back a little,” Dagger said, “sing a song or something.”

“Yeah Blue, why don’t you and Ky sing a little song?” Brokenwing said.

The two looked at each other. “sigh Fine.”

(Blue= Blue Fangs lyrics
Purple= Kydras lyrics
Red= Brokenwings speech)


Well, after all we done. Might’ve found that gold. Sound like a fair bounty? It never was about the money.

Let me ask one question, where the Bits at? I’m rolling with the bad cats in the black hats. I’m basically a beast of burden, baggin’ fat stacks. Empty out ya bank account and then we’ll wrap fast.

I Never had any problem resolved with words rather whip out my magic first. Tell every mare to drop her purse. You’re not gonna need it for knockin’ spurs. Gosh for what it’s worth, I never gone to school. I never got to learn right or wrong, I’m a lot a work For the RG’s, why would I run and hide? I’m the best lookin’ bug on any Wanted sign. Not gonna haul us off, and lock us up alive cause we, roll deep and we’re ride or die


Ride or die, you can ride on by, or the railroads where your gonna lie hogtied, and I got the quickest horn to keep you all in line. No rush for gold cause I got my pockets alined.

Never settling down cause I’m a traveling bug, that’s why I know these roads like the back of my hoof. We keep chuggin’ gotta stay on track. We’ve hoarded enough scores, we could break our backs.

Better tell the Undertaker to get the shop open, I run into town with my wings and horn smokin’. My horn is so hot that the sand would feel colder, I got cobwebs on my wings silk holster!

If they try to stop ya, rise up and fight. When you’re cuffed and locked up, it’s time to ignite. Got you going off like, dynamite. Just like Broken taught us, Ride or Die.

We don’t it for the ladies.

You’re my ride or die.

Nah, it ain’t about the money.

Be my ride or die.

Guess we’re all a little crazy.

We’re ride or die.

We only do it cuz we love it.

Step into the Equestrian Frontier, where the tracks have been laid with plenty of sweat, blood, tears.

Anyone looking for bugs who behave, ain’t gonna get none here. Take a ticket to the pain train, cuz I’m the engineer. Gonna go off the rails so then I can just steer.

Forget redemption, I think revenge is our next career. Nobody better betray the gang, you’ll get hung, clear? Why am I making cocoons? you’ll take the next one dear.

Put you to sleep six feet deep under me, then any memory left of you will become tumbleweeds.

Call my gang, kick it off, ready up, got no time for horn-to-horn. Take ya hoofs, stick’em up, then your Bits, give it up.

I’m a bug, who’s just as hung as a Stallion. Make the Mares swoon as soon as I’m through the saloon door.

Chest like a washboard, who wants a few chores?


Leave your wife home, unless you want me to do yours?

I left behind a quiet life. Why? My wild side doesn’t like to hide.

Ky tried to find a goldmine, woulda been dynamite, but when she couldn’t, she held a ransom at the highest price.

We said buck nine-to-fives, we’re the kinda bugs for heist. With a wine drinking problem, we don’t mind advice.

Check the sky, when it’s high noon, time to strike. We’re both Changelings, get out of our line of sight.

We all know that the law has bounds, that they’ve drawn around, that won’t stop us now.

Your emotions what draws us out. Now your once calm town, has a Changeling count.
(End of Bridge)

We’re all Outlaws, aren’t you proud ma?

Wanna go hoof-to-hoof in duel? Now draw! You can bet when my ES soon sounds off, even Luna’s Personal Guard would up and bounce y’all.

Covered in magic burns, is how you’ll be found. The heat of the burns is startin’ fires all around.

You’ll become another chump, in one of the stories that I can tell, by the fireside at night, Changelings please gather around.

I’m the legend they’ll soon call Blue Fang. Sparkle’s taking notes I came long before her. I’m a rolling stone, a long rangin’ rockstar. But I’m not on my own, otherwise I wouldn’t have got far. Doesn’t mean I don’t keep my cards close to my own chest, trust is tough to be earned while you’re on the run.

Whoever’s by your side whether you’re in fight or flight, in the end you’re only friend is to ride or die

If they try to stop ya, rise up and fight. When you’re cuffed and locked up, it’s time to ignite. Got you going off like, dynamite. Just like Broken taught us, Ride or Die.

