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Cute pony animations you need to see so that I can hook you to follow me.

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Things aren't going well. · 11:50am Yesterday

Here's a letter by one of my more avid followers.

I’ve been feeling so bad for Twilight in “A Rather Large Adventure”. Every time she seems to develop a crush for a guy, reality hits her square in the flank that it can never come to be. Flash Sentry lives in another world, and now...he’s dead. And Noble, well, he and Fluttershy are a couple, and he and Twilight are cousins.

Twilight seems like that, at this time, she really needs a stallion to lay herself on.

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You know that one scene in The Fugitive where the cop is giving out orders? · 11:35am April 3rd

Here's a parody scene where it gets taken way too far. It's hilarious!

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