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You know how much I sacrificed?


Avengers: Age of Ultron crossover.

Ultron’s plan had come to perfect fruition. There would be no more war, no more chaos, because the ones who caused it all would be gone. In just a short moment, the world would be saved from its true demon. Humans.

It would have all been so much simpler…if it wasn’t for them.

The Avengers.

As it is said, as it always will be, true peace can only be granted through countless innocent lives. In hindsight, the ponies were never that different from humans. Ultron’s plan is not yet over, and soon his strings will be severed…for the last time.

Big shoutout to Shrekzilla for his amazing job on the artwork!
Sequel: This War of Ours

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And there came a day unlike any other. When Earth's Mightiest Heroes, in their final fight against Ultron, were sucked into a vortex caused by a chain reaction from the Mind Stone and sent across the Universe to a peaceful world unlike their own where its inhabitants are sentient magical ponies who are no much different from them.
A world which will soon become under threat from the tyranny of Ultron who will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of 'peace' without the puppets he sees as the problem to it. Can the Avengers and the Elements of Harmony unite to stop him?
Stay tuned and find out soon, true believers! For the Age of Ultron is about to begin anew!

This is a chapter that's worth opening up the new "Avengers/My Little Pony" crossover. :)

I was waiting for this Prime, I can't wait ^_^, but why the heck are there just as much dislikes as likes?

Holy crap, that's an intense opening chapter!

6347229 A new age begins! :pinkiecrazy:

6347661 Pinocchio's song...song...song. :moustache:

I'm at that point where I don't even know.

6348775 6349211 Thanks! Be sure to stick around for more! :twilightsmile:

“I had…strings…but now…I’m…free…”


:twilightoops: Oh dear... I fear Celestia is about to meddle with something she doesn't fully understand. Celestia, DON'T choose to study that dangerous robot and get rid of it at once before it's too late!

All Hell will break loose...again, from the Decepticons and now to Ultron

“Does anything make sense anymore?!”

No, I don't think it does.

Question: does this story take place in the same universe as your Transformers trilogy or is it an entirely different universe altogether?

So let me get this straight: Instead of what happens in the movie with Pietro getting shot and all of Ultron's bodies getting blown to bits, The Avengers and Ultron are in Equestria. as Deadpool would say: "SHIIIIIT!"

6361040 Science calls upon it! :twistnerd:

6361317 6361944 Yeah, this story will take place in an entirely different universe.

6361527 And it will never make sense. :rainbowwild:

6362513 It basically just starts off with the final stand of the Avengers defending the detonator from Ultron and his army, and then they get transported to Equus. :twilightsmile:

I can already tell this'll be grand JD, keep it up! mlp.bartstuff.eu/mlp-dawhyeah.png

A new threat has arrived on Equestria...and its name...is Ultron.

:rainbowdetermined2: Hawkeye, bitches! Who needs something like a high tech-suit, gamma radiation, a super soldier serum or a frigging mystical hammer when you can just use the bow and arrow!

Taking down Ultron and his sentries with nothing but a bow and some snark. Now that is awesome.

Nailing characters on there heads since you started eh JD? Yeah, don't answer that, we all know that you always have! Great chapter, one word, MORE!!!

What is Tirek and Starlight doing in your story? Do you really believe they could be allies of Ultron?

This is why Hawkeye is better than Green Arrow.:rainbowkiss:

Ahhh, Hawkeye. You may not have had much character in the first movie but you were kickass in the sequel!

6368378 Sure, just take a bow and arrow against an army of robots! 'Cause logic! :rainbowwild:

6368502 6369186 Thank ya kindly! :ajsmug:

6369322 I believe one of them to be... :raritywink:

6370259 Agreed. :derpytongue2:

6371081 Definitely my favorite Avenger in the sequel! :rainbowkiss:

6373605 :trixieshiftright: Yeah... makes sense, doesn't it? :derpytongue2:

6373605 I personally think Starlight is a freak for taking cutie marks by force. I just hope she doesn't do anything drastic at the season finale.

By the way, any chance other characters can appear? Like Gilda, The Smooze, or Moondancer?

OH MY GOD TONY REALLY?!?! :rainbowlaugh:

I am IRON Man! :rainbowdetermined2:

:pinkiehappy:Ah Tony... the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and armored Avenger with a great sense of humor, taking first contact with a bunch of talking ponies rather well as if he's like "Meh! I've seen weirder.". This is why he's my favourite! So first meetings with the ponies start out fine, wait till they find out he's responsible for Ultron's creation.
And he's right by the way, Rarity does look like a marshmallow! :rainbowlaugh::raritydespair:

I may love Rarity but that "marshmallow" comment? Hilarious. :twilightsmile: :rainbowlaugh:

PERFECT CHAPTER! I LOVE IT! Finally in all the fanfics I've read, someone talks back to Rarity about her fashion complaints. Not surprised it was Tony Stark.

