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No film productions are perfect on the first try. Some aren’t perfect at all.

See the behind the scenes of all the episodes of MLP, and let’s hope we can make you laugh!

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Been quite a while since I favorited a story.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

If this doesn’t reach the featured page, I swear—

“Oh, my beloved subjects,” she addressed. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen your precious little sun-loving fasess shit.”

DOnt ask me why this made me giggle snort. I don’t know either 😂

I will watch your career with great interest!
I wanted to put a picture of Palpatine saying that, but I don't know how to do that.
Could you explain?

TheFrozenWarrior 13th/June/2021

Something tells me this is going to be a lot of breaking the fourth wall

I’ve already fallen in love with this story

This is actually quite fun. Please continue!

This is hilarious.

bruh all the shade on twilight lol i love this

Finally someone does a blooper for mlp. They're overdue for one.

“You see kids, this is what they call...foreshadowing,”

This line sold me. :rainbowlaugh:

comedy is kinda not my strong suit

:pinkiecrazy: How dare you go on the internet and tell lies! This was hilarious!

“Definitely!” Fluttershy answered back, turning to face the tree. The birds gathered onto the stray branches, waiting for their time to shine. “All I have to do is act like I have crippling social anxiety, which shouldn’t be hard since I already have crippling social anxiety!”

Hahaha, this fic and that very line is hilarious. Flattershy is usually not my favorite pony, but here she showed so cool character that I want continuation just for her alone. Thank you author for this chapter.

And it will be a lot interesting to see more off scene moments to explain what world they live in. Like, who are Celestia and Luna really? Do they usual ponies with extreme gigantism and with fake wings and/or horns? Are alicons is not unique but just rare tribe of ponies? Does this world even have magic?

“You see kids, this is what they call...foreshadowing,” she jazzed her hooves. Spike and camera pony laughed.

“Cut!” the mare behind the camera chortled out. “Twilight, you were doing so well!”

“Sorry, that was too good to pass up!”

Can't blame Twilight for not passing on the chance to have fun with that.:rainbowlaugh:

Someone needs to animate this.

This is hilarious so far, I love it!

It got into the featured page, so your life continues onward.

This was much more hilarious than I'd originally thought. Nice job! :derpytongue2:
(Really liked Nightmare Moon/Luna and Twilight in here not gonna lie. Wonder how Derpy's gonna do.)

Hey, congrats on making it to the top featured slot! Well deserved! I'm jealous... Why can't I write such great stories?

See the behind the scenes of all the episodes of MLP

Whoa, this is going to take a while if you're planning to cover every single episode :rainbowderp: Not that I'm complaining! Except that it's gonna be a while until you get around to my favorite characters... any chance you can squeeze in a scene with Thorax and/or Pharynx somewhere in S2E25-26?

Y'know, for comedy supposedly not being your strong suit, this is great! I like how a bunch of the actors are nothing like their characters (kind of a common trope, but funny nonetheless) and some are still learning who their characters are at all (lookin' at you, Spike). Definitely gonna follow along. :twilightsmile:

I agree, this would make for a fantastic animation, but we'd need the voice actors for it.

So far, this looks to be really good. Absolutely loved how well this looks at all the characters as Animated Actors and the frustrations with the scripts and assorted other brief blunders. And, yeah, I can't blame Spike for getting frustrated with how the script (and, unfortunately, most of the other scripts later on) was making him look.

For possible additional bloopers:

Twilight: Well, Spike, if you really want to help, you can send a message to Shining Armor to round up some his best troops and come help out here!

Director: CUT! Twilight, Shining Armor isn't going to even appear until the SECOND season finale. While I appreciate you trying to think rationally, this is supposed to be you and your new friends' show.


Twilight: Look, I appreciate the concern, but I am fully aware that this is going to be extremely dangerous. The thing is, I don't know any of you well enough to trust you with something this important, but I also don't dislike any of you enough to want to see you getting hurt trying to help me. The only one I know well enough to trust with something this important AND I know has the skills to be useful is my older brother, who is the captain of the royal guard.

Director: CUT! Twilight, that is well-reasoned, but it's too wordy. Plus, I mentioned before about the not mentioning your older brother too soon.


Applejack: "Look, I guarantee that you will be all right if I let go. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are already both in position to catch you.

Twilight: And, even if they aren't strong enough, I can still use my telekinesis to slow my fall enough to land gently. If I can levitate a multi-ton water tower AND a three story star bear simultaneously, I can definitely handle self-levitation.

Director: CUT! You're reading too far into the later scripts again.


Twilight: Do you want me to use some ice magic to freeze the Manticore long enough for you to remove the thorn and give us a head start?

Fluttershy: I appreciate the offer, but no.

Twilight: There's compassion and then there's foolishness.

Director: CUT! Twilight, just trust Fluttershy on this, all right?


