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Granny Smith is making sure her grandfoals are okay through these troubled times. She’s keeping everything in apple-pie order for them.

She’s perfectly fine. She’s doing it for them.

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To lose members of your family... it's a hot knife to the guts and the pain never, ever goes away. It just becomes dull enough for you to function again. If you let it, at least...

RIP mom and dad... It's been six years...

It's never easy losing a parent at a young age. Once the innocence is gone, it can never be brought back. :ajsleepy:

This was a fantastic story. I love stories about the Apple Family, and this was no exception. As someone who is currently trying to navigate through grief and come out the other side as a whole, yet changed, person, I find Pound's name change to be beautifully symbolic. The emotions here are incredibly raw and real. I hope you're not writing from the same wellspring of pain, but it wouldn't be a surprise if you were. Excellent work either way. :heart:

Yeah, I suspect a lot of us know the feeling. Of being all too happy to trade places with someone, if only it were an option.

Awww omg! This was so sad and just…Gah! It’s a really good read. The writing is beautiful and though the situation is so heartbreaking it has this air of bittersweet. I felt a whole array of emotions while reading this, but the ending scene put a smile on my face.

I’m really happy I got a chance to experience this. :ajsleepy:

my folks are still around, but I reckon they don't have more than a decade or two left on account of health problems. That being said, knowing and being are veritable night and day in this issue. I can only pray that I'll have the strength and courage to weather the storm when it breaks.

This story's back and forth only made the suddenness all that more poignant. excellent work:fluttercry:

This hits so hard, my parents ain't dead, but I'm growing up, I know that that one day will come, that one day I can't call myself a teenager anymore, that one day i'll have to do it all myself, we all know that day is coming,

but that doesn't mean it'll hurt any less.

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