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Twilight hoped that mare-do-well would teach Rainbow to be humble. Instead, she leaves; just leaves. When they find her later, she lashes out at them. When even the Princess fails to mend fences between them, she along with the rest of the mane 6 attempt drastic action to fix their friendship. An accident during this leaves to Rainbow heavily wounded and with few supplies, in the hostile and merciless lands outside Equestria. Can she rebuild her life? Maybe make something more? Or will she fall, starving, thirsty, wounded, far from home, broken, and abandoned?

Whatever may happen, bear witness.....to Rainbows Lonesome Road.

Chapters (42)
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Comments ( 242 )

Yikes! that's was harsh.

There's no going back from an experience like that for any of them

( I hope to see the next chapter soon)

If your friends consider erasing your memories to be a better solution than admitting their fault(s), just leave them. Get better friends. (and a proofreader)

She then noticed that one side of her back was flatter then the other.

That doesn't bode well.

I know I need one. But I'm new to this site, so I don't really know anyone. If you are volunteering, we can work something out.

9023398 Yeah, I figure she lost one of her wings.

THIS bit, however

Then, a light blinded her, and she saw a, vision, for lack of a better term.

She stood on a podium, dressed in a stiff cloth shirt. To the side and behind her, stood four armored ponies, halberds grasped in their hooves. In front of her, stood a massive crowd. Minotaurs, griffons, diamond dogs, mules, and other creatures, as well as ponies were in the crowd. They all were cheering, at what she didn't know. However, she made out one phrase that was being cheered: "Hail the great liberator! Hail the Federation!"

intrigues me greatly.

Wonder what it means?

Now things are getting interesting here

Comment posted by Centurion Pike-Wall deleted Jul 11th, 2018

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's only me, and I walk alone

I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one, and I walk alone

Excellent point in the stubbornness angle.

Wow Celestia, just wow. I wonder how Luna or maybe even Cadance will feel about that.

For that act alone you should be stripped of power.

Yes thank you! I was kind of hoping someone would do this! Here's a pinkie!::pinkiehappy:

A bit pic of the mane6 to keep doing this, especially Fluttershy but still waiting for Luna to react.

Sorry, but you may have to wait a long time if you want to see that. This story takes place from Rainbows POV, and she won't be going back to equestria for a long time.

Hope that somehow they get a cybernetic wing for her. The sky timelines shows it's possible and still waiting on Luna

like I said, rainbow, or Void Streak now, will meet Luna at a later date. As for a cybernetic wing, only time will tell. Now, what do you think so far?

A tad ooc for Celestia and the man 6. I understand why they want to try this but the mane 6 getting physical is really pushing it and a device that dangerous and easy access?

Though the big thing is even if they had pulled it off and erased her memory of MDW the whole towns knows about MAD so it would likely be brought up and Dash would figure it out again so the whole idea is clawed on outset. I hope this is brought up to Celestia. I really hope Luna or even Cadance with her get on Celeste and the mane 6.

Again, since this takes place from Rainbows POV, and she isn't in equestria, we won't find out. For a while anyway.

Oh, boy.

If her ex-friends are there, think they'll recognize Dash as she is now?

Probably not, hopefully.

Yes they are there. But, they weren't who I was referring to.

9037299 Ah, okay.

Can't wait to see who it is!

Congratulations you just triggered a violent Fallout New Vegas flashback.

What do you mean? I mean, the story/setting is a little Fallout: NV inspired, but that wasn't my intention here.

I think you are referring to Strongheart.

No. Not her. It's a stallion. That's the only thing you'll get.

Ah, got you. That WAS intentional. Some more fallout inspired aspects to this story will come later.

...So Braeburn?

What, no! I said somepony important. You'll see. But, no, not braeburn.


This story is interesting, I think it has a lot of potential, though I’ve noticed a couple of instances with the wrong your/you’re as well as there/their/they’re
I’d suggest going through and fixing those, but like I said, I think this story has a lot of potential

Well, let's just say it's not entirely Celestias idea. You will find out what I mean, when Rainbow meets Luna. This won't be for a while though. Like, a really long time.

...I call bullshit on Rainbow being replaced. It shouldn't have been that easy. Or at all possible if she was still alive. Even if the Element of Loyalty was cracked, it would still have been bonded to her. They would have had to forcefully sever that bond.

9043296 I fully agree.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read.
The memory-erase thing Celestia came up with was bad enough, but this is even dumber as a plot-device.