6375084 well he's fought gods, aliens, flown through a wormhole with a nuke, is friends with the Hulk, and he's seen Scarlet Witches hallucinations. This should be a walk in the park.

Don't you think they'd be more shocked that Wanda was the one who sent Tonybon the path to build Ultron?

His sarcasm is really making me this story more. You have earned yourself a like, a fave, and a follower with just 4 chapters, JDPrime.


6375441 11/10 Would piss in suit again. :rainbowkiss:

6375037 Like...REALLY?! :pinkiecrazy:

6375084 The marshiest marshmallow that ever mallowed! :raritystarry:

6375652 :derpytongue2:

6375987 I had to have Tony troll Rarity. You don't just...not do it. :moustache:

6376993 Thanks a ton! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :yay:

6380112 Eh, Stark has always been my least favorite, now what you do with Rodgers may or may not make the fic for me... :scootangel:

:trixieshiftright: I'm willing to bet that they will be used by Ultron, allies who are only a means to an end. Though maybe not Tirek but definitely Starlight. Ultron and Starlight have similar goals. She wants to bring equality to every pony by forcefully ridding them of their cutie marks but her's pales and differs in contrast to Ultron's who sees the extinction of the humans (and likely ponies as well), who he sees as a threat, as the answer to peace. Bigger difference, Starlight is a puppeteer (something Ultron would likely be disgusted about) and Ultron is a puppet having severed his strings from his creators.
:ajsmug: Only question is.... who will be the puppet, and who will be the puppeteer pulling the strings?

ahh, my favorite Avenger Iron Man, Spike is right, Tony is hilarious lol, I can't wait for the next chapter, i'm thinking Steve will in counter Applejack, those 2 are just similar in my opinion, and I have a feeling Pinkie is gonna in counter Banner, and its either gonna be Thor or Quicksilver that in counters Rainbow Dash, cause Quicksilver and Rainbow both are really fast, while Thor just like Pegasi can control the weather and Thor can shoot lightning just like Pegasi can shoot lightning from Clouds, but I think RD will likely in counter Quicksilver and possibly Scarlet Witch, since Hawkeye ended up with Black Widow last chapter, but anyway, I can't wait to read more of this story Prime :twilightsmile:

6380112 Maybe you can create a Masters of Evil story after this one. Red Skull's fate is unknown and perhaps in a world where nothing makes sense, he could return. He could also bring back to life Aldrich Killian, Whiplash, Iron Monger, and Yellowjacket. Abomination and Crossbones are still alive. And if Crossbones survives the Civil War, why not? You could even put Klaw in it. He is one of Black Panther's enemies.

6383408 I've got a lot planned out for the future stories. :scootangel:

6383818 Neat. As long as future ones have Ant-Man in them, I'll read it.

By the way, I find that scene with Tony saying golden ticket and the confusion with the Gala to be kind of unnecessary and irrelevant. Do you have am explanation?

6384721 The Gala is going to play an important role in this story.

Epic fail:rainbowlaugh:.

Did thousands of people really die?

Thor couldn’t respond in time. A hammer broke through the trees and smacked him right in the side of the head, sending the God of Thunder into blackness.

Thor couldn’t respond in time. A hammer broke through the trees and smacked him right in the side of the head, sending the God of Thunder into blackness.

:derpytongue2: The God of Thunder, people. Another blunderous event to add to the Mighty Thor's most embarrassing moments like that time he got tazed by a mere mortal.

On a serious note, Thor awakens in the Everfree Forest along with an injured Cap. Both filled with regret over the loss of thousands of people that died in the city. It was either that or the extinction of the human race. The needs of the many or the needs of the few. Or rather that's what they believed happened. At the moment, there is no certain if those people did die or something else happened to them.

:rainbowlaugh: Wow, that ending really lives up to the title!

6395172 Yes. When Thor struck the device it caused the rest of the city to crumble.

6395196 Like...really, nigga.

6395255 Not to mention the times he got ran over...twice.

6395775 Such a blundered god. :trollestia:

6397508 We're gonna need more palms than that...

6401252 That just ain't right. Still, what kind of heroes would they be if they let millions of people die just to save about a thousand.


They are certainly odd creatures, wouldn't you say, Twilight?

That doesn't hurt coming from a talking Unicorn who makes clothes despite walking around butt nude 98% of the time.

And that ending...Tony or Twilight?...I'm...I'm not sure who won.

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