We don’t it for the ladies.

You’re my ride or die.

Nah, it ain’t about the money.

Be my ride or die.

Guess we’re all a little crazy.

We’re ride or die.

We only do it cuz we love it.

The two stared at each other. They’d never sing together, and it was kinda fun. Meanwhile, the gang was cheering like they were watching a buckball game and they’re team won 10-0. The cheering was put on pause when a nearby twig snapped.

“What was that?” Dagger asked looking in the direction of the sound. A Changeling hoof stepped out of the shrubbery. Then, the rest figure emerged from the bushes. It was Pharynx.

“Pharynx?” Stinger asked, “where’ve you been?”

“Trying to convince my brother that we need to revert to our old ways,” he replied.

“How’d you know we were here?” Mitchell asked.

“When a couple of rich Ponies, a wagon, a bank, and a train get robbed by a group of Changelings, it’s pretty obvious where they’d be; in the middle of the woods,” he replied pulling out a piece of paper, which read:

Brokenwing: 50 Bits
Hivehunter: 100 Bits
Mitchell: 50 Bits
Kydra: 50 Bits
Dagger: 100 Bits
Stinger: 50 Bits
Zenex: 25 Bits
Blue Fang: 150 Bits

Everyone just stared at the wanted poster. They weren’t bothered with how high “THEIR” bounties were, but that they put a bounty on Zenex. How could the Ponies be so evil? Pharynx slipped the posted away, then he saw the tickets that Blue Fang held in his hoof. “Where’d you get those?”

“I got them from the train.”

Pharynx took the tickets and studied them. “Can’t be.” He said, “these are the tickets to that party.”

“Party?” Stinger asked.

“Yeah.” Pharynx replied, “each year, they have some party that all the rich Ponies go to. Plus, they have a gem room on display this year, and the Princesses will be there.”

“Sounds like an opportunity to me,” Brokenwing said.

“Oh it is,” Pharynx replied.

“I think I have a plan,” Brokenwing announced. He took the tickets, “Me, Blue, Ky, Dagger, Hive, and Pharynx. If you’re up for it.”

“Oh please,” Pharynx replied, “of course I’m in.”

The gang used fancy dress attire that Kydra “borrowed” from the rich Ponies she robbed. They waited until night and headed to the Gala.

Mantis drove the wagon. The gang sat in the wagon, making jokes and having fun. “We’re here,” Stinger said, “have fun.”

“Oh we will,” Dagger replied, “oh we will.” The gang walked to the gate, where the Guards were asking for the tickets.

“Halt, let me see your tickets.”

Blue Fang gave the tickets to the Guard. He studied them, then let them in. They walked to the main room, where the real party was taking place. The gang admired the decor, from the decorative lights, to the fancy ribbon and streamers that had been hung. “Alright,” Brokenwing said, “me and Copper Coin will head to the gem room,” he said referring to him and Hivehunter. The gang nodded and left.

Dagger and Blue Fang went to the bar. “Excuse me,” Dagger said, “can you pass me and my friend a drink?”

The bartender gave Blue Fang and Dagger some water. Dagger looked around the party. “Hey Arrow,” He started, “maybe you should find someone to duel.”

Blue Fang looked at Dagger. “Are you crazy? I can’t duel here, not in the middle of this party.”

A Stallion looked at the two. He walked over to them. Blue Fang already knew this was bad. “Excuse me,” the Stallion said, “did you say you want to duel?”

Blue Fang looked at Dagger then back at the Pony. “No, sorry my friend here wasn’t really thinking.”

“Oh come on, don’t chicken out.” Blue Fang was taken back by the insult.

“Look, I don’t want to duel.”

“Come on Arrow, you’ve won lots of duels back home,” Dagger said and he wasn’t lying. Back at the hive, when Brokenwing was still training him in the academy, he taught him how to duel. The rules were very simple, two Unicorns would stand back-to-back, then they would walk five steps away from each other, then someone would count down, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” then they would yell, “draw!” After they did that, the two opponents would turn around as fast as they could and blast each other with a strong beam of magic, the one who is still standing wins. He remembered the first duel he won.

Blue Fang stood in front of his opponent. The two stared each other down like a foal staring at its reflection in the mirror. The two got into their duel positions. They walked the five paces. Brokenwing counted down. Blue Fang breathed heavily as Broken went from 3 to 2.


