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Is not birthday anymore


Aaaaand, she’s up! · 4:06pm September 11th

I would like to welcome to the official unofficial Hero library, Terra Harmonia! I hope you guys enjoy what I have planned for it!

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Another Update · 3:22am September 9th

So I know what I said, but I swear, I got stuff ready to release, I am just trying to figure out and finish cover art.

And with school starting up again, I’m kinda tight on work time, especially now that I’m a Junior in Highschool and I’ve been bouncing both between working on my hobbies and discovering myself.

But I do have stuff ready to release, I’m just trying to figure out cover art, which I’m making. So hopefully, my FimFic won’t look like a Great Plains drought.

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So uh… I’m not dead (yet) lol. Some news for the future · 4:56am June 3rd

So uh, I’ve been busy planning out and working on several projects. Just for clarity for the future:

The Fang Gang Series (Blue Fang, Spec. Ops, and any sequels) are either being rewritten and or replanned from the ground up. The original BF and Spec. Ops will be up for reading.

Changeling Pony War is also going under rewrite. The current version will be cancelled, in favor for the new version. I hope to keep the original up as well.

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The Eyes of Darkness🎵 · 1:22am March 25th

Original Song: The Edge of Darkness - Iron Maiden


I’ve peered into the eyes of darkness…
Where the steel and flesh collide…
When you wear the eyes of darkness…
Prepare to go on a hellish ride…

For some weeks, I had been training…
A thirteen year old sent to war…
I thought it would be entertaining…
Now I don’t want it anymore…

Every day, I felt excitement!
Whilst my comrades all grew scared!
What I wished for was an assignment!

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Yooo, I got a reading · 7:25pm January 10th

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Glorysaber: Tales from The Changeling Hive (Album) · 1:21am January 10th

Foresight’s Darkened Prophecy


My vision is clear… A great kingdom will fall!

*Dramatic instrumental*


The Dragon Invasion of The Hive

The dragon invasion of the hive!


They came at the first light of dawn
Left us with no time to flee
Led by the evil Queen Chrysalis
Aiming a blade at the King!
She leads of army of once friendly beasts
Corrupted by evil horn

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Bug on the Edge🎵 · 11:55pm Dec 9th, 2022

Original Song: Man on the Edge by Iron Maiden


The café is empty, the party is quiet
His siblings are busy, and nephew is out
Nothing is ever the way it should be
What he deserves, he never gets to see

A birthday, a gift, and a bug on the edge!
Threads getting looser, they’re starting to snap!
Is Chrysalis watching, has she cursed his path?
Life isn’t fair, just you and your wrath!

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Choosing Iron Maiden songs that fit my friends · 11:45pm Dec 1st, 2022

I’m bored.

So, I’m gonna start with Bezier. Honestly, this is kinda hard, but I went with The Educated Fool

This song is about having the skills to do something and the want to do something, yet not exactly knowing what to do or how to use said skills.

Next, Griff. Now, there are two possible songs. I’ll share the main one first, and the other later. For the main one, I chose Man on the Edge

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Daybreak🎵 · 3:39am Nov 23rd, 2022

Original Song: Blitzkrieg by Metallica


Let us find peace, let us find life!
Let us escape the burning light!
Let the sun die, and let the moon rise!
Let us be safe from flaming blight!

Day has broken!
Our extinction’s near!
Hell fire’s rising!

Can we survive the daybreak?!
The daybreak!
The daybreak!


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My Kythaneium is just like DCs Red Kryptonite · 11:19pm Oct 17th, 2022

It does whatever the plot needs.

In Prim, it’s a metal that can be forged into non-lethal bullets that cause burning and knock out the target

In the canon universe, it’s a crystal that essentially acts like a magic battery, and it’s what they use to power magic generators, and there are a few other uses for it depending on how it’s made and what magic is used.

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