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Hey, thanks for visiting. I initially made this account so I could follow people, like stories, comment etc so don't expect much from me outside of that.

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Thanks for the follow!!!

Thanks for the follow

Wow, thanks! I’m glad you liked it so much! And yea same, RF was pretty much my only reason XD

Goodness, thank you lol. Read Wish you knew the other day and loved it! It was everything I'd hoped it would be, that's a big compliment considering rainbow factory is half the reason I'm on this site to begin with haha. Felt like a perfect prologue imo. Anyhow, followed in hopes to see more from you in the future. But I do appreciate the follow back, you didn't have to do that so thanks again!

Thanks for the follow! I did the same! Even if you don’t post much, it’s only fair :)

You're welcome, and thanks! I wish you well too.

Oh wow thank you so much, wasn't expecting that! I just read through "The rise of an Empire" the other day and really enjoyed what you've got so far haha. Nonetheless appreciate your kindness and wishing you well!

TYSM for the follow! Have one in return!

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