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A mysterious figure, living in shadows, is attacking seemingly random crime leaders and leaving little to no trace. The Mane Six investigate, but they find a secret more startling than what they had ever imagined.

Who is the mysterious figure? Is it a vigilante? A rebellious cop? An anarchist? Or is it something even more destructive...a pony bent on revenge?

Featured 4/19/18, 5/3/18, 5/10/18.

Chapters (25)
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Is this like the Pony Punisher?

Upupupu, its seems a new game is afoot. This seems to have potential, and he seems to be something to fear. I can't wait to see more.

When I saw the word vengeance in the description, my first thought was “PUNISHER!!!” Then I read, and was somewhat disappointed. Good story though

I had a nightmare just like this. Ghost child, one you could only see on your phone, with a knife. Came after me and two others, I was the last one alive and I thought I made it, but she comes to where I am hiding and starts stabbing. I of course try to stop it, but you can't grab a ghost...so yeah, this reminds me of a really fucked up dream.

This is a REALLY good story. Please read mine

Which story? And thank you for the comment. It means a lot to me to see people who like my stories. Please consider reading my other story, A Rather Large Adventure. It's good, I can promise you that.

All of my stories. It’s up to you really on which story, but I just want to know what you think of all of them so far. And I will check it out

Can you at least tell us when Night Terror is going to show up? The suspense of a confrontation is KILLING ME!

He will show up, I guarantee it. In the next chapter, in fact. Do you have any guesses as to who it might be?

I think it will be the pony who actually made the guns. But it could be a griffin or someone else entirely. I could be wrong on both

Also, did you read my stories?

Only one of them- the teen rated one. It looked good, it could have potential, but it needs some work in the grammar- you know, capitalized letters where they shouldn't be, leaving out commas, stuff like that. It could also be a bit more clearer with the backgrounds and the imagery you use. But I think it could be something worth reading.

Because the other two were rated mature. And because I didn't get around to it.

Client 24 IS the Night Terror, isn’t he?

Yes he is. The plot thickens!

I thought there would be a confrontation between him and the Mane 6. You lied to me

Sweet! Corrupt politicians, vigilantes pulling double crosses. This is awesome!!!

I did not lie. I merely said that he would show up in the chapter.

Oh right. Sorry. But when will they meet him?

Oh, you'll see...:pinkiecrazy:

Common sense is tingling. *Sees the Night Terror and the Mane 6 in the same room staring each other down* OOOOOOOH SHIT ITS GOING DOWN RIGHT NOW

Case File’s the Bight Terror, calling it.

He was silhouetted against the tall forest of fire behind him, his image distorted by the heat waves emanating off of the fire. They could see nothing of his dark figure, other than that he was a pony who was standing upright,


Thought of this when I read that part. Stop watching when you want to.

Oh I hope they meet again in at least the chapter after the next. And I hope that when they meet again, he will tell them why he’s doing what he’s doing

Well dang. Pretty dang scary. Remarkably similar to what I had in mind, except the silhouette has the gun. I like it.

people who murder have forfeit the privilege of living, i feel. i agree with this character's sentiment that criminals should be executed for major crimes. i sure hope he doesn't turn out like one of those insane fuckers who kill people if they turn right on red without stopping.

Maybe Night Terror is Case File’s brother? I don’t know anymore. It’s very confusing.

Uh oh. Things ain’t looking good.

My guess: The Night Terror / Client 24 / Ironheart is Bright Mind, who faked his death and is doing this for revenge over his mistreatment.

Great chapter. Are Rainbow and Twilight really going kill Amadeus in the next chapter or not? They never took a life before do you think they have takes to do it now?

Comment posted by Xanatos Speed Chess deleted Nov 20th, 2017

I personally wouldn't lose any sleep over killing Amadeus -- especially since, if he loves his semantics so much, the circumstances would make it very self-defensive anyway.

Wouldn’t be a twist if Fluttershy did it?

Wow! I am glad I happened across this gem! Crusty and cracked and dark as it is, I love it! Fav'd and can't wait for the next chapter!

Despite all the narrative's efforts to paint The Night Terror as He Who Fights Monsters, I'm still on his side.

Now, if he'd demonstrated a willingness to kill innocent bystanders in the process, then I'd agree with the whole "no better than them" thing.

I like your input. I'm trying to make it a divisive kind of thing, to make people ask if what he's doing is right, to make people think, to make others realize how willing they would be to act like him if given the chance. Your input is greatly appreciated.

"You took the life of an innocent," the Night Terror snarled. He sunk his sword into his gut. "Feel his pain."

When I heard “Feel his pain.” It reminded me of Ghost Rider

"Come with me if you want to live."

Might as well label this a crossover, because you just put the terminator in it. Also now I’m gonna have to envision him sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Still sticking with my "Ironheart is Bright Mind" theory.

And Ironheart "killing Bright Mind"? Same thing as Darth Vader "killing Anakin Skywalker":


DAMN!!!! He needs to get a flamethrower. I want to see him burn things.

Oh, trust me, things will burn because of him. I guarantee it. You’ll see him burn down both buildings and ponies alike. You’ll see him tear the insides out of ponies. You’ll see him torture others to death. You’re in for a good time. :pinkiecrazy:

Alright then. But maybe you can reference my Mercenary OC. Just have him say that he met an odd creature that helps him out from time to time that has the same technology as him and more. That would be the best reference ever

I guess I can say I called it?

And I can't commit suicide, either, since I just know I'll end up in Tartarus for that.

Me: *Doesn't believe in "Suicide = Hell" -- and is a Christian, no less.*

I don't think suicide=hell either. I just made it so that Bright Mind thinks that.

Que epic ominous outro music! Loving this so far, nice and dark! Along with the insight exposition into how we got here. Cant wait to see more and where you take us from here!

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