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You are going to LOVE ME!

Cute pony animations you need to see so that I can hook you to follow me.

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I know I’m really late but you take care of yourself out there wherever you go from here. Don’t let the haters get you down. *hugs*

I may be late but I understand your reasons to leave. Your works and blogs are very interesting and fascinating. Even if you leave the fandom, at least I want to see your blogs outside of this website. It's very fun and interesting reading your blogs, and I love it. I hope you have a good day.

Well goodbye. I know (or think) you haven't left yet, but I want to leave my mark here and say that your story writing is incredible, and your stories are awesome. Best wishes


Hewwwooo. :3

*tail swish*

Hey, Four. Nice to see you.

  • Viewing 1,487 - 1,491 of 1,491
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