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Cute pony animations you need to see so that I can hook you to follow me.

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Things I hate #21 · 10:34pm Yesterday

Mature fanfictions that only exist so the author can swear all he wants and have all the sex he wants and have all the violence he wants.

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You know that one scene in The Fugitive where the cop is giving out orders? · 11:35am Apr 3rd, 2018

Here's a parody scene where it gets taken way too far. It's hilarious!

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Have you read my Things I Hate blog series? They're hilarious. You'd love them.

Hehe. I’ve been playing a lot of kingdom hearts lately. Just recently finished Birth By Sleep and am on Dream Drop Distance now. After that I have Fragmentary Passage then finally 3. And thanks to my new editor I’m finally getting caught up on releasing new chs for my epic.

Tired. Overworked. Lonely. Sore. Couldn't be better! College is demanding. But I don't care.

You. Are. Awesome. *headpats*

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