Blue Fang, without hesitation turned around as fast as he could, the adrenaline rushing through his body like a waterfall running down a mountain. He aimed at his opponent and shot, knocking his opponent out with a swift shot to the head. Brokenwing nodded in approval. Blue Fang looked at his opponent, then back at Broken, before nodding and sitting back down. He watch as the other trainees took their shots. Today would be the first of many duels Blue Fang would win.

Blue Fang smiled at his memories, before the Stallion started talking again. “So, are we doing this?” By this point, Twilight and Starlight had noticed the two and came over.

“What’s the problem?” Twilight asked.

“You tell me,” Blue Fang replied, “my friend here mentioned magic dueling and this Stallion comes over asking if I want to duel.”

“Come on Arrow, do it, show this Stallion what you can do!” Dagger said.

“Alright,” Blue Fang said, “where are we doing this?”

“Right here, right now.”

Blue Fang was obviously shocked. Why would he duel in the middle of this party? He looked around, scanning his surroundings, and from all the civilians around, he was more scared of one them getting hurt then blowing his cover. “Look sir, there are just too many Ponies, we can’t duel here.”

“You already agreed, so we’re doing it here.”

“Alright,” Blue Fang said, “but if any of these Ponies get hurt, it’s on you.” The two stood back to back, the other Ponies stood back. It had become such a deal that even the Princesses looked at the two. “You know you can back down right now.” The Stallion refused. They walked the five paces, and got ready. Dagger counted down. Blue Fang could feel the Stallions determination. Then Dagger yelled “Draw!” and they both turned around to shoot each other.

Zap! Zap! Zap!

Blue Fang looked at the Stallion, whose eyes were as wide as the sun. He blew the smoke away from his horn as the Stallion collapsed onto his side. A Mare came running towards the Stallion. She picked him up and walked away. Blue Fang turned away and walked back to the bar table. He picked up his water just as Dagger came and sat down.

“See, I told you.”

Blue Fang just looked down. He turned back to Dagger. “Look...”

“Iron Sword.”

“Look Iron Sword, you keep pressuring me with this kinda stuff.”

Kydra and Pharynx came walking over. “Hey Blue, we just saw your duel.” Kydra said.

“Yeah, thank Dag for that.” Dagger let out a chuckle. They stood for awhile, then two Guards walked out with Brokenwing and HiveHunter out of disguise.

“That can’t be good,” Pharynx said.

“Captain!” One of the Guards said, “look who we found walking around.”

Shining, who the gang didn’t even realize was there, stepped out from beside Cadence. The situation was looking bad. Brokenwing came on they’re channels. Kydra, Dagger, I need you to take Blue Fang and Pharynx hostage. That should be enough to persuade them

Yes sir Dagger said.


Kydra and Dagger jumped up and grabbed Pharynx and Blue Fang. They changed out of their disguise. The shocked crowd backed back realizing that four of the most wanted Changelings were here.

“Where’s my sister?!” Blue Fang said in his best I’m-in-trouble voice.

“Back home sleep,” Kydra said, “her and that little Colt don’t even know you’re out tonight.”

Dagger looked up at the Guards, “gives us our brothers, and we’ll let the Ponies go!”

The Guards looked at Shining. “Captain?”

“Let them go.”

The two Guards hesitated, but eventually let the Changelings go. As part of the deal, Dagger and Kydra let Blue Fang and Pharynx go. Brokenwing came onto the channel.

You two gonna be alright?

Yeah, we’ll find our way out Blue Fang replied, Kydra, head back to the hotel with Zenex, chances are the new isn’t there yet.


The Changelings jumped out of a nearby window and left. The Guards came running towards Blue Fang and Pharynx.

“You two alright?”

“Yeah, we’re good.”

Twilight came down, “you should go check on your family, Arrowshot.”

“Okay, come on Crossbolt,” he said. The two brothers left for Ponyville. The two ran to the train. They didn’t plan on paying, so they waited for the train to start moving, then they jumped on. The ride was boring, but at least it worked. Kydra and Zenex stood outside. They talked for awhile before Twilight and her friends came over.

“Are you gonna be alright?” Starlight asked.

“Yeah we will,” Blue Fang said looking into the sunset, “yes we will.”