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Is not birthday anymore


Ocellus has a new school assignment: teach someone a new skill or how to approve something they’re struggling in. She chooses her friend, Hero, to some very sad results.

Back from a sorta hiatus. Hi everyone. Have a new oneshot while I work on actual stories. I’ll be back soon!

Featured on Dec. 20, 2022 for a bit lol

Yo there’s a reading by these lovely people

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Chrysalis, after getting covered in milk and cereal, and being forced to take a bath, discovers a new interest. Ducks.

Much to her partner, Tempest’s, dismay, she becomes slightly obsessed with ducks. How will this pan out? I dunno. Well, I do, but uh, I’m not telling you.


Alright, so, this is an entry into the 2022 Crackship Contest. Also, today’s my birthday! Hooray!

So, you may be wondering, “Hero, why is the story so short?”

Well uh, to be completely honest, I kinda wanted to post this on my birthday (today) and I yesterday, and I also had a horrid case of writer’s block. So, I can up with the most simple story I could make.

Ooh, also, um.. if this does really well, I might do a Crackship series of my own. Or I might just continue with Tempest and Chrysalis being lesbians. Or maybe I’ll just continue this. Iunno.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say, enjoy.

Featured 03/03/2022, wow

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It has been two years since Pony-Griffon Pony War has begun. Thousands are dead, and many more are to follow. Amidst all the hardships of the war, many ponies are still enlisting, to do right by their country. Amongst the thousands of ponies who’ve enlisted, this is the story of Spearhead. Follow him, and see how the war shapes the young and perky pegasus into an older, more experienced pony.

Here it is, the Frontlines rewrite/remaster. This is sort of a “what if Season 8” didn’t happen. Enjoy.

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A thousand years the Mane Six era, the fight for Gay rights was just as important as the Mares’ Rights movements years before. With the vote not in the LGB communities favor, they decide to make it legal themselves. They call for revolution.

A few things about this fic. One, yes it’s for Pride and Positivity, but I’d do it regardless. Two, if the cover art looks familiar, the original version had the flag on fire. But uh, since people don’t read, I decided to use the censored version. That’s all, enjoy.

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Flurry Heart may seem cute, but she secretly has a super secret agenda. That mostly involves throwing ponies out a window. Yep, that’s how she overthrows her mother. Throwing her out a window. Why don’t more people do this?

Written for the Cadance Is A Terrible Mom 2021 Competition

Cover art by Melody Song

Also, fair warning. The story does jump from third to first person. Just so you’re less confused.

(Featured April 20th, 2021)

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Equestria. A large, prosperous country, filled with happy ponies, two loving leaders, and enough resources to last then for centuries.

The changeling Hive. A small, depressing country with too many mouths for the Queen to feed. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fight a war.

With two bombings on Equestrian bases, Chrysalis has sparked a four year long conflict that will claim millions of lives.

New Cover art by CitreneSkys. Thanks buddy!

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Hero gets a new knife for his birthday. Although, while playing with his new toy, he accidentally forgets to feed his wolf. The poor wolf, feeling neglected and hungry, he runs away from the hive.

Hero, feeling sad, has to bring his buddy home.

This is a birthday fic. I’m turning 14. Yay.

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With a new app on the rise in Equestria, a pony and a changeling decide to take it down. By any means necessary.

(Romance isn’t tagged, but there are elements of it here)

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One Hearth’s Warming, a pegasus, Melody Song, is able to stop her friend, a changeling named Hero, from freezing himself so he could he play outside with his friends (it’s a long story). While Melody tries to warm the changeling up, the two admit something to each other. Something they very much agree with.

This was our Hearth’s Warming story, co-written by my girlfriend Melody Song. Go check her stories out. They’re frickin’ awesome.

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The War has begun. The small Faction of Warsaw has been attacked by the Wolfpack and has fallen. However, what the Wolfpack doesn’t know is that two Warsaw civilians have escaped from the war torn town and are searching for help. The two, a changeling nymph, Hero, and a young colt, Sandbar, leave their town and find a way to liberate their home. But along the way, they learn that there’s more to War than meets the eye.

This was originally a Pokémon comic I was doing, but I cancelled it. Thought I’d revive it. Sorry if the first story (this one) seems a bit rushed, I was like ten or eleven, when I started the comic.

This somehow got on the popular list today (12/20/20)

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