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This story is a sequel to The Broken and the Damned

10 years have passed since the defeat of Queen Chrysalis and the official end of Rainbow Dashs' exile. Since that day, with the exception of her sister's wedding, she hasn't set a hoof in Equestria. Finally, after much convincing, Rainbow allows her sons to sign on an exchange student-like program, where they will spend a school year in Ponyville.

How will her sons, raised in the Empire and can't even speak equish that well, react to the culture and way of life of the small Equestrian town? Better yet, how will her former friends and their families react to them?

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Thank you to MosAnted for prereading

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The Sequel is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me be the first to say this:

Squuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::raritystarry::yay:

Great first chapter.

Fantastic start on this sequel Pike-Wall

Great chapter!

Here’s to more!

I grant this story the please dont die award.

I feel like I should've read the Anthology series before this to understand it better.

Yeah, I'd recommend doing that. Not entirely needed, but it helps.

Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes for something to force Rainbow to visit? (No bonus points for her being pissed, thats a guarantee)

This should be interesting. How long till they start a war do you think?

Its, here... Its... PERFECT!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...! *runs into the distance shrieking like a madman*

me: sees the shrieking and running madman and joins him in shrieking and running like a madman

For some reason I imagined Depressi bitch-slapping Pinkie. Because when in Rome, If the crazy runs at you, ready the Pilum (spears).

1. Depressi wouldn't hit her. DJ might, but not Depressi.
2. Pilum don't actually exist. They're not exactly practical for quadrupeds to use.

Ehh... that's why I said imagined. Also, Pilum could work for ponies, they would just need a harness that would hold it for them. Not practical but possible. And maybe it would be more practical if a pegasus used it in their hooves while flying.

Ponies already use lances, which work better for them. Pila are javelins, not spears, and need the specific evolutionary quirks humans have for throwing to be effective weapons.

Yeah that sounds about right. But unlike spears you can't plant lances in the dirt, a proper spear-wall can break a calvary charge.

I also get a feeling that ponies could throw a Pilum, especially with how their limbs can rotate beyond reasonable standards.

I now have the an unrelated question. What would happen if I gave a strong earth pony a Gravity Hammer?

You're still mistaking Pila for spears. They're not. They're javelins.

I know that, but I was later comparing Spears to Lances. Not Pilum. Pilum are for throwing, spears are for stabbing. Sorry for not making that clear.

I was saying spears are more useful in a formation where Lances are more of a momentum weapon than a stabbing implement.

I realy need to reread the prequel. Not that the chapter is confusing or anything, but I realy need to brush up on my Pike-Wallverse lorecraft. (World of Lorecraft anyone? It's just WoW but everything has twenty pages of galaxy spanning backstory!.)

How old are they all? *"they" consists of Depressi, DJ, Scootaloo, and Rainbow*

If this storiy is anywhere as good as the Prequeal, you have a high Chances for a place in my favorites.:twilightblush:

( Sniffs the air) Is that a ship I smell? :raritystarry:

Nice. Can't wait to see that little reunion. Also I don't if i miss something? But, I'm getting the feeling of Pinkie Pie and FlutterShy is thing. Maybe, it just me?

This says it was made in December. How long have you been experimenting with this sequel by the way?

Is the chip on Pound Cake's shoulder personal or is that just how he is when he gets frustrated?

Great to see this update.

Just something that happens when he gets frustrated.

Look like we found the BITCH!!! Something tells me she going bad mouth Rainbow Dash and that not going sit right with him! I wouldn't mind him slapping this bitch or someone at some point!

Great chapter!

Is Cozy Glow secretly evil in this story or is she good?

10249233 Well, she is Spoiled's daughter, so I guess that's to be expected.
Given that she's a bitch, too.

The zony, in turn, bucked it at Pound, who used

Zorry, but I zont think zats quite right

which Depressi assumed was the barn. He said, "Alright. This is what I assume is their barn."

But you just told us that, that’s redundant, I thought

Actually, Zony is the term for a Zebra-Pony hybrid. Which Southern Rose is.

Huh, Did not notice that.

I think I'm an idiot

Pinkie leaped out from under Fluttershy's wing, landing in front of him. "This is your 'Welcome to Ponyville' party! After I saw you yesterday, I knew I needed to throw you and your brother the bestest 'Welcome to Ponyville' party I've ever thrown! So, I spent all day yesterday getting this ready, but then I heard from Applejack that you would be meeting Southern's friends later. I decided it would be the perfect opportunity, and so I moved the welcome party for you two here! By-the-by, where's DJ running off to? Is he going to go get something to eat? Because we have all sorts of food here!"

Ah, she must see this as an opportunity for atonement.

The next class Depressi went to was English, where he was greeted by Miss Cozy Glow. Like before, she was rather upbeat about everything, including doing the same syllabus pass-out and ice-breakers. She also hoofed out a pair of books they'd be reading that semester: Frankenstag * by Mary Saddle and a Pryhan novel called Mr. Midshipman Cornicen ** by Cecil Forester.

Why do they have a class called English

That part about locking her in the castle for two years sounds like it's more than just being over protective. It sounds like there was an actual security risk or a threat on her life and her parents didn't want to tell her what it was.

Ah, so the middle feathers here are like the story that French soldier threatened to cut an archer's figures off leading to the "pluck yew" symbol. I wonder if the other two races have something similar.

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