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For all the triumphs and tribulations the Crusaders have faced through the years, it's commonly known they consider themselves sisters between each other.

When a certain day arrives for Applebloom though, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are asked if they'd like to meet their sister's parents, unknowing of the forever lasting impact on their bond in friendship.

Featured August 18, 2020.

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Aww that was so sad and beautiful!!! Poor Apple Bloom...she gets hugs! This was very well-written and amazing, I love the message too, about not blaming yourself for things you can't control.

(Though I was honestly expecting there to be some kind of dramatic twist and they find out Golden Lush wasn't dead, and one of the hospital staff kidnapped him)

Flippin' Jinzou nearly made me cry! That would've added another one of your stories onto my list of Golden Pieces. Just one problem, in the episode with Pear Butter and Bright Mac, we see a picture with little Applebloom and Pear Butter, all well and smiling with the rest of the family.

Sure ticks all the boxes for a tearjerker.

Today I learned that anamnesis can also mean remembering old things. I work in healthcare so for me it has always been synonymous with a patient's medical history.

A story about the apple family eh? Not bad, not bad at all.

Nice one.
Not really seeing Bright Mac starting drowning it in alcohol tough.

They were only 17?!

That's kind of early to be having kids, though...

Well thanks! And nah, I wouldn't do a twist like that.


Sorry! :twilightblush:

Glad it worked though. And I... honestly don't remember that, when was it?

Yeah. I kinda liked the idea since I was always intending Buttercup to pass in the hospital, so it's kinda a double whammy if you think about it.

Appreciate it!

That's a legit thing with alcohol poisoning. You can literally inhale your own vomit and choke to death.

That's true, but I got heavy Romeo and Juliet vibes from the episode and those two were 17 and 13.


Flat Earth Fluttershy and another one that made me laugh out loud.

No problem. Heh, the twist just kind of popped into my head when I heard his name. Like "huh, his name doesn't sound like anything that can be directly tied to the Apple Family. Would make for a interesting twist, that he was kidnapped at birth". But having a grave for him beside the mother was a much better idea.

Perhaps The Many Deaths of Twilight Sparkle?

Honestly his name in the first draft was Apple Seedling but my prereader was like "nah bro".

Glad you liked what I did though.

Ah. Well, I did love this. It was sweet and sad but beautiful, another great story

Well Jinzou - first your Scoot-Adopt stories and now this!

These are really well done works you’ve created. This story in particular, I can feel the love and comfort the characters radiate between each other. I’m not sure why you want to tug on my heartstrings like this, but this was great!

I like making people suffer. But no, in all seriousness, I'm really glad you enjoy my works.

If you liked this, stay around for the next two multi chapter fics I make. They're gonna be better.

And hurt worse.

Jinzou.... You have brought a satisfaction i very rarely feel...
For that... You have earned more than my follow.
You have earned my respect.
May your muse be ever present.
May your wit be ever sharp.
And most of all.
May your life be ever prosperous.

Jeez, thanks! :twilightblush:

I'm real glad you liked this!

Damn... that was... WOW

10389672 I agree. Plus, there's nothing to indicate ponies use the same months and years we humans do. That's kind of the whole point of them having pony versions of human holidays.

I headcanon ponies have ten month years, because I don't think there was a pony Caeser to fuck shit all up.

Man I wish that was our world.

I mean I don't see what different that would make, aside from me being like five years older. I think.


Yeah, but consider; No Caesar

Before I start, I want to make It very clear that I'm not hating on the story or something, liked the Fic quite a lot actually, but...

Their parents died at 17. AJ is older than Applebloom and Big Mac is either the same age as AJ or even slightly older. So, when would Pear Butter have them? At 11?

Unless we're using earth horse biology here. Then I guess it's understandable.

I'm gonna go fix that now. Oops :rainbowhuh:

To be honest I was thinking mostly on them being young, and comparing them to AB's age.

Yeah I know that, what I really don't see is Bright Mac going to the bottle that badly.

Grief does crazy shit to you man. And not only did he lose his significant other, he lost a child. And the other child was premature, so there was a decent change she wouldn't make it.

Makes way too much sense and now I'm sad because I lacked the wit to notice that!

These kinds of fics hit a lot harder after I lost both of my parents two years ago. Apple Bloom might hate herself about her parents being gone, but at least she didn't know them for several decades before they died. She mourns the loss of what could have been, not what actually was.

That's a fair point, and I'm sorry for your loss.

Yes that I understand, it's just that with two other kids and an older mother it seems a bit out of character for one Apple... Just that.

Well we don't really get a good gauge on his inner strength. Sure, he's brave and honest, but the one time we had to deal with extreme stress he... Well he listened to his heart. I'm just saying I don't think we can accuratly judge, but I do see your point.

And let's not forget that he's been close to Pear almost his entire life. He met when they were like... one.

Haven't read this one yet (it's in my "to do" list), but more commenting on how this is the third thing I've come across in the past year or so that's used the word anamnesis. Just a curiosity, really, as none of the things using the word have anything in common other than the memories the word alludes to in the context each uses it in. It's such a rarely used word, that any usage of it kinda stands out in my mind.

For anyone curious as to the other two usages I know of, they're Star Ocean: Anamnesis, a mobile game Square-Enix has licensed using the Star Ocean franchise (a fairly good one, at that, too) that brings in many characters and events from those games all into one, and a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV (yup, SE again) called Anamnesis Anyder, which the context of the dungeon is the remembrance of an ancient people and the major events they went through as their civilization fell to ruin (and how it relates to the then-current storyline).

Oh hey this sounds great

Nope nope nope nope :raritydespair:


That's a hell of a coincidence. I just looked up synonyms for "rememberance" until I found a word that looked cool. And also, it has to do with medical history too, so hey, double shot.


Before: "I'm a sucker for classical titles! This looks interesting..."

After: :applecry:

This one hit hard. (Of *course* the loss of wife and child in one day can drive people into the depths of despair.) But even in all the sadness, it's good to see that both friendship - and remembrance - remain.

Of course. Family will always be there.

Unless they're dead.

Or suck.

Caesar no, but the idea of (for example) Sombra doing that is pretty amusing.
Sombrember and Noctober, maybe?

=^o.o^= <-- This is me.

\_/ <-- This is my jaw on the ground after reading this.

Take It as you will, but thank you for writing this story.

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

Man this one made me tear up, damn this shit is sad. :fluttercry:

That was what I was going for. :trollestia:

But she has a lot of support. She'll be good.

Dang that so sad man so Apple Bloom and her family and friends meeting bright Mac and Buttercup grave and Applebloom felt guilty for what happened to her mom and dad but sometimes accidents happens and you can't really blame yourself for something it's not in your control but sometimes it just hurts that sometimes you can be the reason why they're not here and it looks like she did have another brother twin brother but unfortunately didn't make it this was a very sad story to know what happened to both bright Mac and pear butter

Agreed. It's a messed up situation all around but she will continue to get help with it.

Interesting take on Apple Bloom blaming herself for her mother and brother's death due to a problem with birth and her father turning to alcohol. This piece tackles the scenario in a very respectful way, and isn't afraid with its message. Yes, accidents happen. Sometimes these accidents can cause death. But none of it is your fault, no matter how much you have conditioned yourself to believe it so. The road to recovery is a long one, but one that can be overcome with friends and family helping you heal every step of the way. Kudos to you for making a great read with feels.

Why thank you my good Piranha Plant. :twilightsmile:

Glad you enjoyed it!

You like torturing the apple family don't you?

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