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Good authors too, who once knew better words, Now only use four-letter words writing prose. Anything goes. :raritywink:


Ocellus has been decorating her dormroom as of late, and has heard of a Flea Market where she can pick up the bookcase she needs to complete her set. She's sure she'll get a good deal, but her friend Gallus is not so convinced.

Ocellus is about to learn one of the facts of life...

When haggling, Bring a Griffon.

EDIT: And hey! Thanks to SPANIARD KIWI for translating this fic into Spanish. You can find that translation here.

EDIT 2: Okay! Thanks to Disharmony Tree for translating this fic into Chinese! You can find that translation here!

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Not a fan of the Student Six, but the title caught me so I gave it a shot.

Glad I did, this was a great little story.

Very Cute! I like how so many of these Student Six fics are actually really good.

Ok this was a hoot and a half to read! The way Gallus took that salespony down quite a few pegs was a blast to see!:rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if Shelf knows Flim & Flam...

I think my favorite sorts of fics are ones that feel like they could slide comfortably into the show, and this is definitely one of them. I’d watch a Student Six based show, or even web series.

Overall, sweet and cute. Keep it up!

Next episode: Griffin vs the flimflam brothers

Okay, now that was a laugh riot. Very cute too, feels like it's right out of the show.

Very fun! You nailed the characters from the show and put it in a relatable scenario! I can learn a thing or two on my story from this.

Commissioner here. Author did a fantastic job with my admittedly barebones prompt, and even acquiesced to my request to proofread before publishing. This is a good quality story that could easily have been a script from the show – age appropriate language, obvious conflict with a creative solution, numerous bits of humor to keep the story moving forward, and a heartwarming ending scene that resolves a second, hidden conflict. Well worth the bits paid for this tale.

OH YAAAAA please Gallus against the Flim, Flam brothers last line. " Brother did we just get hustled? Yes brother, yes we did."

This has been an very awesome story to read, thanks for creating it. Also how they are is exactly on the money, nice work!

Man I'm getting Nog vibes from Gallus, not entirely mind you but a bit of it is their.

Deep Space Nine was a good show.

I...am going to agree that it was a show. And that it had good episodes. But that’s as far as I’m personally willing to go.

My eyes play funny tricks on me sometimes when I read things too fast or out of the corner of my eye.

Saw the title of this story initially as, "When Haggling, Bang a Griffon"

I can imagine Celestia hiring an older version of Gallus as a consultant for diplomatic and trade negotiations.:trollestia:

CoMe On AnD SlAm aND WeLComE To ThE JAm!

I'd be more worried about Flim & Flam trying to bring Gallus in as a business partner...


Actually Gallus would probably have been a huge help when they showed up with the super squeezy at the apple's farm. Gallus would have rightly figured out that the business deal proffered by Flim and Flam would have been great for the Apples allowing them to make far more profit based on volume. The deal was decidedly one sided and Gallus would have come to a 70-30 split in favor of the Apples which would have more than paid F&F for the machine and made the Apple family rich as they supplied the whole countryside with Cider -- all the way up to Cloudsdale and down to Canterlot in addition to Ponyville.

That's the NSFW sequel, where Ocellus shows Gallus just how... grateful she really is.

...So, when are you writing that? :trollestia:

Great story. Gallus really shines here.

If you're serious (or others are interested): I'm almost finished with something short. While it wouldn't be a sequel, I would be okay writing a clop-fic between Gallus and Ocellus if enough were interested.

So, I'll make a deal. I have a Ko-fi set up. If I can get $30 donated with donators commenting on it being for the two of them (according to Derpibooru, the ship is tagged "Luslus"), then I'll write it as soon as it's reached. Otherwise, it will be an "if and when I get around to it" type of thing.


No. Because good luck trying to get anything from Gruff even if he technically works for you.

I see I'm not the only one who's pegged Gallus as a master haggler/capitalist (is there even a difference?) :trixieshiftright: I've actually thought about trying a fic loosely similar to this same idea a few times myself, so it's nice to see other like minds on the same page as that. :pinkiehappy:

And it's a great read at any rate. Shelf had it coming. :ajsmug:

I may have to "borrow" a few ideas from your story, once the student six make their appearance in my main story (Ranger) Very well done, loved it!

This story was great. Everyone was perfectly in character to the point that it felt like a snippet from an actual episode, like if the Student Six were tackling the 'Trade Ya' scenario but from a different angle.

Wow, now this makes me glad I decided to give this short story a try; it was really good.

Am I the only one that thought Shelf felt an awful lot like Stan S. Stanman?

This one I will address. He is actually an amalgamation of two characters from WKRP in Cincinatti. An 80's sitcom about the misadventures of a C-tier radio station. Herb Tarlek, the station's sales manager, and Dell Murdock, one of his clients. Matter of fact, his intro speech is a direct takeoff of Dell Murdock's from that show.

It's an archetype that Stan is a part of.

Honestly, it was the fast talking plus the plaid that gave me the "Stan" impression. (It could only be more accurate if that plaid was of the unmoving variety.)

Edit: I know of WKRP, and I remember seeing a few random episodes as a kid, but not enough to really remember details.

When haggling, bring a Griffon -> MLP Logic

But in reality..: when haggling, bring an Asian mom.

Just read this again. Just as funny the second time around. I go back a good bit further than most of you youngsters Shelf Woodknock reminds me of Art Fern from the Jonny Carson show. He'd sell you your own shoelaces and you'd thank him for the good deal.

Great story! "pinkflowing" and "break overtime" look like typos where spaces are missing.

I loved this~♡

I have no other words to describe this story other than this clip right here

Ocellus decides that she wants a new bookcase for her Dormroom, and Gallus Decides to help her out in his own way....

Yikes. In just one sentence, there are four obvious mistakes, and this is the description showcased in the feature box.

First and second, "dorm room" is two words and should not be capitalized. Third, "decides" should not be capitalized. And finally, an ellipsis is only three periods. Not two, not four. Just three.

With all of these mistakes in your short description, I'm not really confident I should even give the story a shot.




One can only imagine what Griffin divorces are like. :trollestia:

Ironically, relatively painless. There’s no way a griffin would get married without a very robust prenuptial agreement.

It’s great.
Also, I will take this corkboard bookcase and BEAT YOU OVER THE SKULL WITH IT UNTIL YOU’RE FLAT AS A GOOMBA.

That's excessive, my dude :trollestia:

In any event, I don't mind so much the odd mistake in a story. It's easy to miss a few things in the midst of thousands of words. But in a short description that totals 22 words? And they're that obvious? That's a big red flag that the author didn't put the time or effort into making sure the story itself looks good. It tells me they can't be bothered. So why should I be bothered to read it?

No fights in the comments, take it to PM.

Hey, we get to discover what color pony blood is!

Good catches, both of you. Those slipped by a few rounds of proofing. Lessons learned for next time.

The story is amusing and clever, with solid characterization and great pacing, but what really got me was that lesson at the end. It's a good moral for the story. Having baggage from a culture that took a turn for the bad (or, frankly, just past mistakes in one's own life), shouldn't stop us from using what we learned from all that badness to do good. People who escaped communism and other tyrannical regimes are the best equipped to help their new homelands avoid the same mistakes. Former addicts make for sympathetic sober buddies. Reformed cons tend to be great youth counselors. Even the greatest burdens can become gifts. Great story!

I'm not trying to be rude, but I also don't know how else to word this. How did you miss the mistakes in the short description? Randomly capitalized words should be easy to catch. Did you just forget to go over the short description?

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