• Published 25th Jul 2019
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Blue Fang - MlpHero

A blue fanged changeling wants to learn about his purpose in life.

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Chapter 21: Training

Author's Note:

This is the filler content I said I was doing. Warning, this chapter gets a bit violent. There’s a bit of gore, killing, and well, what’s the PG way to say this? Mane Six um... (can’t say abuse that’s too dark) anti-fandom?) can’t really explain it. You need to read it to understand.

Blue Fang stared at the arena. It had been about two weeks since the incident. He wanted to know how to control his rage. Brokenwing and the Ponies watched him from the sideline. All the other Changelings were still asleep. He stood in the middle of the arena with ten Guards standing in a circle, surrounding him. Shining whistled and the Guards charged him. Cadence and Fluttershy looked worried about both the Guards and Blue Fangs well-being. Rainbow and Applejack didn’t feel the same way towards Blue Fang.

As the RG’s charged him, he got real psyched up. It had been a long time since he felt his adrenaline rush like this. He chuckled as he randomly thought of what the others would think of this. One of the Guards swung his hoof at him. He jumped back and focused on his assailant. The he felt that rush of energy. He didn’t feel rage, he felt power. He knew his eyes were glowing he looked up to his audience, who all looked at him. Then it really kicked in. Time seemed to slow down, or did it?

His hoof moved in regular time while his assailants moved a bit slower. He then charged them. He grabbed one RG and swung him around with the help of magic. He threw his opponent into another Guard. He back-kicked another one.

Three down. Two Unicorns, one Pegasi

“Buck this!” one of the Unicorn said. He started firing magic beams at Blue Fang. Blue Fang got everyone confused as he seemed to just blindly charge in a firestorm of magic beams. But to him, the beams seemed slower than usual. As he dodged beam after beam, the now very terrified Guard started backing up as he kept shooting beams. He readied another shot, but then his horn was grabbed.

Blue Fang brought the Unicorns head down to his knee. He landed back on down on his fore hooves.

Four down. Two Unicorns two Pegasi, man standing on your back hooves is hard.

He felt somepony grab of his back hoof. Another one grabbed his left fore hoof. He bit down one the second Guards hoof. Which venom? Paralysis, Knock Out? Poison?! He finally decided on Paralysis. It basically sent an electric sensation down the targets body and would make numb every bone in their body for about five or so minutes. Depending on how much venom was injected. He let RG fall back. He then jumped in a spiral and kicked the Guard holding his back hoof with his free hoof. The paralyzed Guard would be there about four or five minutes. He let the Guard go.

Five down Two Unicorns, three Pegasi not counting the other paralyzed Pegasus. Man, I bet Pharynx would be jealous if he was here right now.

Two Unicorns and three Pegasi remained. Blue Fang watched the two remaining Unicorns charge him. He jumped over one and grabbed his helmet right off his head. He swung the helmet at the second Guard them brought brought it to the face of the other Guard.

Seven down. Five Unicorns, two Pegasi. Last three.

He looked at the other RG’s. The two non-paralyzed Guards took to the sky. So did Blue Fang. He looked at the first Pegasus. He charged him at full speed. What am I doing? I’m not a Raging Hornet. He shook the thought and continued flying. He didn’t want to use magic as he wanted them to at least have a chance. He closed in on the RG, then air tackled him. He brought close to the wall and then kicked the RG into the wall. The other Guard looked at him.

“Come on RG!” he yelled.

The Pegasus probably got cocky and just charged. Great. He waited until his foe got closer. The Pegasus threw a hoof and Blue Fang grabbed it. He twirled the Guard around and flew towards the ground, then he slammed him into the sandy arena ground. Brokenwing jumped up, “score one for the home team!”

Blue Fang bowed as his brother cheered. He looked over now, non-paralyzed Guard, who was still on the ground. He went to talk with his opponent. “You alright?”

The Guard looked at him, “yeah, I guess.”

“Do you yield?” he asked. Before the RG could answer, Blue Fang said, “think wisely about your decision.”

The Guard raised his hoof up, “I yield.”

Blue Fang helped his opponent up. The Pegasus walked away from the arena, then a few medics moved in to retrieve the other Guards. Blue Fang took a few breaths. Luna looked at the exhausted Changeling. He looked back at her. “Give me a challenge,” he said.

She cocked her head in confusion. “Are you sure?”


