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Changelings are inevitably linked to social insects. Their hierarchy, mannerisms, and single-minded natures all clearly link them to it. But the issue with social insects is that family and individuality generally don't mean anything to them. Yet for Pharynx and Thorax it does. They've always been different than other changelings, and now with Chrysalis ousted those differences are all the more distinct.

In looking for answers though, the two may stumble across answers they would rather have left hidden.

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I was kind of hoping for something a little more Star Wars with the reveal, but that's just my inner nerd and flair for the dramatic. Absolutely love the idea and have had this headcanon for quite a while.

I really feel Star Wars set the bar for familial revelations a bit too high. :heart:

There's a reason I'm staying away from shipping anyone in the new movies. Seriously though, can you imagine the Luke/Leia shippers' reaction back in 1983?

Yeah... Uh... Interesting story about that. They weren't originally going to be related. That was added in the second script well after the first one was finished and in theaters.

It both explains everything and also makes it worse.

Could be worse, this could have been a ship fic. :P

HA! I knew Thorax’s rebellion will have consequences!

Well I mean, even if it's never discussed in the show, there are plenty of... uncomfortable implications.

They have to happen and all that good magic everywhere might create corruption to lives and create evil out of harmony which is highly possible.

Aren't all the changelings Chrysalis' children? I'm not getting why they suddenly want her back.

The show never specifies exactly how changeling births work, but the implication by Pharynx and Thorax being brothers is that there are definitely "family" distinctions.

With Pharynx and Thorax being so different from other changelings even before the full race reformation, it's likely they're royal changelings, meaning even in the case of mass birthing, they'd be the "true" children of Chrysalis. Also the reason Thorax wants her back is fairly simple. He'd be a hypocrite to not try and bring her back after everything he did for Pharynx.

I can't really go into more detail than that without spoiling where I'm going with this story.

Comment posted by Snorlaxkid deleted Dec 18th, 2017

Found a little syntax error in "Scry A Way Home". The creature the changelings fought in the series is called a maulwurf (german for "mole") and not maelwurf.
Still reading the rest. ;)

Ah, thank you, I'll fix that.

Oh, hey, a story about the ochdnst-lings. *prepares a can of bug spray *

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

We need our bugmom!

Milk toast bug got promoted to slightly less milk toast bug!

Yeah, I'd disown them too once they turned into those abominations.

"But he needs me! D:"

"I'm not obsessed with that putrid purple pony!"

Poor Chryssie. :<

Well, this is going to be a flustercuck.

Well, that could've gone better... At least she might be finally starting to recover at the end there.

I liked it. And that's something, since I usually hate the newlings with a passion.

Thank you for the favorite and all the comments. It means a lot to me.

Luna and Celestia's relationship is oddly similar to Pharynx and Thorax's, if you think about it.

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