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This story is a sequel to This Is What It’s Like

Pharynx was considered a nuisance to the Hive for quite some time. He was destructive, he wasn’t nice enough, and so he was resented.

Eventually, he reformed, and everyone couldn’t be happier for it.

Excluding Pharynx.

Maybe Changelings just aren’t meant to change, after all.

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Cruel cackling emitted from all three, and Pharynx felt as though he had just undergone a sneezing fit: all breathless, stingy and watery.

He’s feeling.

You touch on an interesting thing here, the Changelings behaviour post reformation.

The hypocrisy highlighted here reminds me of post war Germany. A whole population earnestly telling everyone they were the good guys now when a large number had been involved in or added/abetted/apathetic to horrendous war crimes.* The hive is so focused on showing they're more like the Ponies that they'll gloss over their own actions.

*Obviously not EXACTLY the same, merely the idea

The poor baby’s going through a lot.

Thank you! And eesh, the Feelings Forum wasn’t even the primary focus, but gosh, I’m so glad someone pointed it out (it wasn’t even in the original idea). This fic was actually written to parallel the original (This Is What It’s Like—also in Pharynx’s “POV”), so make of that what you will.

No kidding. Him being the outcast his brother once was is only the beginning of his problems, apparently..

Not to mention his abandonment issues that can be inferred in his voice change

Love torturing Pharynx- I mean, whaaat? Nooo

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

But it also makes you emotionally broken

Yeah when I saw this in my list I read the original first so I could wrap my head around this a bit better.

And repressing

Phew, a lot to say about this. :pinkiehappy:

* Loved seeing Pharynx's initial reformation reaction, both from his perspective and a bit from others. It wasn't something I got to explore, since KoLB was already 40k words into the narrative when Pharynx was introduced in the show. I had to do a vague time skip to allow for the events of To Change a Changeling to transpire before I could continue with the narrative, and by that point, Phaynx was still 'new' as the co-leader but there was a cool-down of time.

* Chrysalis's approach to changelings who'd discovered love is similar to what I had in mind for Lingering Shadows. Thorax was not the first changeling to ever discover shared love magic. He was just the only one who got away. Considering how easy it was to simply be nice to each other, it's statistically unlikely no other changeling ever found out about shared love being a sustainable food source, especially if we're to assume Chrysalis has been alive and ruling the hive for any considerable stretch of time. Since our closest comparison is to Celestia, it's more likely long than short.

It would make sense that she was aware of shared love magic, and kept it from taking hold, lest she lose her power over the hive. A hungry hive was an obedient hive, one that would conquer nations for her in the name of finding food.

created a counterpoint with the full hooffalls in the Badlands’ valley on the route to the New Hive

* Also, curiously, did you happen upon 'Badlands' from other changeling fics you've read or from consulting the Equestrian map yourself and determining that must be where Chrysalis's hive was, given the desert environment? I've done the same thing, and so have other fic writers I've read, and I think it's cool a lot of us all came to the conclusion, whether autonomously or from inspiration from each other. :twilightsmile:


did you happen upon 'Badlands' from other changeling fics you've read or from consulting the Equestrian map yourself and determining that must be where Chrysalis's hive was, given the desert environment?

Other fics. I can’t really remember which one exactly, but yeah. I recall after searching up the Equestrian map I was like “oh, yeah, okay. Popular fandom headcanon I get it. I want to be included too” (bear in mind this was like over a year ago when I first discovered Fimfiction).

Bez and I also used it to our advantage in Be Prepared and renamed it the “Goodlands” for… obvious reasons. It’s ironic that if it was actually the Badlands (Goodlands in the mirror universe), like canonically, how Thorax never changed it. Plus, have you seen how close the Badlands are (is?) to Klugetown?

Definitely not going to use that to my advantage in A King’s Brood :trollestia:

It is "principle". I believe you mixed up principal and principle. An easy way to remember is "-pal" in principal refers to a person or a pal.

Despite a language error or two, I liked your exploration of Pharynx's adjustment to his new life. I feel that he is on a unique path to have an interesting and maybe even different personality if his story continues.

Nice story, Wordsmith!

Liked every bit of it. A neat look into changelings

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