She sighed and lit up her horn. He looked around as the shattered around. “Bucking Pony,” he said as his closed.

The Ponies watched as Blue Fang collapsed. Brokenwing sprung up fast, “what did you do to my brother?!”

“Do not fret, for as he is merely sleeping.”

Brokenwing seemed to calm down. Then a magic screen appeared in front of them. Oh brother. What have you gotten into?

Blue Fang woke up in a small field. He rubbed his eyes. Then…

Zap! Zap! Zap!

Blue Fang was at full attention. He looked around. A Changeling ran towards him. He grabbed him, “we’re surrounded!” A Changeling Tank moved past them. “Come on, we need to break through!”

Blue Fang followed the Changeling. The two Changelings jumped into a trench. “Bucking hay!” Blue Fang yelled. He looked over the trench. A LOT of RG’s charged them. He crouched down. “That’s a lot of RG’s!”

“You’re telling me!”

Blue Fang looked at a couple of other Changelings. “You need to use RFM!”

“Yes sir!” They all lined up and fired their RFM. They cut down a good majority of the Guards.


Blue Fang looked up. A hay wagon load of ES raining down. He quickly ran through the trenches. Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! BUCK! He dived out of the way of another ES. He got up and continued running. An ES landed next to him and sent into the wall of the trench. He looked up and saw Guards jumping into the trenches. One charged him. Blue Fang grabbed him and threw him into the wall. Then he kicked him in the head. Blue Fang used RFM to mow down more RG’s. He continued running down the trench. His adrenaline was rushing through his body like a river. He jumped over a couple of sandbags. He looked up at another RG. He tackled his opponent and shot him with his magic. He looked for anything that he could use as a weapon. He found a small club. Well buck it to Tartarus. He picked the club up. He moved through the trenches. He swung the club at one Guard, knocking him out cold. Another Guard grabbed him from the back.

“I got him!” Another Guard threw a punch. Blue Fang jumped up and the Guards punch flew into his friend. The other Guard released his grip on Blue Fang. Blue Fang swung the club around and hit the first Guard. Then swung it around to hit the other Guard.

Brokenwing watched as his brother made his way through the trench. Then the other Changelings walked in. “What’s going on?” Dagger asked rubbing his eyes.

“This,” Brokenwing said pointing at the screen. The Changelings watched Blue Fang take down two RG’s with a club.

“Dang,” Stinger said.

“I know, right?” Kydra commented.

A few more seconds went by, then Shining whispered something to Luna and she whispered something back. Brokenwing watched the interaction between the two. Oh boy.

Blue Fang continued to fire at his opponents. He felt so much adrenaline rushing through his body. He hadn’t felt this way since Ice Cold. He let the club drop. Then he heard a boom in the sky. He looked up to see six silhouettes floating towards the ground. “Sigh, Bucking Luna.” The Mane Six didn’t waste anytime. They used, what Blue Fang called it, the “The Always Win Spell.” He quickly dived out of the way, but another Changeling was hit.

“Help me! Please!”

Blue Fang came running to his comrades aid. He grabbed the Changelings hoof, “I’ll get you outta here!”

“Thank you!—” Blue Fang looked down to see the Changeling got hit again.

“Buck! No!” He looked at the Mane Six. His rage was burning in him again. It was almost the same rage he felt yesterday. This time however, this time, it went beyond his limits. This time, there was no remorse.

The crowd watch as Luna sent a clone of the Mane Six into the dreamscape. Real Twilight seemed confident in the clones. Her mind soon turned to the Changelings. Then back to the screen. A Changeling, although not Blue Fang, was hit by a spell. Blue Fang ran over to the injured Changeling. Then he started to drag the Changeling to safety. Then another spell hit the injured Changeling. Blue Fang yelled something, then looked at the Dream Mane Six. His eyes made their noble calling. Except, something seemed off, like Blue Fangs rage just seemed different, and more…


Then their suspicions were confirmed when he ripped a wood shiv from the trench wall. He looked at the Dream Mane Six. He then charged them with the shiv poised for a kill. They didn’t expect what was to happen next.

Blue Fang stared at the Mane Six. He then looked at the trench wall. A piece of sharp and lethal looking wood stuck out. He grabbed the wood ripped it from the trench wall. He then looked at the Ponies and bull rushed them. He dodged the attacks and set his sight on Twilight first. With one jump and one tackle, the spell wore off and the Mane Six fell down.

