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"You think you know me..."


Ocellus finds a love letter in her locker asking her to meet by the big tree. Her friends as happy for her as she comes to terms with the idea of having someone special in her life. Meanwhile, Sandbar, who has feelings for Ocellus, feels upset that he wasn't fast enough to confesses to her.

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Absolutely adorable...

This story is so sweet! :twilightsmile:

for a second I thought the coverart was the flag of japan

“I must say, Ocellus, that is quite a divine dress you have made,” Professor Rarity complimented as she stood beside her with a nod of approval. Her friend Silverstream posed with grace as she twirled around, showing off the glowing blue stars at the hemline of the white dress. “How did you come up with the inspiration for the glittering blue stars? It goes very well with the silver bow at the end of the waist.”

Dialogue goes into a new paragraph, just so you know. It makes things less confusing.

This was so cute! That mix up was heartbreaking but Sandbar more than made up for it. Personally, Sandbar x Ocellus is my favorite ship for the Student 6, though I guess Sandbar x Silverstream is a good backup, like you mentioned in the beginning.

Gosh that last part takes me back <3

I can actually see this happening on the show...well, except after what happened after Hearths Warming Club but hey, maybe you can do a sequel where Ocellus gets back at Sandbar for that though she's too nice for that so Sandbar has to be the nice guy that he is and give her an apology gift..

I'm sorry, but I had to stop part way through this. There were too many spelling and grammar errors for me to ignore. It may be just me being tired though, so if you manage to get another round of editing done let me know.

Silverstream had the right idea, shape shifting to be more attractive wouldn't have been authentic. I think authenticity would be even more important for shape shifters.

Awww... SO CUTE :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Though, you should improve your grammar! :twilightblush:

This was really sweet and pretty funny, would make for a very entertaining episode

Hnnnnggh! I was overdosed with adorable.

...the Student Six parings I like are (...) Gallus x Smolder (...)

Finally! I'm not the only one who thinks that should be a thing! :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, very adorable story. :twilightsmile:

D'awwwwww! This was really cute!:twilightsmile:

I've never given any thoughts into shipping any of the students together, but I can roll with this.

In an instant everything became clear to Ocellus as she stood there as frozen as ice. “No…that’s Ruby Bow’s…I’m 21…97.”

mega oof

“We tackle crush and lick them over and over again! More licks means more affection!”

This right here. This is classic Yona. Yona is best student.

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