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You are going to LOVE ME!


The legend of Chrysalis is common knowledge. She preys on others, seeking for love with a bottomless cup. So when you become her victim unwittingly, your purpose to her is relatively known. When you wake up in her cave, you are greeted by her alone. What does she say?

Now with a reading by Agent Fluffy!

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Weird, cute and adorable. Nice combination.

Kinda cringe but it's adorable!

Cringe? Like, in what way?

It kinda makes me cringe with the whole "mwah" thing at the end.

Hi. I'm Chrysalis. First name Queen.


Another good'un. Can't wait to see who's next.

Love tsundere Chrysalis

Adorbs, 10/10 wanna marry and do consensual hoof-holding. And maybe some hot kinky bed action too :trollestia:

Hey BradyBunch! Here's the Chrysalis one that I did a reading of! It's for my friend ThunderSpeak's birthday! Youtube Reading

Man, you're on a roll! Which one is your favorite so far?

So far, the Nightmare Moon one is my favorite. I loved acting imposing and intimidating as Nightmare Moon in that one!

Aw, tsundere love.

wow it felt like I was there when reading this. Which is pretty smart and good.

Reading by Scribbler

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