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After three years of marriage, and things being a bit frosty with Granny Smith. Bright Mac and Pear Butter have received some news that will effect their lives going forward. Bright Mac rushes to tell his friends, Buttercup is left alone with Granny Smith.

What happens when an Apple and a Pear Tree come together.

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Wow. This story was a great mix of hilarious, heartwarming, and genuinely moving. I laughed at the bits with Filthy Rich and Burnt Oak at the tavern (especially the end of that scene - oh poor Mr. Rich :rainbowlaugh:), I smiled to read Granny finally apologize to and welcome Pear Butter into the family...

And that scene between Pear Butter and Bright Mac was just wonderful. And I felt my heart clench when I read Bright Mac's line about "when both families" are ready... that was just sad. They will be ready someday, Bright Mac, but not in your lifetime...

Excellent work. Have a fav and an upvote.

Admitting something right now, the Spoiled Rich gag was just for me.

And thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this.


Years later, Filthy Rich will look back at that night at the tavern and realize it was the biggest mistake of his life.

Then again, he got Diamond out of it, so...hmm...

"That's it!" Bright Mac shouted. "I'm putting a curse on you. May you be the father of daughters." That got a laugh from his two friends.

Hey...came true, didn't it? :trixieshiftleft:

"Burnt," Filthy said calmly. "Remind me never to get married."

Nope. Too late, Bright already cursed you. :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful story

"Pink coat, purple mane?" Filthy Rich asked, as Bright Mac paid the tab. "Cutie Mark like a diamond ring?"

"Yep," Burnt Oak said, as Mac slipped on the beer again.

As Mac was finally out the door, he could hear Filthy say. "You know... She's pretty cute..."

And so his fate was sealed. All in all though, hilariously heartwarming story.

:moustache: What was Spoiled Rich's name before she was married?
:ajbemused: Spoiled Milk?
:duck: Spoiled Bitch?
:moustache: Soiled itch?
:pinkiegasp: Spoiled Witch?
:twilightsheepish: Jail House Snitch?
:flutterrage: No wonder she married Filthy
:eeyup: ???

Such a sweet story :trollestia: and I did nothing at all as usual

At times I forgot that I was reading a fan work. This reads like an official short storybook.

I did say that I was looking forward to your treatment of these characters, and I'm glad to say that you exceeded my expectations.

In my opinion, there are two truly stellar things in this story. The first is the subtle emotional swap between Bright Mac and Pear Butter. At the start, Mac is overjoyed while his wife is near breakdown, but when they meet again, their emotions are flipped. That's some great storycraft. The second fantastic thing is your Granny Smith voice. You (accurately) portrayed her as one who knows that her old viewpoint on the feud is no longer okay, and is slowly coming around after a lifetime of feuding. Even in the midst of all that, her focus is first and foremost on the importance of family cohesion. I cheered at her condemnation of Grand Pear's abandonment.

"That's it!" Bright Mac shouted. "I'm putting a curse on you. May you be the father of daughters." That got a laugh from his two friends.

Hahaha. If only you knew how much that curse worked Bright Mac

I just revisited this fic. It's criminal that it has as few thumbs up as it does...

Not only that, but it works both ways.

I would like to use your passage of Granny Smith and Pear Butter talking as I want to include a flashback moment that would involve Granny Smith, the children, and Gran Pear. My version involves humans and not ponies and I can add and subtract a few words. The moment comes up after they all saw the apple and pear tree together.

You are free to use that scene as a framework, but I would prefer you not use any of my wording. Along with not liking the idea in general, this was a paid commission. I don't feel comfortable allowing people to use passages directly from it.

But as a framework for an original scene? I guess that's fine.

I guess the human counterparts might be the same as the ponies, but I can reword it when I come up to the scene i have for Gran Pear when he finally arrives in the Equestria version, and I am using William Shatner. For Granny Smith, I am using Lee Mariwether. Burnt Oak was played by John Amos.

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