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After rescuing an incapacitated Twilight Sparkle from the dark clutches of fearsome demons, three warriors of Princess Celestia become close friends with the six Elements of Harmony. During their newfound friendship, they uncover dangerous and fateful secrets about everything they once knew about the Elements of Harmony.

However, that is only the beginning of a rather large adventure to decide the fate of the world. For the king of Tartarus, with his howling demons at the ready, will seek out the destruction of the entire world, and claim it for himself. And only one thing will stand in his way: the Elements themselves.

From the darkest caves to the highest skies to the deepest depths of the ocean, in storms, battlefields, mountains, and Tartarus itself, the ponies must push themselves towards their inevitable, eternal destinies.

Takes place right after season 6.

Part one: Red Tower Rescue, chapters 1-14
Part two: Laying Foundations, chapters 15-22
Part three: The Unveiling of the Warrior, chapters 23-30
Part four: The Call, chapters 31-38
Part five: Seeing Double, chapters 39-47
Part six: Courage, chapters 48-52
Part seven: Sacrifice, chapters 53-59
Part eight: Honor, chapters 60-69
Part nine: Blood and Ash, chapters 70-80
Part ten: Into Darkness, chapters 81-91
Part eleven: Into Light, chapters 92-95

Chapters (103)
Comments ( 630 )

I hope your username doesn't guarantee lots of memes in this story. If the main OCs of this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Well, first off, I won't be using a lot of memes. For me to include that would be weak humor. I can come up with better stuff than overused internet material. And second off, I think that Noble Blade would sound like a warm, reassuring, charming kind of guy. Think Obi-Wan Kenobi with a weaker british accent. Firestorm...I dunno. Try Rainbow Dash if she were a guy. And if he uses accents occasionally, that's because he's joking. Of course, Freedom Fighter won't sound like anything. He's a mute! But if you're wondering what his made-up voices sound like, imagine how Deadpool's voices are like. Do you like the story and OCs so far?

Thanks for the follow! Be sure to vote for which arc should be next in the strawpoll (Found in the comments, blog, and story description). Helps me as an author prepare and lets you have a little creative control. :twilightsmile:

Well well.... seems that someone has a set of enchanted blades or blade

Comment posted by BradyBunch deleted Oct 5th, 2017

His body began to disintegrate, and as soon as he realized that, he was already a pile of dust.

So.. He was already dead.

what would their ship names be?



... i got nothen else

Yeah, it's kinda hard when you're looking for a ship name with Noble. But I like FlutterBlade. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a blade," eh? Eh?

It's also the reason I made the joke about FireFire or SpitStorm, back in the last chapter. I thought the ship name was funny.

Also, out of curiosity, which Guardian of the Sun is your favorite and why? I like feedback as much as the next guy, and I like opinions.


1. 👏

2. I would have to say Freedom is my favorite so far. he has conversations with himself which I love and he's badass but doesn't need to brag about it like firestorm does. Another thing that I like about him is that he naturally scares ponies and can pop out of nowhere.

Thank you so much for your input. He's one of my favorites as well. It's like the three of them are for different personalities; Noble is the considerate and calm one that'll kick your butt, Firestorm is the hysterical one that'll kick your butt, and Freedom will just kick your butt and make you eat your own guts that popped out as a result of him kicking your butt. Pick a mood, any mood!

I was gonna make a smart ass pun about a made up element but, after trying to think of one for 5 min i give up.

I wish you good luck finding a smart name in the future. How did you like the chapter?

Freedom Fighter, Element of surprise

Discord might have something to say about Noble.

Huh. Ten, eh? Interesting. This better not rip off Princess Trixie Sparkle though.

All in all, good story so far. The new characters are fleshed out and have integrated into the Mane Six’s lives fairly well, though more screen time for Pinkie and AJ would be nice.

I did not read the fic you're mentioning, so no, I won't be ripping it off. Which Guardian of the Sun do you like the best?

Princess Trixie Sparkle is a fic. that the Youtuber Magpie Pony did an audio drama for. It’s actually pretty good. But thete’s A plot point in it that’s eerily similar to this fic.

As for which Guardian I like.... I like them all, but I think Firestorm has a slight lead due to his personality.

She froze. Did she just think that?

yeah yah did

Finding out early on that Freedom Fighter has a crush on Twilight makes me want to see him speak or talk to her.

I wonder what Twilight thinks of him?

For a brief moment, there was a steely glint in the glare Discord leveled at Noble Blade. Then it passed without anyone noticing.

better watchout buddy som1's getting jelous

"I've seen how you act around her-all sweet and caring and innocent to her. I know you're trying to win her heart. I've seen it." He pushed Noble back up against a chair. "But if this is a false ruse- if you harm a hair on her head- and even if you don't treat her as good as she deserves- I swear to Celestia I will hunt you down and spread your ashes across the deepest, darkest hole in Tartarus!" There was a wild green flame in Discord's eyes as he said it.

oh... ok, that works to i guess. Go Discord!

Can Freedom Fighter gain the ability to speak somehow in a future chapter?

Calling it now, Pinkie, Discord, and Firestorm team up at some point in the future.

Freedom Fighter is the guardian that has caught my eye every step of the way.

Very good story. You don’t need any criticism, you should be giving others that.


Oh no you didn’t.

I love this chapter it’s amazing :heart:

Thank you so much for loving it! You're awesome!

Who's your favorite so far? I love the input you give me, but could you tell me just what stands out to you?

Freedom fighter but that’s mainly because he has a type of disability. You can probably imagine I like that type of thing in a guy. Yeah I know I am I think the autos are cool to Noble is awesome especially when he speaks in this very old language

This to me seems like a very awesome love triangle :pinkiegasp:

Survs those griffins right. NO ONE F*CKING TOUCHES DERPY! NO. ONE.

ILoveKimPossibleALot would LOVE your portrayal of Discord here, probably.

...well that was quick... R.I.P Saxh

Granted he deserved that, no one kidnaps Princesses! Except Bowser, Ganondorf, and Eggman on one occasion...

But we all know how they ended up.

Holy crap, these Noxxa are about as freaky as Xenomorphs!

Twilight, once you get your magic back, kill it. Kill it with Fire!

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