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Starlight Glimmer finds a spell that can bring ponies back from the dead for one day, from sunrise to sunset on the next day. As a surprise for the Apples, she decides to bring back Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Macintosh’s parents for a day.

This is the first installment in the Perfect Pear Chronicles.

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My one true ‘complaint’ if you’d like to call it that, is that Zecora’s dialogue seemed a bit off. That might be just me, though.

I almost sobbed reading this, so you know when it’s that emotional for someone, you did good. I also really love your writing style, because it’s very easy to follow along. :heart:

Very, very well written!

I absolutely loved this! It was so heartwarming and I loved it!

My only complaint is that the pacing in the beginning seemed really fast.

Other than that, really heartwarming!

the ponies are eating chicken?

Well, horses will eat meat in real life, they just can't eat too much because there is a chance the meat will rot in their stomach and get them sick.

Edit this and write one more word.


They apparently can. :rainbowderp:

This story is beautiful, wholesome, and honest-to-god lovely.

Oregon is a place. The musical instrument is an organ.

That's cool of Starlight... kind of reminds me of the ending to A.I. (bring David's mom back for one day only but he dies with her too peacefully)... Also has a Spiritfarer feel to it too with the stars in the sky.

This was beyond cute, great work

This was beautiful and sad ahh! :fluttercry:

“Stop,” he said quietly. “They’re here.” The rest of the Apples stopped and looked up, like Big Mac was. Next to the bright full moon were two bright stars, blinking and twinkling in the night sky. Tears came to all their eyes again.

Loved this story especially this bit. Great job

“Well, the spell needs to be cast in a place where the ponies that you want to bring back were together,” Starlight said, turning the book back to her. “It basically takes the memory of them and makes them real, so it’s much easier if it’s done in a place where both ponies were together and shared a really important memory.”All the Apples looked at each other. They knew a place. They led Starlight to the place where their parents’ wedding had taken place, in between the Pear and Apple farms, by a rock carved by Bright Mac that showed Pear Butter’s cutie mark plus Bright Mac’s cutie mark in a heart. Two trees grew around the rock - a pear tree and an apple tree, making a heart shape at the top. The sun was rising now, and its rays shone through the heart, illuminating the ponies standing in front of it.

So the living were just talking to memory based clones? Not the real spirits? Darn. Still I'm hoping that whatever experiences these two had would actually reach the ones that passed.:ajsleepy::applecry:

This was a very good one-shot. They had chicken legs and not turkey legs.

Oh man pretty emotional story so Starlight found a spell that can bring ponies back to life but only for two days but once its use it's gone forever so they bought back bright Mac and pear butter and it looks like they're trying to make every second to be with the family even pear butter got the chance to see her father grand pear and her friend Mrs Cake and bright Mac to see his old friend Burnt Oak and Applejack even introduce her friends to her parents including Applebloom and Big Mac introducing sugar belle to them as well this was a pretty emotional story right there and what a way for them to spend their days catching up with them keep up the good work

Reading this was like a punch to the gut:fluttercry:

That was truly great.

A wonderful idea, but the pacing was extremely fast. If you were to rewrite this I would make a few suggestions.

  1. Slow Down, I know Starlight said they only had 48 hours, but draw that 48 hours out. I have a guess that this pacing was based on the idea that to have a loved one back, even a thousand years wouldn't be enough time.
  2. In almost every story I've read, magic doesn't come from nowhere, that is to say, A spell like this ought to have an effect on the caster, maybe Starlight winces with a headache or feels really sleepy as from using so much energy. If this spell had Truly breached the divide, the cost would be even more extreme.
  3. Everyone just accepts the Apples as if they had merely gone on vacation. Maybe have some of them rubbing their eyes or acting shocked or in disbelief at these ponies being back. Twilight at the least would possibly drag Starlight aside to get the deets on this spell or to caution her about possible negatives when meddling with life/death.

Again this was a beautiful idea, so my thoughts are only in support of making it even better.

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