Rainbow: Seriously? You expect me to abandon my friends for somebody I have never met before in my entire life with the fate of the world at stake? Just how much of a stupid jerk do you take me for?

Director: CUT! Rainbow, stick to the script.


For "Dragonshy"

Fluttershy: Why doesn't Celestia just send the Royal Guards to take care of the dragon?

Twilight: Two reasons. The first is that, by the time the royal guards got properly mobilized it would be too late for Ponyville. Too many innocent ponies and animals would be suffocated by the smoke. The second reason is that WE are more likely to try to find a non-violent solution than the Royal Guards are. Busting a cap in a dragon's tail just for napping too close to a populated area is kind of a jerk move.

Director: CUT! Twilight, while I appreciate you being respectful to the fourth wall AND providing an actual good reason for sending you and your friends, this is only a half-hour show, so we need to keep it brief.


Fluttershy: (before they even leave for the mountain to begin with) I'm terrified of adult dragons.

Twilight: That's all right, Fluttershy. Pretty much anybody with any common sense would be terrified of an adult dragon. Anyone who says they aren't is either lying or a fool. But the thing is, there are far too many innocent lives at stake for us to let our fear get the better of us. Besides, I can generate a force field to protect you from the dragon's fire and teeth while you try to talk to him.

Director: CUT! Fluttershy, you are making the admission too soon. And, Twilight, while I appreciate you trying to reassure her, this is also too early in the script.


And the readers looked upon your work, and they saw that it was good. Congrats on the #1 feature spot!

I am enjoying this. Please do continue. Here's an updoot and a track.

Sort of. This is more "behind the fourth wall". In order to break the fourth wall, the characters would have to acknowledge that they're in a story about actors producing a TV show which is one more layer than the current 'actors producing a TV show'.

Love it. It's like the classic Pixar movie bloopers, or more topical it's like the Friendship Games and Legend of Everfree bloopers.

Yeah, like the guy who made 'how the ponies made season 4'

This is a very fun concept and I had a lot of laughs throughout, though I feel really bad for Spike. Even in real life he's getting messed with,

and liked annnd followed.

I eagerly await more, because I love this kind of stuff :pinkiecrazy:

Oh I love this sort of fic! Eagerly looking forward to more chapters :D :D

That's sum quality comedy. Good stuff.

Ah, this reminds me of those end credit blooper reels that Pixar used to put in their movies.

Once, I found a Wings of Fire story like this, and I unfortunately found out that it was dead. I always wished that there were more chapters or more stories like it.

It looks like I’ve found one! It’s actually really funny, too.

I love the little touches like the fact that Dashie’s hair is a dye-job and that Pinkie Pie’s voice is an octave or two higher than her natural one (not like I’d know anything about that—).

Special mention goes to this line:

“All I have to do is act like I have crippling social anxiety, which shouldn’t be hard since I already have crippling social anxiety!”

Because I could genuinely hear canned laughter after reading it.

If you're doing this on mobile, at the top of the comment box is the edit bar and at the far end are 3 black lines that's a pull down menu. There is a button that's a picture icon, clicking it will open a small window that has a url box at the bottom. You put the url of the image you want to use and if it's valid, the image will appear in the window. Click the add image button and it should appear in the comment box. When you click "Post Comment" it should work. The sake should be in the desktop version of the site.

What would a valid picture URL look like?

Bro, I love WOF, can I have a link, please?

It has to be the URL of the image itself, like you open the image in a new tab or window and all there is the image itself not the preview when you click it in google images or something. You then copy the image url and that's what you'll use.

Nice job thus far, keep it up!

I love this. I hope we get some outtakes from Granny Smith mouthin and cursin up a storm :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah. I'm following the shit out of this.

Nice, but there are a TON of errors sprinkled all around.

Very funny, am adding this to my tracking list. Here is my predication for a future episode, all copyright relinquished if the author or anyone else reading this wants to use it. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight: "Oh, another redraft? Ok, just give me a moment. *Papers rustle* Well this is almost identical, but why cut the hooman scene?"

Director: "Between Rainbow's dye job every other morning, Fluttershy's mane extensions, Rarity's coat shampoo, the curlers for Pinkie Pie, your contact lenses and enough cider to keep the Apple Family accents on point, we just don't have the budget. Maybe next season?"

Could use some editing for grammar/punctuation, but it's pretty funny. Tracked.

It’s only the first chapter and I can already see why this has a comedy tag.

I just wanna see a piss of Zecora because she has to talk just whit rimes :rainbowlaugh:

Spike suffers from Actor abuse, go Spike find another acting gig. Be free!

Oooh, this sounds fun.
Yeah, those were always a delight.

“What’s up with the art style here? Why are my eyes so big, yet Luna seems to have a more proportioned eyes style? What’s up with the leg? Why do I look like I’m on drugs?”


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