I know the author is trying to put the premise of Dash's complete alienation from her friends, country and rulers out there, but this?
This is totally lame AND unbelievable.

Mainly because it's MY belief that it's the Elements that choose their Bearers, and NOT the other way around.

Which is why it's hard for me to swallow that only two or three months after the Mane 5's and Celestia's stupidity, the Element of Loyalty would just up and bond with another pony.

And with Flash "Brad" Sentry of all ponies?!:facehoof:


Cut me a break.:ajbemused:

Unless the element itself believes RD is dead.

Well, have you read the stories 'the lunar apprentice ' and/or 'night terrors'? In those, Dash was still alive but wasn't the element of loyalty. This was because, even though she was still a very loyal individual, it wasn't to her friends. Because of this, she was no longer the element, that role being given to shining armor. But I'm getting sidetracked. The point is, this is a similar principal; Dash, or now Streak, has changed so much and is no longer loyal to her friends, that her being the element is just not possible. If you want, I can make a side-story about how Flash became the element.

The problem with you using those stories as a defense? THE PONY DOESN'T CHOOSE THE ELEMENT, THE ELEMENT CHOOSES THE PONY! This is a fact that has been established in the SHOW CANON. Sure, you could argue that she isn't being loyal to her friends, but with how you have already written events, THEY WERE DISLOYAL FIRST!!! So Rainbow had a valid reason for not remaining loyal to them, and thus the Element wouldn't just give up on her because she chose to no longer be their friend. And no, a side-story detailing how Flash became the Element of Loyalty would feel just as shoehorned as him being the Element.

Look, I get that your mad. But, I didn't want to make an OC to fill that role. Plus, there are plenty of stories with dash breaking the element of loyalty because her friends more-or-less stabbed her in the back. It wasn't her fault, it's theirs; both here, and in those ones. But it happens still. Point being, even if the element wouldn't just up and leave in its own because dash isn't loyal to her friends, it would as she has more or less died. She has changed quite a lot, to where she isn't loyal. Look, Who else would you have me use? If someone can come up with a better character (Not an OC) for this role, I will edit them into it. Plus, if it's such an issue, write your own damn story!

You overlooked the even simpler solution to the problem of Rainbow no longer being the Bearer of Loyalty: DON'T HAVE ANYPONY REPLACE HER. At least not yet.

And I'm not mad, I'm more mildly disappointed that this story went the way of "Shoehorn a character who has literally only had a supporting role, and whose pony form is on screen for less than five minutes, total." He literally hasn't shown up in Equestria past the first Equestria Girls movie. I get you needed to have Rainbow replaced for story purposes, but I think it would have worked better if the rest of the Mane 6 were still struggling to find a new bearer; 2-3 months just seems way too short a grieving period for them to move on.

Once again, I'm not angry. I just feel like this chapter and the plot as a whole would have served better if we were seeing more of how losing Rainbow had impacted her former friends, instead of Rainbow already being replaced as the Element of Loyalty.

Ok, I get where your coming from. I personally aren't as happy with this chapter as the others, so I'll take it down soon for some editting. Should work out for the better. Thank you for your feedback.

You're welcome. Sorry if I came off as angry.

Ok, I updated the chapter. Should be better. Once more, thanks about the feedback. I needed that.

I like it! I think it flows better than originally.

Glad you changed it. I never said the original but that would have caused me to drop this story of unchanged.

As much as I love Lunar Apprentice I hate the sequel and that was one of the reasons.

love the story so far! when's the next chapter?

Next couple of days. I had camp last week, and am free this one, so they should come a little faster.

9047139 Soon, I hope.

I'm glad to see that Dash left them that letter, though. It's closure on her part, if nothing else.

Be kinda nice to see THEIR reactions when they all find it and read it, though.

To know that their former best friend was in the same house with them, very much alive, and they didn't even suspect it?

I certainly hope that pricks; no, STABS; deep into their consciences, and makes them realize just what they lost (more correctly, threw away) with their collective stupidity.

Maybe it'll also make Twilight grow a backbone, where her beloved teacher is concerned.


:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, right.

9047330 Good to know, and lookin' forward to it.

Well, I was planning this to just be from Void streaks perspective, but I can make a few side-chapters if you want.

9047362 Well, as much as I would like that (if ONLY to find out the reactions of the Mane 5 (and especially Fluttershy's) and Spike's (forget Flash; I already have, he's THAT forgettable)), if you planned for this to be completely from Void's/Dash's perspective, please, don't change that for me.

I'm fine with it the way it is.

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