“What happened, Twilight?” Rarity asked. No response. “Twilight?”

They all turned to see Blue Fang raising a bloodied shiv from a purple Alicorns body. They all screamed in horror as Blue Fang turned to them, still holding the shiv. Then they all charged him, with the exception of Fluttershy. Blue Fang already anticipated this. He raised the shiv, ready to kill.

The crowd as Blue Fang leapt and tackled Dream Twilight. They kind of expected that to happen. What they didn’t expect was for Blue Fang to raise a bloodied shiv from the now dead Dream Twilights body. Everyone, except the Changelings, was horrified at the sight of Blue Fang killing Twilight. The Dream Ponies then charged Blue Fang.

The Ponies charged at Blue Fang, who held a strong guard. Rarity attacked first. She swung her hoof at him. Blue Fang grabbed, then with no problem, snapped it like a twig. He brought her around and stabbed her in the side. She wasn’t walking away from that. Then Pinkie came around. He made even quicker work of her by snapping her neck. Then Rainbow tackles him. He grabbed the stick and rammed it into her side, then he stabbed through the bottom of her head. Then he tackled Applejack. He tried driving the shiv into her chest but she caught it. She held the shiv back and looked at Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy! Help!”

Fluttershy looked at her with uncertainty, “what do you want me to do?!”

“Hit’im with that club!” Fluttershy looked at the blunt weapon, not sure what she should do. “Fluttershy, please!” She still didn’t move. Applejack looked back at Blue Fang. “You wouldn’t do it, would you?!”

“Try me.” And with that Blue Fang slowly stabbed her.

“No no! Sto— plea—!” Blue Fang continued slipping the shiv into her chest. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” After a long struggle, Applejack just gave up and let her hooves fall to her side. Blue Fang finished her.

His attention turned to Fluttershy. She wasn’t and didn’t try attacking him. Was he to kill her or let her go. He walked over to the now crying Pegasus. He looked at her. “I would kill you, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with the haunting fact that you just watched your friends die.” He tossed the shiv to her. He gave her a disappointed look, then walked off.

The crowd watched as Blue Fang tore through the Dream Mane Six like paper. Brokenwing looked at his brother with a look of both respect and disgust. He didn’t know his brother was capable of this much damage. Then Blue Fang had Applejack pinned. Real Applejack looked at the Changelings with a smirk, as if her dream self was gonna get out it. But that smirk was wiped off her face when Blue Fang killed her dream self. Then they watched as Blue Fang advanced to Fluttershy. He said a few words to her then walked off.

Luna stared at Blue Fang. She lit her horn up.

Blue Fang walked for a while. He wasn’t phased by what he’d done. The Ponies would feel way different. Then he heard a crack. He knew what was going on. It would be impossible to not see the world collapsing around him.

The Changelings and Ponies watched as the world collapsed around Blue Fang. He continued to run away from the ever growing death around him. It’s only what Blue Fang did next that surprised them.

Blue Fang kept running away from the circle of death that surrounded him. Blue Fang noticed that the ground was only thing breaking. He took to the sky. It was the only logical thing to do. But it seemed Luna had a backup plan. As he was flying, the sky started cracking. “Buck!” He quickly flew down to the ground. The entire death circle surrounded him. He looked around only to see death surrounding him. But he wasn’t going down without a fight. He stopped running and spun in a circle. “Alright Death, come at me! I ain’t scared of you!” ‘Death’ started closing in. In one final ditch attempt, Blue Fang punched the black void. His hoof dissolved the further it went. Then his upper body. And finally his lower hooves.

Blue Fang woke up in the dusty sand of the arena. He rubbed his eyes and looked up to his audience. The Changelings were there, waving. He waved back. The Ponies on the other hand, were less inclined. Blue Fang gave a smirk and a bow and walked away to his cell.

Blue Fang laid in his bed. Then Brokenwing walked in. “Hey Blue.”

“Hey Broken.”

Brokenwing walked over to his brother. Then he said, “hey Blue, would you, you know?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why were you so remorseless?”

“Even if I had more rage than Cerberus, I still wouldn’t kill them unless it was a last resort. I just wanted to put on a show.”

Brokenwing smiled, “course you were.”

Blue Fang looked at him. “What’s next?”

Brokenwing gave a smirk “Next? Next, we break outta here.”