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A collection of short stories about The Apple Clan.

Pear Butter and Bright Mac, doing their best to raise three children and make ends meet. All the while enjoying the smaller things in life.

Everything leading to a night, none of The Apple Family will ever forget.

Art By RavenEvert

Made Popular and Featured List on 6/22/17.

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Only comment of criticism is it might be best to just call her Buttercup. I don't think she even thought of herself as Pear Butter after the fallout with her father. Other than that a nice start that I hope to see more of follow. Looks like you have the first fimfiction story with the canon Apple parents :) .

Figure's that you'd take that username. Didn't expect it to last long :P

Well, we shall see how this goes now, won't we... :raritywink:


The way she looked hurt after her father disowned her, I'd still think she'd love her family enough to keep her maiden name in silence or with herself, though would openly accept Buttercup.

But I will most likely change it around, just setting up the main charcters here. Such as relating to Applejack in later chapters as AJ. Really I got the first? Thought the fandom would've posted a few already.

Thank you so much for reading the story, updates will be most likely one or two chapters a day.


I was thinking of using the Name Buttercup, but decided on Pear Butter over the nickname, sounds alot more warm imo.

Many sweet chapters ahead, before the bitter comes into play.

Thank you so much for taking time to read.:heart:

this is well for the first chapter, can't wait to see where this leads.

Is this your first story on FIMFiction?

Member since yesterday and your story is already hot!
Good job!



Mostly I just read, but The Perfect Pear episode just gave me a spark to try my hoof at writing.


Thank you!

I hope I can bring more good chapters.




Thank you.

Can't say I'm not nervous though.:twilightblush:

Congratulations, you've hit the feature box... Technically- only with the mature filter on.


That is still amazing!

I feel so happy right now.:heart:

Comment posted by EmberLight deleted Jun 22nd, 2017

Damn, how to people write this fast? I'm still scrambling to finish my Pear Butter centric oneshot before the weekend.

I'm interested in staking my own claim in this sadfic subject, I just have to get it all together.


I just let the words flow, if it gets to where I have to force it. Then I rarely get anything done.

Right now I'm just super psyched up.


You so should.

When you get yours posted, let me know, I'll give it a read.

Pretty good so far. Granny Smith seems a bit harsh, but maybe she never got used to having a Pear in the family. She was generous toward Buttercup in the end, though. I'll be tracking this.


I'd picture granny a bit so-so with Pear in the family, but down inside really loves her.

Yet seeing her grandbabies and her son happy, she balances being a bit stern with softness.

As Grand Pear said she can be a bit of a Crab Apple at times.

Thank you so much, I read your story as well and enjoyed it.

*reads the author's name* Wow, Pear Butter documented her life with her family? Cool! But how the hay did you come back to life?! :twilightoops:
Nice chapter, by the way

“Pa is goin' to kill Big Mac!”

I'm sorry, but this line made me laugh so hard :rainbowlaugh: Even though this chapter was short, I liked it even more than the first one! Keep it up, Buttercup! (Rhyme intended)


Awww. Thank you so much.

I had something similar happen irl. Thought it'd be funny.

Thank you for reading.

Would it be okay if you tell me you IRL thing that inspired that line?
Oh, and thanks for stalking me...undead mare :twilightsmile: :twilightoops:

I hope Bright Mac ain't too brutal to Big Mac... although why Big Mac got the name 'Big' is still something that needs to be addressed.

I can only guess he was a fairly large foal at birth, in human terms he'd be in excess of a ten lbs newborn.

Don't worry Big Mac will be perfectly fine.

I'd think Big Mac would be a term of love, as a growing colt he'd be bigger then his sister, she might've started it as a nickname that stuck and the family loved.:heart:

No problem. A lil haunting never hurt anypony.

Well irl, My sister was supposed to be watching me, instead she just jumped on the phone, I went outside and as a kid kind of walked all the way down the road, jumping in mud puddles and playing around in the tall grass.

Lucky me my mom and dad pulled up, they made me get back in the car and took me home, my dad was on fire that day, steaming mad he yelled for my sister to go to the back room, ( The room where we got punished.)

I was so scared by the way my dad looked, I ran over to my mom crying and said. "Daddy is going to kill Kelly!" Lol. of course he didn't, she just got a huge talking to, grounded and the phone taken away.

But I was really crying, thinking I got my older sister killed.:ajsleepy:

It's very sweet and definitely worth a thumbs up!

So Big Mac was originally a 'Junior'?

Haha! You never know what kids minds make up :rainbowlaugh:


Basicly the worst possible things.:pinkiegasp:

Before he could be Big Mac, he had to be Little Mac.

As long as none of the kids hear their mom's original name, and only know her as Buttercup, it's fine.


You're a first timer and you're already better than people who have written dozens of stories for years.


Very promising start, I really want to see where this is going. When can we reckon with the next chapter? You're still continuing this, right?

You had me at Buttercup's first appearance. It turned on the feels and added a favorite.

Aww, this was sweet. Is there going to be more?

Bright Mac: Someday this'll all be yours, son.

Big Mac: Everything the light touches?

Bright Mac: Nah, just everything up to the fence.

Glad to see that you resumed this story! Was wondering if you were going to continue with it, but I'm so happy that you finally did! :twilightsmile:

Six months later...

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