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The Student Six have been through a lot together during their time at Twilight’s School of Friendship. As their final year draws to a close and graduation looms, though, the now older students find themselves facing one last trial.

After a magical mishap transforms them into the opposite sex, they’ll have to figure out a way to turn back before the change becomes permanent... And before the situation drives them all mad.

Cover art by dervonnebenaan

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“Why didn’t you change?” Gallus asked, electing to ignore that comment for the moment.

“Oh, uh… Look, a convenient purple distraction!” Silverstream shouted, pointing at the front of the library.


I'm loving this so far. Seems pretty promising. Gallus' personality seems fun and the witch-weevil is cool.

Cautiously following. Looks mostly good so far, though I hope you have more up your sleeve for Sandbar than LOLOL 420 EVERY DAY because that gets old reeeeal quick.

Well now. This looks entertaining. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the idea.

No worries, there will definitely be more in store for Sandbar's character than stoner jokes.

I always imagined changelings can change into pretty much anything, meaning that Ocellus can still transform into female forms, but her 'default' form is now male, and the only form she can wear without expending magical effort.

Thank you both! I hope I don't disappoint.

I think the transformation sequence could've been a little more elborated with the other students instead of focusing on just Gallus, but overall this is pretty good - and funny. Faved and tracked - keep it coming!

I'm loving this so far! Great job, keep it up!

Wow, this Breakfast Club reboot got weird really fast.

Seriously though, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Good job setting the, well, setting, even as Gallus was walking in and thinking about how the campus usually looks.

:moustache: : well I'd hate to say it but you guys may be stuck like this indefinitely or at least until Twilight can allocate what spell it was.

Everyone: WHAT?!

Smoulder: NOOOO! how am I going to have tea parties and act cute when nocreature is watching LIKE THIS!?

Everyone: 😮..................

Smoulder: .......Did I say that outloud?

We're close to a year-long hiatus

Let's hope he has something planned

been a while indeed, now are ya gonna update this, or what?

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Oct 8th, 2020


I'm flattered, I hadn't realized the story meant that much to people, though I'm thoroughly grateful for the comments and support. Um... Can you stand by for a day or so? I need to figure something out.

Ever heard the phrase, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?" Here, I'll illustrate with some vinegar.

Honestly, there's entitled and then there's whiny fanfic reader entitled. If you want to write a Student Six sex comedy so badly then just start your own instead of threatening to steal other people's work, dumbass.

It was more of a request if someone could ask to take over the story since it hadn't update in so long because I wanted to know what would happen next in this authors story, or if I should.

I wasn't going to steal anything.

And that last word was very uncalled for, I don't even know you and you've already made a bad impression.

Well, it wasn't me. Three day as something you're not? Funny and entertaining, as well as a good learning experience. Forevermore as something you're not? Now that's just cruel.

nice to see you're back writing
you gonna keep writing, or are you going to leave for years again

Just yesterday I was thinking about this story and today I was surprised with a new chapter:pinkiehappy:
I'm glad to see more of this, I hope you are able to continue with this story, it's very entertaining so far

The steaks have been raised and I’d like Mine medium rare plz. This is really fun, can’t wait to see how this all pans out

Gald to see you alive and well!

God be with you and BE SAFE!

Also, great chapter.

“It’ll start slowly at first,” Twilight went on at a rapid pace. “The spell will assimilate new experiences as the baseline for a new persona. Altered interests or quirks at first, based on whatever you do or encounter from here on out. Then, larger shifts in personality. You’ll always remember who you were, but if we don’t cure this soon, you won’t be the same person anymore. Soon after, the ‘meta’ portion will activate. If you don’t resume your original body and self by that time, whoever you become will remain who you are, forever.”

As someone who's read a lot of gender-bending fiction, I have to say I don't like your choice for a Sword of Damocles.

On a narrative level, it adds unnecessary tension to a story that would do perfectly well just from the tension of the characters dealing with unfamiliar bodies and the strife between them. (Put differently, it steals time away from what the story was already set to capitalize on.)

(Dealing with unfamiliar bodies alone is tension enough for a lot of stories, simply because so much of our identity and self image is tied up in our gender.)

On a characterization level, modifying a character's mind and/or soul directly, instead of through a story arc, is to authoring as bio-thaumaturgic-meta-reformation is to magic... something to be attempted only by the most skilled.

In the hands of someone who attempts it and fails, mind/soul manipulation is instant death for the perceived quality of a story because it breaks the connection between the reader's mental model of how a human-like mind grows and develops in response to events and what the story is doing to them. (In short, it's the fastest way to shatter immersion and, in doing so, collapse what were promising characters into cardboard cut-outs.)

To me, that ticking clock translates as "We can't give the story enough time to properly use this as a lens to explore the characters or it'll destroy them."

(It reminds me of bad games, where there's an exploration mechanic but also a strict time limit. The exploration mechanic is best when you can explore at your own pace, and time limits are best for games where what you have to do is always obvious and success depends on practicing a skill.)

Probably not lol. Although this story is a really interesting idea that I think if handled properly would become a seriously good story, dudes hasn’t posted in literally 2 years so best bet is a no

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