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Hi, I'm ExplosionMare. I am also a YouTuber and I love to express myself through my work.


My First Fanfic Has Been Published! · 10:11pm November 7th

Today, my first fanfic has finally been approved! If you’re interested, the story will be embedded in this post. :coolphoto:

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Hello, everyone. I’m currently working on a short story. So far I only have the descriptions made and one of the names is in process, but other than getting the story written this shouldn’t take terribly long.

Heh, I do like dark stuff from time to time! As far as these two fanfics though, there isn’t going to be anything super scary. The Rainbow Factory one is basically an insight story and the OC one’s meant to be a tragedy.

:rainbowlaugh: Okay! It looks like you like dark and horror fics. Also I'm basing this off the stor I commissioned for "A Glimmer of Something More"

:rainbowlaugh: Man, I’m sorry for not actually posting anything. I want to make a fic, I just never seem to find the time. My first idea’s about a schizophrenic OC and I also have a short story in mind dealing with the Rainbow Factory. I have lots of ideas for both so I haven’t forgetten about this stuff totally. I’ll try to get stuff posted, even if that means making one chapter at a time (which I hopefully won’t have to do).

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