• Published 12th Apr 2020
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Youngblood - Centurion Pike-Wall

Sequel to The Broken and The Damned. Rainbow's sons spend a year in Ponyville as exchange students. How will the two of them react to a culture so alien to them, and the former friends of their mother?

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Chapter 1~Arrival

Author's Note:

Welcome to 'Youngblood', sequel to 'The Broken and the Damned'.

One thing I want to mention is the language system. The language system I employed at the end of the previous story is still in effect. For those who forget, here it is:

"This"=Equlish (English)
"This"=Pryha (Latin)

A few words, such as Salve-(Hello), Gratias (Thank you), Mulier (Ma'am), etc. will be in Latin, but I tell you the translation if they come up.

Thank you, and enjoy!

August 9th, 3095 Imperial Calender (1522 AD)
Ponyville Train Station

As the sun was reaching its zenith over the station, a pair of pegasi sat on a bench. They were awaiting the 11:45 train, which would be arriving in a few minutes. One of them, a cyan mare with an orange mane and orange shirt named Windy Whistles, said, "Bow, are you sure this is a good idea?"

The other pegasi, a purplish colored stallion with a rainbow-colored mane and a green sweater named Bow Hothoof, asked, "What do you mean, dear?"

"Well, is bringing them over really all that good of an idea?", she said. "Considering, you know."

"No, I don't. What are you talking about?", he replied.

Windy sighed, before saying, "Bow, you're so dense sometimes. Our daughter doesn't like her old friends, who all still live here. And if she's passed on that resentment to her kids...?"

Bow mouthed 'Oh', before nuzzling his wife. "I'm sure it'll be ok. She made it clear it was a personal matter for her. It should be fine."

"I hope you're right. I really do", she said. Her slight frown broke when a loud whistle sounded off to the side, signaling the arrival of the train. "Right on time!"

The train pulled up to the station, accompanied by the loud grinding of the wheels. Ponies of various species, genders, and colors filed out, but none of them the ones they were looking for. After a little bit, those that they were looking for came out of the car in front of her.

The first one was a young pegasus stallion, named Depressi Tonituro. He had tawny golden fur, save for his neck up, which was a pale arctic blue. The front part of his mane was red, blue, and purple and was slicked back, fading into white that was pulled back into a queue. While he was mostly pony in form, a few other aspects of him varied from that image. These were a pair of paws on his front legs, a prehensile lion-like tail, and a pair of slit pupils in his cerise eyes. He wore a blood-red tunic, along with a polished leather belt, a white neck scarf, and a dark grey crusher cap with blue trim. A sarcina was slung over his shoulder, while a pair of saddlebags also rested on his back.

The second was one that the two pegasi had only seen once. He was a demigryph; similar to a griffon, but he lacked wings and had more lion-like features as opposed to a griffon. He had light black fur, with alternating burgundy and white feathers along his neck and head. Like his brother, his eyes had slit pupils, only he had different colored eyes; his left was yellow, while his right eye was entirely a pale, milky white with a long scar running across it. He wore an collared white shirt, a black linin vest, and a pair of black trousers.

Depressi said, "DJ, do you have everything? Because I'm not flying after the train if you forgot something.

"Of course, dear brother", he said. "Do you want me to suck you off while I triple check?"

"Must you constantly be a degenerate?", Depressi said.

DJ replied, "Must you always have a lance up your ass?"

"Oh, hello boys!", Windy yelled, running over to the two of them. They looked over to their grandmother, minor scowls fading and replaced by smiles, even on DJ. She stopped just shy of bowling them over, wrapping both her wings and forelegs around her the two of them. "So good to see you two again!"

Depressi said, "Likewise. But, eh, can you please let us go?"

"Of course", she said, doing so. "I'm just so glad to see you two."

"You already said that", DJ said.

Depressi said, "Oh, shut up. It's a pleasure to see you two again, grandmother. Grandfather. I trust you've been well?"

"Yep", Bow said, trotting up behind his wife. "We've been doing great, and so has your aunt and uncle. So, er, where is your mother?"

"Not here, as you can tell. She said she doesn't want to come here if she can avoid it", DJ said. Both of them just stared at him. "What?"

"They don't understand pryhan, you sarcastic cat-brain.", Depressi said. "My brother has, terrible equish. He said that our mother doesn't want to come here if she can avoid it. She'll still be coming to your invitation for Hearths Warming, but not before, and she doesn't plan on it afterward."

"Oh, ok then", Bow said. "Well, it's still nice to see you two. My my, DJ, you've gotten big! You were so skinny the last time we saw you! Granted, it was the only time, and it was three years ago, but still."

"Gratias, grandfather", DJ said, smile growing slightly. "I, er, thank you for your... er... Oh, god. Why is mother's native tongue so complicated?"

When Bow looked confused, Depressi interjected, "He says thank you. Now, should we get going?"

Windy said, "Ok then, boys! Let's go. We can stop by Sugarcube Corner on our way to your aunt's house."

"Sugarcube what now?", DJ asked.

Bow muttered, "I really need to learn some pryhan. Understand what you're saying."

"Or he can learn some equish", Depressi said.

"I can still understand you perfectly", DJ said, before stopping and squinting at something. "What is that?"

Before any of the other three could even question what DJ had seen, it, or rather she, was several millimeters from Depressi's snout. She was a mare with two different shades of pink for her colors. Her dark pink mane was a massive poofy mess, only barely held down by a blue and white headband. "Oh, hi there! My name is Pinkie Pie! Welcome to Ponyville! Say, I recognize you! You're Rainbow Dash's son, right? So good to meet you! Well, technically I already met you, but you were only like, seven years old. And it was only for like a second when you were talking to your mom about something. I don't know what it was since you were talking in pryhan, but that's ok. So, anyway, what are you doing here?" She said all that in less than ten seconds.

Depressi, more than a little unnerved, said, "Well, er. S-salve, mulier. My name is Depressi Tonituro, and this is my brother DJ. Yes, we are the sons of Rainbow Dash. A pleasure to meet you, miss P-"

"Oh, you don't need to call me Miss! Just Pinkie is fine", She said. "So, what are you two doing here?"

"We managed to convince Rainbow to let her sons enroll in an exchange student program", Windy said. "Set up by Miss Twilight, I think. Anyway, they'll stay for a school year with Scoots and Rumble."

"So, they'll be here for a year?", Pinkie asked, grinning widely.

Bow said, "Yes?"

"EEEEEEEEEE!", Pinkie screamed, leaping up into the air several feet with a joyous expression on her face. She then shot off like a cannonball, leaving the two Pryhans both very confused and very creeped out. To that point, DJ said, "What fuck?"

"I, find myself agreeing with my brother", Depressi said.

"Oh, that's just Pinkie being Pinkie. She's a bit odd but more or less harmless. In fact, she is really a nice mare. Don't be surprised if she springs a party on you in the next week", Windy said.

"Ok.", DJ said. Turning to his brother, he added, "Are you sure this is was a good idea? I mean, not five minutes here and we've already met the local crazy."

"Look, It'll be fine. Just think of the opportunity! I thought you said I need to have a bigger sense of adventure?"

"There is a difference between adventure and hanging around in a weird place."

"Ok, come on boys!", Windy said.

Bow added, "Yeah, let's go!"

Depressi smiled and said, "Well, a little late at this point, little brother. Onwards!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Prick", DJ said, but shifted his sarcina on his shoulder and followed his brother and grandparents.

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